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Old August 9th, 2012 (9:17 AM).
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    in this thread you pick a starter that you think would be the best pokemon for that game and region.

    johto: i think totodile would be the best

    Kanto: charmander becasue its last evolved form can fly

    Hoenn: mudkip because it can get you through the first four gym easily.

    Sinnoh: chimchar because it can be a fighting type

    Unova: snivy just cause hes cool hahaha

    now you pick which starter is best for each game. you dont have to do every game or region just whichever game and region you want.

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      Hm, so for every region?

      Kanto: Tough choice between Charmander and Bulbasaur. In fact, I'll call it a tie. I'd alternate between the two every time I restarted.

      Johto: Chikorita.

      Hoenn: All 3 are okay... Torchic is by far the cutest and most desirable starter for me, but as far as final evolutions go I'd choose Treecko because I like Sceptile best.

      Sinnoh: Turtwig, I hate Chimchar and Piplup is way overdecorated.

      Unova Very close between Snivy and Oshawott. But... Snivy. Serperior is just so awesome.
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      Charmander, Feraligatr, Sceptile, Infernape, Emboar.

      These are the ones I picked, because I think these are the better ones.
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        ya i agree with you snowdrop for hoenn. all 3 are pretty much exactly the same for which one is the best. but i think mudkip is a little better out of all of them because it evolves into ground and water so it wont get hurt by electricity.

        Completed National Pokedex in Pokemon X on 8-5-2014
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        Old August 9th, 2012 (12:15 PM).
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          Charmander, Cyndaquil, Treecko, Piplup and Snivy.

          The first three are based on experience having used them and the second two I'd use in their respective games cause I haven't heard much negativity around them
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          Old August 9th, 2012 (1:10 PM).
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            Charmander, Totodile, Treecko, Chimchar & Tepig.

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              Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, Treecko, Turtwig, Oshawott.

              I prefer most of the grass starters
              Favorite Pokemon: Vaporeon
              Second Favorite Pokemon: Scrafty
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                Kanto- Charmander

                Jotto- Cyndaquil

                Hoen- Mudkip (I Liek Mudkips)

                Sinnoh- Piplup

                Unova- Tepig
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                  Kanto- Hmm.. for me it's a tie for all starters. Charizard cannot beat a Blastoise unless it has a Solar Beam set up, while Blastoise cannot beat Venusaur unless Trick Room or a Quick Claw. It's pretty much a cycle of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

                  Johto- Haven't decided.

                  Hoen- I like Mudkip a lot, but Torchic becomes a Blaziken that could wipe out the other starters with its sheer speed and power.

                  Sinnoh- Piplup. He evolves into a Pokemon with coverage almost as good as Swampert's.

                  Unova- Oshawott. I haven't played Black or White, so this one is more preference. I do not really like how the starters in these regions look like, but Oshawott to me is definitely the most bad-ass looking one by the end of its evolution. Serperior has a cool name, but it just looks like a snake with a Snivy head, and Emboar, eh, it's okay, I do like it, but I was looking forward to a Fire/Ground type four-legged boar Pokemon.
                  Meanwhile Samurott is a freakin' unicorn-seal-wolf samurai, so yeah, there's my reason it's my favorite.
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                    Kanto: Pikachu ( cause he's the best )

                    Johto: Totodile ( ash's totodile has a great personality! )

                    Hoenn: Treecko ( so cool and collected )

                    Sinnoh: Piplup ( cute , and I like penguins )

                    Unova: All ( alright so I couldn't choose which xD )

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                      Kanto: Bulbasaur. Helps in the first two gyms a lot, a total cutie, and can learn Leech Seed.

                      Johto: Chikorita. The only reasonable grass-type choice in the game. And Meganium is so underrated for a starter, it's sad. Cyndaquil and Totodile are cool, but there is Arcanine/Ninetales for a great fire type and Gyarados/Lapras for a great water.

                      Hoenn: I hate every Hoenn starter, they are all hideous to me. I guess Mudkip, cause it gets you through the first gym easy peasy.

                      Sinnoh: Chimchar!! The only other option for fir is Rapidash, which has a terrible movepool for a Physical Attacker Fire type. (I guess if you can trade you can get Magmortar.) Chimchar is also a cutie.

                      Unova: I'm going to say Oshawott. Snivy is my favorite, but there are many great Grass type options in this generation. There's only a couple for Water, and Oshawott is the strongest out of them.
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                      Kanto - Charmander

                      I'm pretty torn here. I'd like to say Bulbasaur since it's such a great help through the first part of the game, though that's mostly due to its typing advantage against the two first gyms, while Charmander and its evolutions have great moves, great stats as far as I remember, and is a fan favourite, though I honestly have more experiences with Bulbasaur's line. I guess I'd have to say Charmander due to most other people feeling that way, and I know it isn't bad.

                      Johto - Totodile

                      Not much to discuss here really. Chikorita has a great design and all, but as a Pokémon, and especially as a starter, it isn't really much of a help, especially considering it's weak against the first two gyms in the game. Cyndaquil's line is also pretty strong, the help it gives you in the game is pretty equal to what Totodile's line give you, and it's also the one I've used the most of the three, however out of the two, though I'm choosing Totodile, just because it's the superior of the two, mainly due to the typing advantage, so yeah.

                      Hoenn - Mudkip

                      This is probably the hardest line of starters to choose between, mainly because they're all pretty darn amazing and probably the best starters there is. One thing is for sure though here, in my opinion Treecko comes dead last. I love it and all, but it isn't much help as a main team Pokémon towards the end of the games. It's super fast, and that's great, however I feel like that's the only thing I can really rely on it with. The only move which it learns by leveling up which I feel is useful is Leaf Blade, and otherwise it just isn't really good. Torchic's line isn't really that good in the beginning, however what makes it so great is its great stats, and the fact that it's a Fire/Fighting Pokémon (even though we see that like every generation from now on), and definitely a favourite between many, however it isn't really that helpful before you come closer to the end in my experience. Mudkip's line, however, is pretty darn amazing throughout the whole adventure. I mean, of course it isn't that super good in the beginning when it's only a Mudkip, but in case you haven't evolved it by the first gym, it has a type advantage, and from when it evolves, it is just beast. Due to its unique typing, it isn't weak to that many typings, as well as strong to quite a few, there isn't any gym in the region which it is weak to, iirc it has the highest base stats of any non-legendary and non-pseudo-legendary Pokémon in its final evolution, so definitely not slobby on that part, and is just pretty darn amazing. So first definitely goes to Mudkip.

                      Sinnoh - Chimchar

                      Pretty self-explanatory. Apart from being the only Fire type Pokémon available apart from Ponyta and Rapidash, which aren't really good, it's also the strongest of the 3 starters. It has the most useful typing, as well as a great movepool. I find it hard comparing it to the other two because they're all pretty unique in their own way, however it's the best choice of a starter in that region, so definitely my choice of the best.

                      Unova - Oshawott

                      I have no idea what I'm talking about with Unova. Never played the games, so I'm just copying off what most other people said, as well as I definitely wouldn't say another Fire/Fighting starter >:(
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                        Kanto: Charmander. I liked them all, but the Charmander line is and has always been my favourite starer line.
                        Johto: I have a really hard time choosing here... I want to say Cyndaquil because I love Fire-types, but I've used the Chikorita line a lot in the TCG and Meganium never lets me down... I'm going with Chikorita.
                        Hoenn: Mudkip, because the other two suck, quite frankly.
                        Sinnoh: They're all pretty naff, but I chose Chimchar purely because it was Fire and I knew I'd need a Fire-type on my team. Really dislike the Fire/Fighting evolutions, though.
                        Unova: Oshawott. I don't like Tepig (and again, enough with the Fire/Fighting already!), Snivy looks cool, but I'm ridiculously happy I chose Oshawott because otherwise I don't think I'd have a decent Water-type from Unova.
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                          Kanto - I haven't really played any Kanto-based games (the horror!) but I have to say I've always favoured Charmander. He's just been so much more useful than the others when I've used them. You might have trouble with the first two Kanto gyms but the Charmander line is fairly powerful for the rest of the game.

                          Johto - Bayleef was always my favourite of the Johto starter families, but I've had a better time with Totodile and Cyndaquil. Usually I'll take Cyndaquil though, because my water quota tends to be filled by a Gyarados.

                          Hoenn - Ooh. I love the Treeko line, but again- wouldn't choose it to use. Mudkip line is just amazing in general, but I tend to favour other water 'mon. Torchic it is- I love a reliable fire type. Even though it's not great against the first two gyms unless you evolve it before Roxanne and pull type advantage on her, it's still fairly good against most trainers and later in the game. And anyway you can find 'mon to cover your weaknesses extremely easily.

                          Sinnoh - Oh gosh easiest pick tbqh. Piplup forever. I just feel it's so much better balanced than the other two. Chimchar's too fragile for me in the beginning and Turtwig far too slow all the time. And of course you can pull type advantage on the first gym which is always fun.

                          Unova - I haven't had too much experience with the Unova starters, but I do prefer Oshawott. I can't reason it out really since I haven't used the other two at all, but there you are.

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                            Kanto: Squirtle, because it was very first Pokémon ever obtained.

                            Johto: Chikorita, once it's at final evolution stage, works medicinal wonders for the rest of my party.

                            Hoenn: Mudkip. My LV 100 Swampert could wipe the floor at the E4, without taking any damage. Champ included.

                            Sinnoh: Turtwig, since I loved it's ground/grass combo at later evolutions.

                            Unova: None. I hate Unova. But if I had to choose, it'd be the grass one... Snivy?

                            “Our only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.”
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                            Old August 10th, 2012 (10:54 PM).
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                              Kanto : Charmander cuz Flamethrower Everything
                              Johto : Totodile Pretty Self Explanatory
                              Hoenn : Defeintly Treecko cuz Treecko Is my Favorite Grass Starter Ever
                              Sinnoh : To Tell You The Truth I Like All The Sinnoh Starters But I Will Go For Turtwig
                              Unova : Oshawott I Like Spamming Surf on Everything That Doesn't Resist it
                              Feraligatr and Krookodile Best Pokemon Ever
                              my pokemon alpha sapphire team
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                              Old August 11th, 2012 (12:12 AM).
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                                Hmmmm, been reading through, seem to have different opinions to most people here.

                                Squirtle: Blastoise is just so rad, and like some else mentioned, it was the first pokemon ever obtained.
                                Chikorita: Cutest design ever! <3
                                Torchic: I can't believe how little people have chose this. Of course, its a little hard through the first gym, but dam, once you get your Blaziken nothing will stop it.
                                Turtwig: Just really like Torterras design.
                                Oshawott! Samurott is one awesome Pokemon! He even has his own sword lol

                                So yeah just my 2 cents.
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                                Old August 11th, 2012 (1:10 AM).
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                                  Kanto:Charmander Well i'm going to have to go with Charmander on this one just because he has such good stats! He also looks pretty damn awesome to be honest!

                                  Johto:ChikoritaI can't say for sure because i've never played Johto games, but I just like something about the way Chikorita looks ;D

                                  Sinnoh: PiplupNever played the Sinnoh region so I really couldn't say about the performance of the Pokemon but i'm certain I don't like Chimchar,because he is an ugly monkey, and I don't even remember what the other starter is. DID I MENTION PENGUINS ARE A JUST A BIT CUTE, JUST A BIT!!!

                                  Unova: Oshawott I like Oshawott because of his personality in the anime. I'm sure I have talked about this numerous times, but I just think Oshawott is awesome in the anime, he has that shy personality to him, but then sweeping in numerous times to save ash and his Pokemon. His personality compliments his extreme cuteness also, making him my favorite Unova Pokemon an definetly my favorite Pokemon of all time!
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                                  Old August 11th, 2012 (7:55 AM).
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                                  Kanto: tie between Charmander and Squirtle. Charmander has good offensive power, while Squirtle provides good defense and a Surfing Pokemon without taking up another team slot.

                                  Johto: tie between Cyndaquil and Totodile. Both have good offensive power, but Cyndaquil is faster and Totodile learns better moves IMO.

                                  Hoenn: Mudkip. Learns good moves and isn't very disadvantageous against opposing AI.

                                  Sinnoh: tied between all 3 starters. All 3 have their own unique strengths (Turtwig's physical stats, Chimchar's Speed, good move pool and decent offenses and Piplup's special stats)

                                  Sinnoh: tied between Tepig and Oshawott. Oshawott is balanced between offense and defense; Tepig is more of an all-out attacker, but is a bit slow.

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                                  Old August 11th, 2012 (8:41 AM).
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                                    Kanto - Charmander
                                    Charmander has always been my favorite, but that's not why I chose it. I've used the other starters extensively, and I found that it's the most useful. Bulbasaur isn't that great in the long run. Sure, it was a few type advantages here and there, but its moves aren't that great unless you use TMs, and I didn't like its battling style in-game. It's a slow tank, while I prefer speedy Pokemon that will murder everything within one or two hits. Squirtle was a slight level up with a few good moves, but again, TMs like Ice Beam will bring out its full potential, especially against Lance, but other than that, I never found it all that fun to use. I never liked training Squirtle, because the moves weren't great until you got Surf, which you get after Fuschia, so I was stuck in Saffron blasting Team Rocket grunts with Water Gun. Charmander had a nice plethora of moves to choose from, learning Flamethrower at around 35. It's fast and its design is awesome. The stats are awesome as its Special Attack is a nice level.

                                    Johto - Cyndaquil
                                    Again with the fire starter here, but Chikorita is downright useless to me. I don't like using Meganium. Totodile was okay in a sense, but I can use a Gyarados and it'll be virtually the same as a Feraligatr. Cyndaquil is a strong line, so I always choose them.

                                    Hoenn - Mudkip
                                    Treecko is not a good starter compared to the others. Its only level-up move that's useful is Leaf Blade, but that won't get you too many advantages until late in the game. Swampert was nice typing, which gives it virtually no weaknesses in the game, barring your rival and a few rangers, but they can all be neutralized by teaching it Ice Beam. It's also a tank with a pretty nifty Attack, so it can hit hard when it needs to. Earthquake as a level up is awesome. Torchic's line isn't too bad, and at the Elite Four, it can handle at least two members by itself. However, with more weaknesses, I choose Mudkip over it.

                                    Sinnoh - Chimchar
                                    As I said before, I like speedy Pokemon that hit hard, so Infernape has been my favorite here. However, I actually liked these starters a lot, but Turtwig and Piplup are a bit too slow for me. Torterra has that nasty 4x weakness to ice, but it learns decent moves. Empoleon has the same, and it has that secondary Steel type. However, it's not that useful for most of the game.

                                    Unova - Oshawott
                                    To be honest, I ended up ditching my starter halfway through the game because I never grew to any of them. I only choose Oshawott because it lasted the longest on my team.
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                                    Old August 11th, 2012 (12:52 PM).
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                                      Kanto: Charmander - Just because he is my absolute favorite starter.

                                      Johto: Totodile - My first starter.

                                      Hoenn: Mudkip - Mainly because Swampert is a boss, i mean c'mon ground/water?

                                      Sinnoh: Chimchar - I've won a lot of competitive's from him.

                                      Unova: Tepig - When i played through b/w he was pretty op.
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                                      Old August 11th, 2012 (1:16 PM).
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                                        Well here is my choises

                                        Kanto: Bulbasaur
                                        Johto: Totodile
                                        Hoen: Torchic! It just stole my heart with it's other forms.
                                        Sinnoh: Piplup
                                        Unova: Tepig. First, I though that Tepig sucks, but when I was kind of forced to take Tepig, I changed my mind with experience . Tepig can learn Rollout. <3
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                                        Old August 12th, 2012 (10:41 PM).
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                                        Kanto: Blastiose
                                        Johto: Typhlosion (Awesomesauce 1)
                                        Hoenn: Blaziken
                                        Sinnoh: Empoleon (Awesomesauce 2)
                                        Unova: Samurott

                                        Also, in XD Gale of Darkness I evolve my Eevee into Jolteon every time. (Awesomesauce 3)

                                        For the non "Awesomesauce" Pokemon, they ended up being the best out of what was available for their respective games.

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                                          Kanto: Bulbasaur
                                          Johto: Cyndaquil
                                          Hoenn: Torchic
                                          Sinnoh: Piplup
                                          Unova: Oshawott
                                          Since '99 in the game!
                                          Re-starting all the pkmn versions! My best challenge! :D
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                                            Kanto: Charmander because it evolves into one of my favourite Pokemon.

                                            Johto: Cyndaquil because it evolves into one of my favourite Pokemon.

                                            Hoenn: Mudkip because it is very cool when it evolves into Swampert.

                                            Sinnoh: Chimchar because it's basically, you know, best in my opinion.

                                            Unova: Snivy. Shame it isn't Fire Type.
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