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Old July 2nd, 2012 (8:00 PM).
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Hello, this is Tigerkit300 with the question,"What is your favorite Rpg game?"

For me honestly its a tie between Final Fantasy 7 and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

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Old July 2nd, 2012 (8:52 PM).
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I loved KH 2,Persona and TWEWY
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Old July 2nd, 2012 (11:16 PM).
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Hmmm...gotta go with Final Fantasy VI, Persona 4, or Tales of the Abyss.
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Old July 14th, 2012 (3:55 PM).
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Golden Sun.
That game made me who I am :E
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Old July 14th, 2012 (4:05 PM).
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That's a tough one... but I'll have to go with Tales of Eternia. I adored it back on the PS1 and loved re-playing it on PSP. I'm very nostalgic about it.
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Old July 14th, 2012 (4:14 PM).
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I can't really say "favorite" as I love them all just as equally.

- Tales of Vesperia
- Valkyria Chronicles
- Persona 3 (P3P to be exact)
- Persona 4
- Final Fantasy X
- Final Fantasy XII
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Old July 14th, 2012 (9:26 PM).
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...I don't know if this is an "RPG" by your definitions, but White Knight Chronicles I (I don't know about II) was a very fun play for me.
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Old July 14th, 2012 (11:11 PM).
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Fallout 1, Final Fantasy VII, and Paper Mario are a few of my all time favorites.
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Old July 14th, 2012 (11:42 PM).
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I would say that FFVII and LoZ:OoT both really shaped me and my interest in video games as a kid, even though I didn't play them myself much. So they're both really important to me.

But my current favorite is The World Ends With You. The story is fresh, the art is really interesting, the music is fun, and I could really see that universe existing alongside our own.

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Old July 15th, 2012 (9:04 AM).
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I've had so many favorites, so I guess I'll need to break down a few different aspects common to RPGs and list a favorite for each. xD

Graphics: Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360) - Rather than trying to look realistic and ending up in uncanny valley, this game goes for an edgy, anime style that comes out fantastic.

Story: Final Fantasy VI (SNES, PS1, GBA) - A classic that I'll play time and again, with engaging characters and a plot that always leaves you on the edge of your seat. Without spoiling anything, there's some major twists in this game that will make you gasp, and one of the greatest villains I've ever seen (just scroll up and read some of his quotes in ZeganZoma's post).

Battles: Dragon Quest IX (DS) - With surprisingly complex AI for turn-based combat and twelve classes with their own skill trees, the combinations are seemingly endless. The post-game DLC and grottoes are sure to give even veteran players a good challenge.

Music: Dragon Quest VIII (PS2): This was a very tough one to decide, but I went with Koichi Sugiyama's symphonic masterpieces in the end. With music recorded by a live orchestra, everything sounds natural and in context with the game world. While I'll admit heavy metal makes for good boss fights, it can be a little jarring in a world based on Renaissance Europe. This game averts that nicely with its epic, orchestrated themes.

Multiplayer: Maplestory (PC) - The MMORPG that was the bane of my existance and caused me to nearly flunk out of school deserves a special place in my heart. To this day I don't understand what's so addicting about it, but I'll admit I had countless hours of fun playing it with friends.
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Old July 15th, 2012 (10:54 AM).
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I really like how Mystical Mermaid replied so I'm copying that. 8D

Graphics - Eternal Sonata. This game is a visual feast for me. It was my first "next gen" game and I was absolutely blown away when I first put it in. The art style is just beautiful and it uses bright colours everywhere. The character models are very nice too and even today when I see gameplay, I'm very impressed by absolutely everything.

Story - Nier for plot, Tales of the Abyss for characters (which are usually quite integral to the plot of an RPG). Nier is an amazing game. The gameplay is kind of button-mashy and only okay but the plot was great. There was a lot of backtracking which I'm not usually a fan of but the overall story was very interesting. It fit very well in the format of the game and I really liked that your second "playthrough" gave more of the story from other angles, to the point where it pretty much completely changes the focus of the plot and [spoiler: even makes you question who the real villain of the story is]. They used the medium of gaming well. The plot of every Tales game is pretty cliched (and if it isn't, it's unintelligible), but where the series really shines is its characters. Tales of the Abyss has my favourite cast from any game but all of the games have a gem or two. Abyss's plot may be pretty generic on the whole but the cast worked together so well that I never mind. I love every one of the characters and they make going through the game over and over again a great joy rather than a chore. I like JRPGs because they are more linear than WRPGs and that gives you a chance to get really attached to your party because there's so little variability with them. In a lot of WRPGs, you can play through and have an entirely different party each time so the characters don't get as fleshed out as they do in your typical static JRPG party and I always find that disappointing since I don't come away with any sort of attachment which is vital for me to appreciate a game.

Gameplay - The World Ends With You is going to win this one for me. It made excellent use of the console it was on and every aspect of the gameplay was fresh and unique. Battles were interesting and you could make them as hard or as easy as you wanted. The pins made it so you could customize the game to whatever play style you enjoyed the most and the amount of clothing/equipment just added to the customization even more.

Music - Chrono Trigger. I played this game for the first time when it was ported to the DS and I fell in love with it for its music immediately. It sounds so nostalgic despite not being a part of my past/childhood at all. Every single song is fitting and beautiful and I love it so much. I recommend this soundtrack (and remixes of it) to everyone I know whether they've played the game (or play games at all) or not. Chrono Cross has excellent music too but I tend to not rate it quite as highly since while it has a few wonderful songs, I don't find every single song to be as high quality as I do the CT soundtrack.

Overall - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: Final Mix. It may not be my "top" choice in any of the categories but this is my favourite game of all time so it wins overall. I think it's the best mix of all of the above categories. It looks amazing--the PSP handles its graphics very well and the cartoony art style of the KH series lends itself well to handheld consoles. The story is typical KH pretentiousness but since it's a prequel, it's easy to recommend to people who haven't played the rest of the series, unlike pretty much every other game except KH1. The game is a little repetitive since you have to play through it three times to get the whole story, but you play as a different character each time and they all get separate plots in each world that come together to form one story in the end. They handle this fairly well and the game isn't restrictive in save files so you can play each character individually or you could switch files after each world and get each part of the story in order if you want. The gameplay is so much fun. BBS perfects the action-adventure gameplay of the KH series and BBS is very good about battle customization. Each character has strengths and weaknesses, of course, but if you really want to play a character a certain way, nothing stops you from grinding as Terra to make him better at magic. If you have too much free time, you can even pretty much max out your stats at the very beginning of the game by playing minigames smartly. There are so many commands/skills to use that depending on what you toss on your character, you can play differently each time you start the game. The controls are very well done for a handheld and there's plenty to do, although admittedly having to do full completion for all three characters is kind of an annoying endgame. The music in this game is probably my favourite across all the KH games, too. Everything about it makes me happy and every time I think about it, I want to play it, despite already having put 400+ hours into the game across all its iterations.
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Old July 15th, 2012 (11:28 AM).
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The elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Pc version is best for Modding Purposes
ALOT of Dragons included hehe
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Old July 15th, 2012 (11:29 AM).
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Okay, take two.

It'd have to vary a lot because the label is so misleading nowadays. My favorite game overall would have to be Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, but some people would say SRPGs don't count. Other than that, there's NieR and The World Ends With You, but they both use the RPG elements very lightly. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are the most fun RPGs that I've ever played, but they're more like dungeon crawlers than RPGs, and I just don't like some of its elements.

In terms of "WRPGs", I'd have to say Fallout: New Vegas. I believe Bethesda and Bioware are eternally overrated, and I just don't like D&D gameplay, so New Vegas is one of the few "WRPGs" I can actually enjoy. Unfortunately it shares a lot of the bad elements of Fallout 3(the monotonous color scheme, the near useless RADS mechanics, the bad gunplay, and the lack of any balance), it makes up for that by having good characters, good story, and great dialogue.
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Old July 17th, 2012 (1:47 AM).
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+1 for Mystical Mermaid's reply. /adopts style

Graphics: Have to agree with Lightning on this one, Eternal Sonata is such a jaw droppingly, beautiful game!

Story: Tales of Symphonia is a winner for me here. I am bias since this is one of my top, all time favourite RPGs, but when I was playing it back in the day, the story just jumped out at me and kept me so involved, I just didn't expect some of the twists and turns. I seriously love this game so much and I have completed it many times over.

Music: Skyrim wins here, because I simply adore the soundtrack. The ToS soundtrack will always be close to my heart, but I have listened to the Skyrim OST so many times and never get bored of it.

Multiplayer: Tales of Symphonia again. You might question why, but when me and my friends used different characters, it was just such fun and we really got into it.

Overall: Tales of Symphonia, because it is amazing and has a bit amount of sentimental value!
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Old July 17th, 2012 (2:06 AM).
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My favourite RPG is without a doubt Grandia. It's just such an amazing game. It has a very interesting story that lasts for weeks of game play, the adventure system is really innovative and leaves you always having something left to do, the characters are really well thought out and relatable, and the battle system tops the whole game off by being so easy to use and a lot of fun too. The experience/levelling systems are also really interesting compared to other games of the genre, so it's definitely top for me. <3 The only thing that lets it down is the graphics, but they're nostalgic so I don't mind. x]
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Old July 17th, 2012 (2:17 AM).
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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Chrono Trigger.
Thank you for mentioning this game :D It, along with its sequel Chrono Cross, is definitely my most favorite RPG ever! Chrono Trigger was easier to understand, and had all the insanely fun time-travelling adventures, not to talk about the breath-taking Kingdom of Zeal.
Chrono Cross, on the other hand, was much, much harder to understand. When I was younger (And my English wasn't as good as now), I didn't really know what it was about. Now that I've replayed it, I understood the story, and it was simply... well, indescribable. I recommend CT and CC to everyone.

Oh, and the music in both is so beautiful, you can listen to it over and over and over and over again, and you'll never get bored by it...

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Old July 18th, 2012 (3:07 AM).
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Gotta say the Tales series. Specifically vesperia and symphonia. I just prefer the live-action style of fighting rather than the same old turnbased. Dont get me wrong, FF/Pokemon style is great, but its always good seeing a series do something different.
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Old July 18th, 2012 (7:46 AM).
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Super Paper Mario represent! I might like it more for its platform elements, as opposed to its RPG elements, but its combination of genres, as well as its general inventiveness mean that this game really stands out. I prefer SPM over Thousand-Year Door not just because of the reduced RPG coverage, but because of the really creative ways it exploits both 3D and the Wii controller, which weren't apparent in the earlier GameCube game. These two games - apart from Pokemon - are the only real RPGs that I've played, so the choice was always going to be between one or the other.
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Old July 18th, 2012 (10:13 AM).
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Lightning I +1 your reply also so copying it

Graphics: Apart from Pokemon I'm a home console RPG kinda guy, and I kinda let the more anime style RPGs (FF, Tales series, Chrono Trigger) fly past without taking a look, so my RPG expirences are more the Elder Scrolls series, Fallout 3 and Vegas, the Dragon Age series, etc. Skyrim is one of the most beautiful looking games I've ever played, so Skyrim wins this one.

Story A lot of the story in these RPG's is missing ( I feel anyway), however Dragon Age (2 more so then Origins) had me attached to every companion, it invoked me to hate Anders and Carver, love drinking with Isabella and Varric and fall in virtual love with that Elven Blood Mage (Merril). I had a rivalry with a Tevinter elf and it felt like every decision I made mattered.

Gameplay I've yet to be overawed by the gameplay in an RPG, I think my favorite would be Paper Mario. The one that kicked my 3rd favourite franchise in gaming off (behind Pokemon and Dragon Age.) I don't quite get my appeal, I love the badge system, its customizing Mario to suit your play style ! I love companions, so thats why it pips Skyrim and Fallout: NV, but I also love mixing it up in combat, not feeling rehearsed, so it beats both Mass Effect and Dragon Age on that front.

Music-I'm torn between Pokemon HG/SS and Skyrim. I normally mute games with no talking or when subtitles are available, however I love these two so much. Just awesome, non irratating OST's.

Overall-Dragon Age 2-Simply the character and story are the best out of them all ! Sure the fighting is a bit rubbish, but everything else makes up for it. DA2 is a black sheep amongst RPG's but one I really enjoy. I want the PC version so I can LP it soo bad !
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Old July 18th, 2012 (11:07 AM).
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For me it's these games.

Tales Of Symphonia for challenging my skillset to where I actually improved by leaps and bounds by the time I completed the journey.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim for the endless quests it gave me along with a beautiful world.

Kingdoms Of Amalur for addictive gameplay and a brilliant leveling system.

Final Fantasy 4 for a notable soundtrack and interesting plot.

Chrono Trigger for likable characters and a simple yet fun and fast paced battle system.

There's more obviously to note but those particular 5 come to mind for those said reasons amongst countless more.
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Old July 18th, 2012 (1:30 PM).
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Xbox 360: Tales of Vesperia, Fable 3. Where Vesperia really shines is the awesome anime type graphics as mentioned earlier by Mystical Mermaid, I think the game pulls it off really nice. Fable 3 shows off amazing an amazing battle system and having a open world environment really compliments it, and the realistic looking graphics (opposed to vesperia's anime type graphics) are pretty good too.

PC: Ragnarok, Star Wars: The Old Republic. The 2 games are entirely different yet they both fit into the RPG genre. Ragnarok is just awesome. YEP NUFF' SAID.
Star Wars: The Old Republic is just a better version of WoW and is star war's themed, what else can you ask for!
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Old July 18th, 2012 (2:08 PM).
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Gonna steal this format and add a bit to it-

I'm not one to make a big deal out of graphics, but in this case, I'd have to say The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This game just LOOKS good. I found myself just walking around and enjoying the scenery often while playing. Also, Tales of Xillia. I've not actually played this yet (and wont until 2013 ffffff), but I've seen bits of gameplay and the animated cutscenes, and...this game just looks gorgeous. Just...there's nothing else to say.

Story: DRAGON QUEST V. I love every single one of the Dragon Quest games, but out of the games in the series that I've played, there are only two that I've felt delivered a strong, emotional story- V and VIII. The reason I'm going with V is because, unlike VIII, V's story puts things on a much more personal level. As the hero grows older and so many different things happen in his life, the game does an excellent job of making it feel like all of these things are happening to YOU- not this guy with a turban and a staff, but YOU. There's also the fact that, for once, you aren't the 'legendary hero of prophecy who is destined to save the world'. Just...go play it.

Gameplay: Uuuuh. I...can't really say that I've played a game that's made me go nuts over it's gameplay, at least not in a good way. So I'll just move on.

Music: Every single game that Nobuo Uematsu, Shoji Meguro, or Yoko Shimomura has composed for (So mostly FF, Persona, and Kingdom Hearts).

Setting: The Fallout series. I've always been fascinated with the world the series portrays. It's something I can easily see happening to our world, and I've always found the variety of people to be highly realistic and...well, human.


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Old July 18th, 2012 (2:15 PM).
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I would choose the Star Ocean series because it had memorable characters and my favorite battle system ever made. I also like the sci fi/fantasy mix! The stories weren't great, I know, but I will always love the series more than any RPG out there.
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Old July 18th, 2012 (4:13 PM).
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My favorite RPGs are Skyrim (arrow in the knee jokes never get old, plus I can do whatever I feel like doing), Borderlands (I'm PRETTY sure it's an RPG), and Maplestory (I used to play with my best friend, and I made many more friends along my way of becoming lvl 200).
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Old July 19th, 2012 (10:05 AM).
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My favorite RPG game is Chrono Trigger. It's such a unique and exciting game in my opinion.
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