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Old February 2nd, 2013 (3:56 PM). Edited February 3rd, 2013 by Chaos Fork.
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Anything Goes
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    Welcome to the Field Group club!
    Basically, this is a club all about the Field egg group. Yeah.

    I'll demonstrate
    Name: Chaos Fork
    Partner pokemon (choose up to 3): Blackout the Zoroark, Burst the Quilava, Gus Bus the Wailord
    Answer topic (see below): My favourite pokemon in the field group is Zoroark. It's my all time fave aswell.


    I will get sprites soon
    OK. There are about 180 pokemon in the field egg group, and I will add a list of them, but for now, here's a link to them

    Chaos Fork: Zoroark, Quilava, Wailord


    What is your favorite pokemon in the field egg group?

    Join, join, join! (Great way to make people join this ikr.)
    ⭐Split the Sky⭐

    Relevant Advertising!

    Old February 17th, 2013 (9:52 PM).
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    The End (?)
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      Its hamtaro time

      Name: T-Zombie or Thomas
      Partner Pokemon: Snowy the Snorunt and Joey the Shedinja
      My favorite pokemon in the field egg group is Spinda, it looks so dizzy and clumsy and cute
      Old February 18th, 2013 (7:19 AM).
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      Not an old man. x]
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        A new Club already? What happened to that Rotom one? :c

        Name: ChocolateCrunch
        Partner pokemon (choose up to 3): I only have 1 - Eon the Eevee - as it is so unique and has many, many different forms.
        Answer topic (see below): Eevee all the way because of, as I said above, all of it's amazing and unique forms and it's new one - Sylveon.
        +Chocolate at the PS Battle Server! - Mah' Pair - ForeverDash is an old man. - My Owner! - The Poke Masters Forum! (made by a great friend of mine)
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