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Old January 28th, 2014 (12:21 PM). Edited January 28th, 2014 by BuchiNeko.
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    Hey guys!

    So I recently obtained a new gameboy advance so and Pokemon yellow. I've been playing and realized that no one has or uses gameboy anymore, never mind would want to trade, so I decided to exploit the ditto glitch to get all of the unobtainable Pokemon.

    I know how the glitch works, but I really don't know what Pokemon I need to get each one. I know the Pokemon has to have the same special as the decimal version of the Pokemon I want, but I can't seem to find a key to that anywhere.

    The Pokemon I want, and their decimal codes, are:

    weedle - 112
    ekans - 108
    meowth - 77
    koffing - 55
    jynx - 72
    electabuzz - 53
    magmar - 51
    omanyte (I already picked kabutops) - 98
    hitmonlee/chan (either one, since i can only get one from saffron) - 43/44
    alakazam - 149
    gengar - 14
    machamp - 106
    raichu - 85

    So what I'm asking for is if anyone knows the Pokemon/level of that Pokemon that has the special stat matching the decimal number for each of these Pokemon.

    If you have a way to find out, or a link or such, I'd appreciate that too. Thanks in advance!
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    Old January 28th, 2014 (11:05 PM).
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      Hey, are you looking for Pokémon with special stats like those?

      It's hard to find some, to be honest, and when you do you'll have to hope they cross that stat at any certain stage. Now what I did in Blue for the most part was take any Pokémon with considerably high Special base stat (not too hard to find them) and levelled said Pokémon until I was very close to or on exactly that Special stat I needed. So suppose I need Machamp, and I trained Jolteon to level 38. And now it's special is at 104. Close, but not enough. I'm not going to risk another level up, because Jolteon raises 2-3 Specials each level up. So I feed two Calciums (and save before I do) to make it 106. That's how I did it.

      So basically, care not about the Pokémon, just try to get the value close to the necessary one and slot in some Calciums.
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