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Draconius GO
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Old October 7th, 2012 (12:58 PM).
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    Irwin Macalister
    Cinnabar Island

    Irwin listened closely to the guy which he had started talking to with a smile on his lips. The flare-haired teen had always enjoyed listening to other people, because everyone was mostly so different, they also mostly had an interesting story to share. And indeed did this guy share something interesting, or at least Irwin found it interesting. He hadn’t been an awfully lot outside of Cinnabar Island and thus had pretty much no idea that there were Zigzagoon in Pallet Town. Unfortunately, their conversation was cut short because the guy’s Zigzagoon disappeared. He left quickly to go look for his furry friend, leaving Irwin pretty much outside the lab looking like an idiot. Well, that wouldn’t be the first time... Damn it Gex, I’m telling the story here! Now where was I? Oh yeah, Irwin was standing outside the lab, that’s right!

    After getting “left hanging” conversation-wise, Irwin decided that it would be the wisest to just get along with it and go out into the wilderness. Where did Ambella say that they could travel? The jungle and, the volcano… Irwin gazed up towards the big, hollow and lava-filled mountain. A picture of his mother’s sad smile flashed before his eyes and the flare-haired teen quickly averted his gaze.

    “I… I can’t do it…” He whispered to himself. “I thought I could, but no…” Irwin ran his hand through his hair and quieted down for a moment. He looked around restlessly for a bit to see if there was anyone around who had heard him since he was a bit embarrassed by what he had just said. In his act of looking around, Irwin noticed that Gex was no longer by his side.

    “Gex?” He called out, “Gex? Where are you?!” Irwin started walking around in an attempt to spot the Treecko who had presumably grown restless and decided to leave. This deduction was not far away from the truth either, in his boredom the small lizard had indeed left his Trainer to search for something more fun to do. Like beat someone up, that was always a fun activity. Kicking Irwin in the shins became more and more boring as the chubster got more and more used to it, and there weren’t many Pokémon around his house to wail on either. The only option was the guy’s mothers’ Shedinja, but that thing was virtually un-hurtable and really creepy to boot. So fighting it had quickly gotten boring as well after the third try. What? Third time’s the charm you know, and if that time doesn’t work, then you might as well give up.

    So as stated before, Gex was now wandering around in search for something to beat up. He had wandered not too far off from the lab and ended up at the foot of the big volcano that Cinnabar Island was so famous for. The little gecko looked up at the big chunk of rock with an expression of wonder in his face. Gex had always wondered why Irwin and his mother became so… withdrawn whenever the question of the rock popped up. Gex had tried asking them before, but it was mostly to no avail since they couldn’t understand him most of the time with him being a Pokémon and all. However, those times when he did get the message across, Irwin and his mother just kind of… dodged the question. One time he got some sort of rushed mention of Irwin’s father, but that was about it. Whatever, Gex averted his gaze from the volcano and onto a rustling bush. Hmm, a new punching bag? Gex’s mouth gnarled into a devilish smile as he said to himself,

    ”Looks that way.”

    And with a strong kick, Gex drove one of his feet into the ground. The powerful impact left a foot-shaped hole in the hard earth as the Treecko left the ground. The small, emerald-shimmering body soared through the air gracefully like it was riding on the long and flowing hair of the goddess of love and lust. His yellow eyes shimmered with enthusiasm and violent prosperity, much like the evening sun we all gaze upon at the late hours of the day. His paw raised above his head as if to serve out a royal dish of the violent natured beating that humans wallow in every waken hour. As Gex closed in on the creature hiding in the bush his eyes glimmered more and more until it seemed like NOTHING would be able to avoid their deity-like glow. The Treecko extended his arm with such force that even the mightiest warriors would shiver at the mere gust of wind generated by it. He was ready. His whole body was ready. This was it, his first step on this new journey, and he would take it. With might.

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    Fiona Cole

    Fiona picked up her moccasins and sat herself down in one of the lounge chairs in the center. After all the hoopla with Blaine and all, she needed to just sit down and take a break. She had been aware that something was amiss with the gym leaders, but Blaine had seemed especially odd. The coldness in the leader’s voice and then his detachment from his Rapidash. It all made her somewhat uneasy, she contemplated giving Ms. Coal a beep, to give her a heads up on what the hell had just happened. It was probably important for her to know. Pulling out her pokédex, Fiona began to type out some sort of message with the makeshift keyboard available to her.

    Before she could finishing typing it out, Ms. Joy's Chansey had made it's way back out with another cart of pokéballs, two of which were hers. Quickly she slipped into her moccasins, taking the balls from the cart before the rowdy youngsters had a chance to get theirs. Forgetting her original plan to message Ambella, Fiona left the pokémon center in hurry. Something was bothering her, causing her a relative amount of stress. During her confrontation with Blaine she had almost totally forgot about it, but the concern had slowly crept it's way back into her mind.

    After putting a considerable distance between herself and the pokemon center, Fiona reached for one of the pokéballs she had just recieved from Chansey. The canine simply stood there, it's back turned to the trainer and fluffy tail waving slowly in the air. She swiftly made her way around to the face of the Growlithe. Getting down on one knee, she softly grabbed the reluctant dog's face. His eye, the one that had been disfigured by her Doduo, was practically useless. It was immobile and not to mention the Growlithe could no longer see out of it. The damage done was also quite noticeable, even from afar. But even so, the canine showed no signs of resentment, instead he seemed more ashamed or embarrassed if anything.

    Fiona sighed and tipped his chin, taking a closer look on the gouged eye. "Hey, look." Oh, poor choice of words. She grimaced at her mistake immediately.

    "Uhh, okay. You can sulk about it all you want," She rubbed the canine's head fluff and gazed at him with determined eyes. "or you can suck up your pride and realize you’re no less of a pokemon. Your choice." Fiona smirked and walked away, confident her Growlithe would follow foot. And... she was right. Barking with new found enthusiasm, the Growlithe had caught up with Fiona and the two were now walking side by side.

    "So, how do you feel about the name, Ollie?" She said, looking down at him with a smile. The Growlithe kept silent, walking along with her, as if it hadn't heard. Fiona sighed, turning away from the canine, he was either ignoring her or just deaf as he was blind. Minutes later, catching her by surprise, the Growlithe barked. He had her attention, and answering her previous question, nodded.

    The teen stopped in her tracks. It took awhile for Fiona to even realize what Ollie was even nodding to. Once she did, a huge grin plastered itself onto her face as he leaned down to pick him up. "Okay, you are one heavy dog." Ollie licked her face in approval. As he did, she chuckled and held him far away from her face, simba style.

    "Now that that's settled." Fiona put down the Growlithe, partly due to tiring arms. Continuing their stroll of bonding, she pulled out her pokédex, an item that, disregarding the text messaging system, she had no idea how to operate. Fiddling around with the controls, she finally managed to register Growlithe and Doduo into her pokédex. Presumably inputting data of said pokémon into the device. She sighed and started resuming their walk, amusing themselves with small “talk” along the way.

    It had been quiet for awhile now, the trainer and pokemon were aimlessly walking around town. The silence was broken by Ollie’s sudden bark. Fiona looked up from her walk to observe what had caught the canine’s attention. How she had not noticed earlier was a mystery because now the smell of the sea was strikingly obvious. They were at the harbor, and the ferry that Ms. Coal had mentioned earlier was docked. “Well, since I’m already here...”

    She made her way over to the deck about to board the ship, until a recollection struck her. Pulling out her pokédex, she intended on finishing an earlier message she had begun. Having sent the message, she boarded the ship along with Ollie, rummaging through her bag for her ticket in case anyone needed legitimate conformation.

    To Ambella Coal
    FC: Just wanted to check in and tell you, I had this weird little confrontation with Blaine. You were right about the gym leaders, but Blaine just seemed especially weird, like creepy weird.
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    ✧ Irwin Macalister
    a wild pokémon appears!

    The creature that appeares when Gex closes in with the kick is not something you'd really want to kick. A Slugma, oozing with magma and burning the grass and plants in its path. It looks like it was just about to take a bite from the bush behind which it now stands. Will Gex really try to kick this pokémon?


    - Yawn
    - Smog
    - Ember
    • You may handle this encounter in any way and with any length post that you want.
    • You may decide the gender of the pokémon.

    ✧ Fiona Cole
    FC: Just wanted to check in and tell you, I had this weird little confrontation with Blaine. You were right about the gym leaders, but Blaine just seemed especially weird, like creepy weird.
    It does not take more than a minute to get a response back.
    AC: Blaine! I haven't seen him out of his gym for weeks! So he has started acting strange as well? That's... unsettling to hear. I discussed with him in the beginning, when some other leaders started behaving oddly. Then I stopped talking to him, of fear that it would happen to him too. And it seems I was right.
    AC: But why did they choose to do this? And why won't they explain when confronted? That's what I need you to find out! Go to Fuchsia City and look for Koga. I hear he acts strangely in a different way than Blaine does... Are you on the ferry yet?

    Cinnabar Island

    Oh no. Today was not the day when Auryn Reins was going to be eaten alive. Not today! She bit down hard on the vine over her mouth and earned a cry from the vegetable in return. Remoraid grew new hope, furious by now. A plant would try to eat his only friend? A plant? He would not have it that way. Narrowing his eyes as he watched the Carnivine growl at Auryn, Remoraid focused and Locked On to the enemy pokémon. Then he did something he had never been able to do before. Instead of a jet of water coming out from his mouth, a ray of pure psychic force came out and struck the plant pokémon hard right in its forehead.

    Auryn yelped as she was dropped onto the ground. She quickly got back up on her feet, albeit stumbling, and ran several meters away from her captor.

    Carnivine shook its head and looked at the fish with surprise. What was that? Whatever it had been, it did not approve of it. It lounged itself forward, meaning to bite the fish down in one snack bite, but Auryn grabbed her friend and jumped away in the nick of time.

    "Remoraid!" she said, lifting the fish in her arms and looking into its arms. "That was a completely new attack!" Making sure that Carnivine wasn't throwing itself at them for a moment, she put Remoraid down and examined him with her pokédex, which had been in her pocket. "Psybeam? Amazing!"

    Time was up. The plant came in with its vines, about to Bind them both this time.

    "Lock On!" Auryn shouted, almost throwing Remoraid into the air all of a sudden. Remoraid had used that focusing technique countless times, even before he met his girl, so he could do it in the blink of an eye. But he didn't have time to charge another attack and blow it out before the impact...

    "Yay!" Auryn yelled with a smile as the thrown fish smacked the plant right between its eyes. Her throw hadn't been a random one; she had been carrying Remoraid around enough to be able to aim with him if she needed to! Carnivine stopped in its tracks and its vines missed Remoraid completely as the fish instead jumped back to Auryn, also smiling.

    "That Carnivine isn't really a fighter. It's a mean monster!" Auryn complained.

    Carnivine looked hurt, but Auryn couldn't tell for sure if it was just a show or actual remorse. Maybe she should make sure that the pokémon actually learned to be nice and honest?

    "Remoraid, Psybeam!" she said without warning, and Remoraid fired it off quickly. The plant dodged but still got hit in its side. That seemed to be enough to make it cringe.

    "Now... I think I'll use one of these," Auryn said, taking forth one of her extra pokéballs. She threw it at the plant pokémon and watched it get caught. When it was all over, the pokéball lay in Auryn's hand again, just cringing slightly every now and then.

    "You'll come with us on our journey!" she told it as she picked Remoraid up under her other arm and started walking back towards the lab and the direction of the town. "And then you'll learn how to be a good pokémon instead of a mischievous troll. It'll be fun!"

    Remoraid couldn't say that he completely agreed, but then again... he wasn't the type to care about things too much.

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