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Old February 25th, 2017 (6:43 PM). Edited February 25th, 2017 by IceGod64.
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    In PokeBattle_Pokemon, append the following line to the attr_accessor section:
      attr_reader(:baseStats)     # Base Stats
    And now, in PokBattle_Move, replace the entire def pbIsCritical? with:
      def pbIsCritical?(attacker,opponent)
        if !attacker.hasMoldBreaker
          if opponent.hasWorkingAbility(:BATTLEARMOR) ||
            return false
        return false if opponent.pbOwnSide.effects[PBEffects::LuckyChant]>0
        return true if pbCritialOverride(attacker,opponent)
        #A Jolteon is used. It's base speed stat is 130.
        b=attacker.pokemon.baseStats #Get the stat array.
          t = b[3]*100/512.round  #Jolteon's default threshold is about 25%
          t = b[3]*100/128.round if attacker.effects[PBEffects::FocusEnergy]>0
          t = b[3]*100/64.round  if hasHighCriticalRate?
        #For Jolteon, Focus Energy or a high crit move both add up to more than 100%
        if (attacker.inHyperMode? rescue false) && isConst?(self.type,PBTypes,:SHADOW)
        end #Increased odds during hyper mode.
        if attacker.hasWorkingItem(:STICK) &&
        if attacker.hasWorkingItem(:LUCKYPUNCH) &&
        t*2 if attacker.hasWorkingAbility(:SUPERLUCK)
        t*1.5 if attacker.hasWorkingItem(:RAZORCLAW)
        t*1.5 if attacker.hasWorkingItem(:SCOPELENS)
        return true if t>=rand(100)
        return false
    So, what's the point?
    For the most part, Gen I's battle mechanics are indeed quite broken, and are undesirable to be used in a game - However, the critical hit probability, is quite an interesting exception. In Generation 1, Critical Hit Ratio is based on a Pokémon's base speed, rather than being a flat rate. Personally, I like this. The actual values, however, you may want to adjust. By default, Jolteon has a 25% chance of landing a critical hit, which is fine to me, but after using focue energy, his chance become over 100%. Moves with high critical hit ratios work similar, so you may want to alter the mechanics.

    Part of the Gen 1 mechanic that I DIDN'T bring over however, is the bug where using Focus Energy Accidentally DIVIDES your chances of getting a crit by 4, not multiplies. Because I'd consider that a bug. If you really want to do that for some reason, you can change the Focus Energy line to this:

     t = b[3]*100/2048.round if attacker.effects[PBEffects::FocusEnergy]>0

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