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Old September 8th, 2012 (11:14 AM).
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    Hi, I like Pokémon because I think it’s the most technologically advanced fantasy I’ve ever encountered.

    I think awesome epic stories could come out of it that aren't as childish, and could make the show more popular to different ages. The franchise still has plenty of untapped potential here.

    Do you know which sub-forum the following sort of information is discussed about making sense of the Pokémon world? Here’s my basic ideas:-

    Life forms and their consciousnesses can be completely transformed into a living form of energy and transported or downloaded onto a computer or storage device. This sort of technology is taken completely for granted. Also, the science of consciousness seems to be fully understood. A limit to the technology seems to be in creating natural bodies, which needs to take time, like the clones of Ambertwo, Mewtwo and the other creatures. Computer simulation doesn’t seem to be able to be sufficient for this purpose.

    At some point in history, humans replaced their original cellular material with an upgraded material that is much more resistant to damage, such that it can survive grenade-level explosions and falls from any height. This may have been done initially to adapt to space or a new heavy gravity planet that their space colony moved to after the original Earth was left behind, and taken to the extreme (rather than going with the minimum for survival).

    At some distant point in the past, humans also created a new type of life form (Pokémon) that are also extremely resilient. The older ones are more powerful and were designed for control or defence, as nuclear weapons are today. Pokémon easily out-competed all normal animals, making them extinct, although some old animals such as fish and cattle may be kept for farming purposes (hence the steak stuff).

    Life forms have been upgraded with extremely enhanced immune systems that eliminate all invasive parasites such as bacteria and viruses (and probably prions too). The only exception is Pokérus, which is extremely contagious from a slight contact, but only produces a 24 hour fever response in the carrier before it too is eliminated by their immune system.

    Wars did apparently still happen until the recent peace spell in which the games and anime take place, so there may have been a lot of sinister disinformation and myths created about Arceus and Mew, for example, which are from various Dark Ages that occurred. The advanced technology was not lost in the process, but much information may have been lost especially to the public, and many true historical records may have been destroyed.

    Pokémon realised they were created as a type of weapon (like the Iron Giant), and were more powerful than the humans, and peace eventually became enforced by the Pokémon themselves agreeing to only use turn-based “battles” using non-lethal force. This explains why otherwise evil gangsters could be defeated by a single trainer if he had strong enough Pokémon. Perhaps anyone who uses deadly force would cause said life form to be a legitimate target of all Pokémon for breaking the rules, or it might be similar to the MAD idea with nuclear weapons. In addition, Pokémon are very pure creatures and do not break their rules about non-lethal battles except in rare cases (like Mewtwo).

    As a more specific idea, Baltoy sounds like when Americans say “battle toy”, and in ancient times it was the equivalent of a gun. In the anime, some Baltoy stopped the space shuttle in mid-air, and on the Earth this would take about 20 Gigawatts each. I think the Pokémon world is a heavier gravity planet, so this may have been fusion rockets and thus Baltoy’s power is probably much higher than 20 GW.

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    Old September 8th, 2012 (11:38 AM).
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    Hi there! Sadly this isn't really an intro thread, so I'll have to lock it. >: A thread making sense of the Pokemon world seems more fitting in the Pokemon General section than here; I'd recommend checking that out! Just make sure to read the rules over there before posting.

    Feel free to make a new thread if you'd like to properly introduce yourself, though!


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