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Old November 5th, 2013 (4:05 AM). Edited November 10th, 2013 by Janp.
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    Pokemon Plushie Toys and Figures... We all love them. We all have them. So, why we don't do something for them? What about taking them on journey to become Pokemon Champion?
    What's this about?
    It's just a little challenge, where you can use only Pokemon that you have like Plushie toys or Figures...

    1. As I said, you can use only Pokemon that you own Plushie toy or Figure version of it
    2. Your team must have at least 2 members (Don't count your character )
    3. To avoid lies/cheaters you must post a photo of your selected Pokemon. If you can't take/upload a photo, you can use photo of other challenger, but only if he/she will agree with it
    4. Trading is allowed, including for eggs
    5. HM slaves are allowed, but you can't use them in battle, unless you own it's plushie/figure version
    6. Rom Hacks are allowed. You can use them in Ultimate challenge, but only if you switch them with same Region (Example: Switch Black with Blaze Black, but not Pokemon Ruby with Pokemon Flora Sky)
    7. You can use 1 Pokemon multiple times, but you must own exact number of Plushie/toy version of it (Example: If you have 3 Pikachu Plushie toys, you can use 3 Pikachu in game)
    8. You can use Legendary, but only if you can catch it in game (So, no event Legendary)
    9. You can hack in Everstone to keep your Pokemon unevolved
    10. Challenge ends after defeating Champion of the game (Except of Red in Johto games and Alder in Black/White)

    Optional Rules (If you think this challenge would be so hard for you) :
    1. You can evolve Pokemon even if you don't own it's plushie/toy version (For example, you have Pikachu toy, but you don't have Raichu toy and you want to use Raichu in game, you can evolve it)
    2. You can hack in Pokemon you need, but only 1 per Gym Badge (So, in Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos it's 8 Pokemon and in Johto it's 16)

    Ultimate Challenge:
    - In this type of challenge, you'll have to beat game from every generation (except for Kalos as X/Y was released few weeks ago)
    - You can use Pokemon only from 1 photo (So, if you take a photo with only 6 Pokemon, you can only use that 6 Pokemon for entire Challenge

    Sign-Up Form:
    Challenge: (Single/Ultimate/Ultimate+Kalos)
    Others can use my photo: (Yes/No)

    My Sign-Up:
    Username: Janp
    Challenge: Ultimate
    Photo: (Click to bigger size)

    Game(s): Yellow, Sacred Gold, Ruby, Platinum, Blaze Black
    Others can use my photo: Yes

    Normal Challengers:
    No one yet

    Normal Champions:

    Ultimate Challengers:

    Ultimate Champions:
    No one yet

    Also, Big thanks to Sydian who gave me inspiration for this challenge and approving this challenge
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    Old November 10th, 2013 (12:17 AM).
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      1st update Yellow run:
      - Started as male character Janp
      - Did startung stuff, got Pikachu, nicknamed him Pushie
      - Beat Rival Blue twice
      - Got to Pewter City and only eith Pushie beat Brock
      - Blacked out againts Lass with Jigglypuff
      - Mt. Moon was really annoying place with all these Geodudes and Zubats
      - Beat Jessie and James, but Pushie fainted because Poison
      - Finally got to Cerulean City
      - Got Bulbasaur, nicknamed him Flow
      - Beat Blue
      - Beat Misty


      - Thundershock
      - Slam
      - Tail Whip
      - Thunder Wave

      - Tackle
      - Leech Seed
      - Growl
      - Vine Whip

      Also, I added Rule about hacking Everstone
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