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    Notes: this was supposed to be a one-shot but then I made it long so now it's a two shot with the last part coming tomorrow.

    This is my first attempt with game characters who AREN'T Ghetsis. (well Ghetsis has always been the main villian in my fics). I got my info on them from the games so I tried my best. Also they didn't have ages really so I worked around that one as well.

    Please comment on this one. (though I think I kinda went too fast) Rated for cursing and some sexuality since mindlesshipping/corsageshipping appears

    “What a weird ship!”

    A young girl ran toward a weird looking ship docked at the Pokemon World Tournament pier. She stopped to take a better look at it. It was a huge, spaceship-like aircraft with a big black flashing G on the side with the word “empire” written in small red cursive letter across it. On the left hand corner, was the word “mothership” etched in small black letters. To the girl, it looked like a giant UFO and in Unova, there are speculations that UFOs do exist. She reached into her Team Rocket duffel bag and got out a camera. She proceeded to snap a photo as footsteps slowly came toward her way.

    “Ah, this is where you disappeared off to,” a young boy said as he was approaching the girl. “I thought you and I were going to do the couples match at the World Tournament… or was there something else you wanted to do?”

    The girl stopped and looked up at the teal-haired boy with a smile. He flashed a smile back as his face turned red. Her dark purple hair, shaped in a bob cut, was fluttering in the breeze and her brown eyes softened with the sunlight. He raised his left hand to run his fingers through her hair. At that moment, she looked even more beautiful than she did before. The girl did not miss this for her face also turned red. She twisted part of her black mini-skirt in nervousness as she tried to focus on the ship.

    “Think this could be a kind of tourist attraction?” she asked. “I-I’ve never seen anything like it.”

    “I don’t know, Ellie. It could be,” he answered. “But it looks like it isn’t open yet. There’s not ramp, stairs or something.”

    The boy noticed that the boat was so well waxed that he could see a reflection of himself on the side. He took his hand off Eliie’s head as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a fine comb. He then took off his hat and combed pieces of his hair until it was perfectly in place. He had a black shirt with the big red R on it on top of a white long sleeved shirt, which he smoothed out as well. As he put his comb back in his pants pocket, they both heard a loud scream. A scream that sounded like it came from a kid.

    The kids went to the middle of the boardwalk and looked around in confusion. From the sound of it, the person who screamed sounded like they were in distress. Not only that, but the voice sounded eerily familiar. As they started to head back toward the tournament building, they could see someone walking their way. An older girl, dressed in light black and gray shirt and leggings and a pale blue mini skirt. She was also wearing a blue scarf around her neck and had dark blue knee high combat boots. On the corner of her shirt, she had a small blue letter G on it, which meant that she was from the evil team, Team Ghetsis. She stormed towards them, at a fast pace. She had expression on her face similar to a hungry wrestler looking for blood.

    “Move brats!” she yelled as she narrowed her brown eyes as she got in the middle of them and shoved them back harshly.

    Ellie stumbled back a few steps while her partner fell hard on to the wooden floor. “Proton!” she yelled as she went over to her partner and held out her hand as a motion for him to grab it. “Are you alright? Who does that girl think she is?”

    ‘That *****’ Proton mumbled angrily under his breath as he took Ellie’s hand and got up off the floor. He dusted the sand off the backside of his pants and shirt as he still cursed silently under his breath. ‘She should really look where she’s going! he thought as he gave Ellie a straight face.

    “I’m fine,” Proton snapped as he was too upset to even try to change his mood towards the girl he loved. “Let me take a breather, alright?”

    As Eliie turned the other way, the kids could hear footsteps coming at them at a very fast pace, as if they were sprinting followed by another pair of footsteps coming from way behind. When they looked, there was a guy, older than they were, running towards them. He ran so fast that he slid to a stop. He stopped to take a breather as he smoothed his short light blue hair in place. He was also trying to dust off his white Team Rocket uniform.

    “Have you kids seen where that girl went?” he asked as he looked up at them.

    “She went that way,” Proton answered as he pointed to the ship. “But why were you running as if you were trying out for the Olympics?”

    “Man, those Team Ghetsis thugs can run really fast!” the blue haired man exclaimed.

    The sound of footsteps was coming closer as someone else was approaching. There was another guy, a kid that was a year older than Proton to be exact. He had the look of distress in his eyes as he tried to catch his breath. He smoothed out his pink swirly bangs as he was taking a breather. His hand then went to his eyes for he was rubbing them. The older man next to him came closer to him and put his hand on his back, rubbing it in big circles.

    “Ah just hang in there, Petrel,” the blue haired man said. “It’s going to be alright.”

    The other kids were now very confused as they looked at each other, and then looked back at the blue haired man with an annoyed expression.

    “Seriously Archer, why were you running?” Ellie asked in an annoyed tone. “Well not running but sprinting? Something must be up with Team Ghetsis…”

    Something’s up with Team Ghetsis?!” Archer said as he raised his voice. “Those thugs just ran off Petrel’s Pokemon, that’s what’s up!”

    “What do we do? My koffing, Team Ghetsis snatched it from my belt when I wasn’t looking,” Petrel said as he started pumping his fist. “I don’t know where they’ve run off to but it all happened too fast. You know, I want to give those people a piece of my mind with the Pokemon I do have!”

    As Archer was trying to get everyone to calm down, Ellie saw, from the corner of her eye, what seemed to be a Team Ghetsis grunt dress in their normal school-esque uniform approaching the group. It was a girl, with long platinum blonde hair and green eyes. As soon as she saw the group together, the grunt stopped as she immediately stopped and ran to the docked ship. She opened a small door on the side and entered a password on a keypad that was tucked away. As soon as she had done so, the bridge came down quickly and the girl ran up the ramp. Now that the ramp was down, Ellie saw it as a chance to run on to their ship and get that Pokemon back.

    “Guys, come on!” the young Rocket grunt yelled as she grabbed Proton’s hand.

    Ellie ran as fast as she could to the ship before Team Ghetsis could raise the ramp. At this point she didn’t care so much if the others could catch up to her. If she made it on to the ship before they closed it, then she was going to attempt to get the Pokemon back herself. Plus she didn’t doubt that the others could catch up. She was holding Proton’s hand for comfort as she reached the ramp. The gang ran up the long blue ramp and onto the floor of the ship itself.

    The outside of the ship looked like a spaceship; however the inside looked like a regular pirate ship. It had many wooden pillars, one even had a crow’s nest on top and there was a hallway on the left side leading to the rooms. The gang circled around the crow’s nest pillar, which was right in the middle of the boat. They all waited patiently for Team Ghetsis to notice that they were present. As Ellie was taking in the sights, she felt a hand slowly coming up on hers and giving it a comforting squeeze. Though she wasn’t afraid, all she could do is smile and look up at Proton. It felt nice to have a comforting touch.

    Then, the gang noticed a big floating steel pod coming down their way. It was carrying a man who was very tall, with green hair and a gray fur coat. However, this wasn’t just any man. This was a man of evil, his red eyes narrowing at Archer and the kids and his smirk growing bigger. As the man pressed his autopilot button, Archer, Proton and Petrel all came to the front of the pillar where Eliie was standing. Now they were face to face with the man who causes the most problems in this region.

    “What do we have here?” he said with malice. “Mere brats on MY mothership? Heh!”

    Petrel clenched his fist as he came within a foot of the floating pod. “Ghetsis, I want my Pokemon back!” he yelled.

    “Nah ha ha ha!” Ghetsis laughed. “You mean this one?”

    Ghetsis took out a Poke-ball from his sweater pocket and threw it up and down in a bored manor. Seeing him do that made the Rocket members angry as they all proceeded to take a few steps toward the arch-villain. However, Ghetsis pressed a button on his pod that made a bright green laser shoot out from the front. As it was about to hit them, the kids and older man ran away just in time as the pillar took the brunt of the attack. The pillar itself ended up breaking in two as the top piece came crashing down on the ship floor.

    “Now look what you made me do!” he yelled. “And this ship isn’t even insured. Nonetheless, newly formed Team Rocket, I ordered one of my grunts to steal your Pokemon. This was MY plan to lure you on to my ship so that I could destroy you once in for all as you can see. With you do-gooders out of the way, NO ONE can stop me! Mwa ha ha ha ha!”

    “Except Team Plasma, and Gothitelle,” Ellie exclaimed. “If your main target was me, why did you have to bring Petrel into this? I’ve always known that you and your right hand girl had wanted to get rid of me ever since word got out that I remade Team Rocket. You knew that Team Rocket’s change was my idea, and I did it partly because I wanted to keep Proton’s memory alive in my heart. But it was mostly because this was the only family I knew and I wanted to keep that and not be evil at the same time.”

    Ghetsis looked at the young girl with a smirk as he just shook his head. “Tsk tsk tsk. I guess I’d have to give you an Oscar for that one, my dear Ellie. I didn’t expect you to figure out that much of my plan. You’re a lot smarter than I thought you were. Heh, but why only get rid of one little punk when I could get rid of the entire team? Wait, why not have you disband BY FORCE?!”

    The team looked at each other in confusion. Disband by force? Before they could ask, Ghetsis’ red eyes slided over to the right, narrowing as he started at the pink haired boy. He scratched his chin as he chuckled quietly to himself.

    “Yeah you! How’s about it?” Ghetsis asked as he pointed his staff at Petrel. “If you can win against my glorious machine, I will take the mothership and leave and give you your Pokemon back. BUT… if I win… bye bye Team Rocket! Mwa ha ha ha!”

    Petrel mulled over his words. He was good at battling with Pokemon and was undeniably bright, however Ghetsis… he was a genius. The man had a 300 IQ to be exact. So a seventeen year old Team Rocket member with a vileplume against Ghetsis’ wits and suited up machine, logically he wouldn’t stand a chance. But then Petrel started to have second thoughts. Sure, two years ago, he had been beat by people that were five years younger than he was back then, but now he was the vice president of the newly formed Team Rocket. Not only that but Team Rocket was where he got reconnected with his fellow executives, made few friends and even got a girlfriend who adored him.

    His girlfriend… she was very pushy and demanding towards the other members, however as the self-proclaimed CEO of the team, she did her best to not only fulfill Ellie’s vision of the team, but get them to newfound glory. She was also very loyal to her team, often putting her heart and soul into any ambitions the team may have. If Petrel loses, then all of that would be gone, and she would be crushed. And it would be his fault. However she loved him and he loved her, and if he REALLY loved her, he would fight for all the ambition she has put into this team.

    Petrel looked up at Ghetsis with just a plain smile. “Okay Ghetsis, I accept your challenge.”

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