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    An original RP by: Vato
    Game Mastered (GMd) by Vato & ytfeL
    OOC Thread
    Awesomesauce Theme Song


    As you begin reading this letter, you may be wondering why just received it from out of the blue, am I right? Well, ask yourself no more, young one. Firstly, allow me introduce myself, my name is Eric, Eric Leonidas Fog, but those who know me call me Leon, and I am the Headmaster of the Tintina-Dawson Academy of Magic, does the name ring a bell? Of course not! You obviously haven't heard the name of that school in your whole life, have you?

    After reading the schools name, you may be asking yourself if this is a joke, and let me tell you, it is as real as you are... And yes, you are real. Now, allow me to clear any kind of doubt you may have with a more proper explanation:

    As I have already said, I am the headmaster of a school of magic, you see, in order to see which persons are the best candidates for the school, I send several acquaintances to a lot of places, of which I won't reveal since I don't want to put any of them in any kind of danger... Anyways, yesterday, one of the persons I sent saw you performing a rather... unusual action. And you know what I'm talking about...

    You aren't enrolled in the school, but that's why I sent this letter... I am offering you with the chance to attend the academy...

    I already know you didn't mean to do that at all, young one! We all have such experiences when we are nothing but novices, the point is, after hearing what you did, I just knew you had the potential to be an excellent student here at the academy! That's why I send this letter, in order to ask you if you could do us the honor to have you in our school, if you grant it to us, we promise you won't regret it!

    The decision is up to you, young one, choose wisely...

    Kindly wishing you the best
    Eric Leonidas "Leon" Fog

    All this time, behind our backs, there have been several school scattered around, teaching young people the ways of the wizard, witch, lancer, warrior an archer because, even in the present, they are needed, because the world is in constant danger, as a dark force like no other has been making students from schools of magic everywhere disappear. No one knows who’s behind this, but extreme security measures have been implemented in these, in a failed attempt to reduce he amount of people disappearing. At the same time, there’s been a mass outbreak of monsters near these schools; which has forced the headmasters of these schools to not allow the students to go out in the open.

    Will the students and school staff be able to trace the source of these mysterious happenings, or will they join those who have dissapeared?

    The School
    The Tintina-Dawson Academy, as the name says, is located in a northern valley in Tintina Trench, near Dawson City, which is in Canada, by the way. The school is next to the Pelly River, an average sized river that eventually connects to the Yukon River. All around the school are black and white spruces, a rather common and tall tree that can be found pretty much everywhere in Canada.

    Snow is rather a common climate around, since Yukon is next to Alaska. so one can hardly tell if it is christmass or not. The school is somewhat close to Teslin Lake, so it's highly probable that it will be visited more than once during each year.

    A powerful spell was casted around the castle where the school is, so that no one except the students can see it, which is the reason no one else has heard or seen it. Those who aren't students are trapped in a loop, they feel they're proceding across the trench, yet they never move at all, neither can they see the castle, sonce it is invisible to those who aren't attending the school.

    It is quite common to see a a few monsters around, but there's recently been a mass outbreak, so it is higHly recommended that students remain inside the castle AT ALL TIMES. In order to arrive, one must visit a cable car that's located almost in the outside in the city, which will take you to the top of Tintina Trench, from tehre you must find the schol by yourself, but don't worry, it's quite close to where you arrive, so your only worry would be making sure no one is following you...

    Below is a list of the places in the school grounds:

    The School
    There are quite the handful of places to explore in the academy, namely:

    The Front Gate
    After walking past the Tintina Trench roadside sign, one may see a huge steel gate, which surrounds all the buildings that are the school itself, in front of this gate, there are three letters, which read as TDA. During nights, a force field that goes from the top of the trench, where the cable car is to the gate is activated, which prevents the huge amounts of Heck Hounds to enter the school, as they are not hesitant to kill those who aren't like them.

    Inside The Gate
    Once inside the school, there will be buildings to each side, which have a paved road between them, ending at yet another building in the end of this straight road.

    Pole Tower
    A tower that stands tall at the left once the students are inside the school. It is home to the Spear benders, where they all interact with each other when there are no classes, even though they sometimes do so even when classes have started. The tower is of a yellow-ish color, not to bright, nor too opaque.

    A building next to the Pole Tower, where several witches that excell at healing work for the students health. It is of a white color.

    Class Building ABC
    A huge building next to the nursery, which contains the classroms where students from the first three years must go. It is of a red, blue and green color, all of these in a stylish stripe pattern.

    Watt Tower
    A tower standing tall next to the Class Building ABC, where the owners of swords dwell. It is said that the students that excell at physical strength are here. It is of a dark orange color.

    Chobin Tower
    A tower standing tall at the right, which can be seen once the students enter the school, those in hold of a bow go here. It is of a deep green color.

    The Library
    The place where the knowledges of the whole world of magic are held, here students may come to take whatever books they need, but they must return them in time. It is of a brown-ish color

    Class Building DEF
    A building opposite to the Class Building ABC, where students from the fourth to sixth year take their classes. It has the same colors of the opposite bulding, but white a polka-dot-ish style.

    A place where all students can go and eat while they're not at classes. It is of a silver color.

    Sprite Tower
    A tower where the ones that can use magic through wands go. It is said that those in this tower are the smartest around. It is of a pure black color.

    Excellance Building
    A building at the end of the paved road, where the seventh years take their classes. It has a golden color in it.

    Roadside Sign
    A wooden sign which is at the top of the trench, which reads as follow:

    Extending in an extraordinarily straight line for hundreds of kilometres across the Yukon and Alaska. The Tintina Trench is one of the territory's most important geological features. The walled sides of this valley show visible proof of the concept of plate tectonics. This theory holds that the earth's surface is made up of enourmous plates. Many kilometres thick. Which carry the continents and the oceans. For millions of years have been moving very slowly over the surface of the earth. By examining the walls of the Tintina Trench and watching up distinctive rock patterns that have been broken up and moved away from each other. Geologists can see how two of these huge plates have moved.

    Pelly River
    A small river that flows closely to the castle, which goes all around the trench until it joins Yukon river, which goes all around Yukon. It is widly inhabited by aquatic monsters, which are mostly innofensive and can be consumed just like regular seafood. It doesn't oerflow because it doesn't rain a lot, so the castle is relatively safe from danger.

    The Lookot Point
    The highest point in the trench, a huge rock from where one can see Dawson City and the sea at any time, some classes also take place here, mainly those that teach how to battle and befriend monsters.

    White Forest
    A forest filled with white spruces as far as the eye can see, they're not white trees by the way, they're a deep green, except when it is snowing, of course. This forest is to the opposite side of Pelly River, and it runs a long way across the trench, eventually connecting to its deepest parts... The Black Forest. White Forest is filled with weak plant monsters, making it a kind of safe place.

    Black Forest
    The counterpart to White Forest, filled with abnormally tall black spruces that make it imposible to see the sunlight, and yes, blck spruces are also green trees. This section of the forest is filled with terrifying creatures that can swallow you whole, that if you haven't tripped and died by hitting something in this always-dark forest yet...

    There's only one person that has traveled across the whole forest and returned to the school, yet his name faded away as time went by, as well as the places he told everyone that were in the other side of the forest...

    In addtion to this, the students can visit Dawson City if they have the headmasters permission, the info on the different places that the city contains will be added in the moment a student gets the aforementioned permission. In case you wonder how to get, that's simple, whenever the headmaster is out of his office, you may have your character ask him if they're in the same part of the castle, but I'll be the one controling him, meaning that I will decide if you can go or not.

    Rival Schools
    Duffercraaft Academy for the Magically Gifted
    A male only school located in the harsh lands of Num, Alaska, it recruits people from all around the world, and it is the most prestigious magic school in the world, closely followed by Petallia Rosabelle's School for the Feminine and Talented.

    Petallia Rosabelle’s School for the Feminine and Talented
    A female only school located next to Watsson Lake, somewhere around Whitehorse, Canada. It is known that the whole school is always emiting a fresh smell of roses 24/7.

    Visits will be done to these schools every now and then, in order to give the RP a little bit of more variety.

    Usually one can see some monsters wander around the school, but recently, the amount of monsters has drastically increased, and thus, it is highly recommended that students remain inside the school AT ALL TIMES. Yet the security is not the best there is, as several students can exit and enter the school without much difficulties. The list of known monsters is the following:

    This list will be updated every time a new area/monster is available. A list of all monsters that have appeared is also available down the OOC Thread.


    While battling a monster, once it's weak enough, if the player somehow had already learned the spell Faveo by that time, they shall cast it upon the creature, if successfully performed, the creature shall become a friend of the character, and will follow them around at all times, unless it is otherwise not permitted. Players can only befriend one monster until they reach level 10, and they shall be able to befriend an additional monster every ten levels. This isn't the only way, however, you may befriend the monster by gaining their trust in any way you can, too! This rarely works, however, yet it's not impossible, either...

    Equipments & Other Items
    You can lay your hands on several items scattered all around the school grounds, below is a list with all the currently available equipments and items, with their locations, as well as their effects and availability:


    The Starter Kit
    Also known as the weapons you beging with. Upon opening a small box that comes with Leonidas' letter, you'll see two small decks of cards, each card with nohing but a drawing in them, which are as follow:

    First Deck

    Second Deck

    Once you're done seeing them, all the cards except for one of each deck will dissapear, do not loose the remaining cards! They will come handy in later! There will also be a huge, empty book with seemingly old pages, yet not a single word writen in it, keep it with you at all times! Also, cards CAN still be picked even if someone else has already chosen them, but try to be original with your combinations, k?

    In addition to the previous, there will be a bottomless purse for the guuuuurls and a bottomless satchet (also called 'man purse') for the guuuuuuys. In order to take what you put in, you must think about what you want to pull out, then you have to put your hand inside of it and you'll be able to take it out.

    The Rules

    If I catch you disobeying the rules ... I will set you on fire... I might also set fire to the rain while I'm at it... Anyways:

    1) No godmodding, bunnying, all that fun stuff. Ya'll know not to do that crap in other RPs, so don't do it here.
    2) This RP will be a bit violent, but don't go too far. Deaths/injuries are okay, as long as it's not descriptive.
    3) Put 'Slenderman is Watching Me' in your SU to prove you read the rules.
    4) If you're having conflicts, come to me. Also, if you want to make a sudden plot twist, have any ideas, etc, just PM me. In fact, it would be really nice if you would get some ideas for me. (I can't come up with all this on my own, you know! Well, of course I can, but it'll still be nice if you did that o3o)
    -Be realistic. Your character can't dodge everything, nor can it hit everything, same goes for Monsters you befriend.
    5) This RP will be based upon levels, in a rather peculiar way. See, levels will be for measuring the strength of a character, and when they can learn a new technique, but that's about it, no character knows they have to level-up or anything like that. You can level-up in a wide variety of ways, which will be slowly revealed as the RP goes on.
    6) If you're planning on having your character to die, discuss it with me first via VM or PM
    7) Finally, reservations. They last 24 hours.

    List of Monsters that Have Appeared

    Enchantments, Techniques, Ways and Curiosities

    You can only choose one of these enchantments, and it must be the only one your character is able to perform at the time you sign up.
    Description: Causes objects to increase in size.

    In Lepus
    Description: Turns small objects into real rabbits.

    Description: A spell used to make the subject release what ever it is holding or binding, also used to destroy whatever is restraining the subject, like chains.

    Description: Causes wounds and gashes to heal up and any blood to return to the victim.

    These are the sword techniques, you may only choose one and that will be the only one your character will know by the time you sign-up.
    Description: Sharpens the object the user is holding, if it is a sword, it also becomes lighter.

    Description: Shoots bolts of lightning from the tip of the sword or whatever else the user is holding.

    Description: Set whatever the user is holding in fire, which burns everything it touches except for the user.

    Description: Allows the user to hit the target multiple times with whatever he/she is holding in less than a second.

    These are the ways of the bow, you may only choose one and that will be the only one your character will know by the time you sign-up.
    Description: Neither the user or the arrows can be heard for a limited amount of time.

    Description: Neither the user nor the bow can be seen for a short period of time, arrows, however, can be seen after they're shoot.

    Description: Doubles the size of the bow and arrows, or whatever the user is holding at the time.

    Description: Whatever the user throws always hits the target, no matter how far they are from each other.

    These are the curiosities of the spear, you may only choose one and that will be the only one your character will know by the time you sign-up.
    Description: Slows down everything around, except for the user and the spear if he/she is holding one.

    Description: Speeds up the user and whatever he/she is holding.

    Description: Returns whatever the user shoot to his/her hands.

    Description: Covers whatever the user is holding with torns.

    For further clarification, you may choose one of the categories (Enchantments, Techniques, Ways or Curiosities), then you may choose ONE of the different techinques available for each category. This technique will be the unusual thing your character did before being recruited by the headmaster, do note that, since they had nothing to canalize their powers in, they could have done a variety of things (For example, if you choose In Lepus, you can say your character turned everything he/she touched into rabbits, and so on).

    Notable NPCs

    Descrptions will be available as soon as they appear for the first time.

    Yarrow Outervann
    Niklas Hilderberg
    Jennifer Stentz
    Monique Bordeax
    Pavel Pebble
    Lillianne Rosas
    John Altimore Thon
    Nallaya Donzze
    Elsinnor Reqquie
    Dandellya Jenssen
    Lucia Donalbbain
    Donz Johnz
    Albert Wesk
    Victoire Justey
    Leonnia Sebert
    Victor Sebert
    Holy Daanngeyress
    Merry Treblesonn
    Luke Goldwinn
    Trayk Shakeh
    Debian Gentoo
    Lizette Sabayon
    Constantine Verne
    Sulphur Lovelock
    Giggly Laughlin
    Eric Leonidas Fog
    Paramayus Longlost

    Sign Up
    Name: First, Middle (Optional), Nickname (Optional) and Last.
    Gender: Guuuuuy or Guuuuuurl
    Age: 12-14 years, but that's about it.
    Appearance: 1-2 Nice Pragraphs, you may put a picture, but you still need to add a description.
    Personality: How he/she acts, their temper, mental state, etc...
    History: Where, how and with who they grew up with, they must be currently in Dawson City, but they may be from any place you want.
    Cards: Which cards from the first and second decks they currently have?
    Chosen Enchantment, Technique, Way or Curiosity:
    RP Sample: How did they did this unusual happening go? What happened? When? Where? Who was around at the time? What were the consecuences? All that, this will show me how creative and how great you are RPing.
    Other: Did I forgot to cover something? Jot it down here!

    Accepted Characters

    None at the time...
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