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Question about the move Recycle.

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Old April 1st, 2013 (2:14 PM).
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    Can Pokemon use the move Recycle while they're sleeping? For example, a Snorlax holding a Chesto Berry uses it once, then goes back to sleep. Can Recycle be used again while it's sleeping so that it can wake up that turn?

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    Old April 3rd, 2013 (1:16 AM).
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    According to that it implies you can use Recycle with Sleep Talk, so if you're lucky enough to select it while sleeping, then yeah, you'd get to wake up. Although it's probably easier just to have a boosting/attacking move and Rest/Sleep Talk than take your chances.

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    Old April 14th, 2013 (2:44 AM).
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      Snorlax prefers Leftovers most of the time, since it hellps him recovering thar precious 1/16 each turn and his Sleep Talk set already suffers from the infamous 4 moveslot syndrome, leaving him enable to whether hit Ghost Types with Crunch or phaze away its opponent with Whirlwind.
      The only competitive use I find in Recycle is Stall Bronzor in Little Cup, where you can recycle countless Oran Berries to compensate its lack of a reliable recovery move while slowly chipping away opponents health due to residual damage (Poison, Entry Hazards and Weather). This works particulary well with Bronzor because of it's great defensive typing and good defensive stats which let him run a Non-Eviolite Item without feeeling the loss of it so much. Nontheless this requires a huge amount of team support and Bronzor might still find a better place with the extra bulk Eviolite provides and with another free moveslot to go for a useful coverage move.
      Old April 14th, 2013 (10:58 AM).
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