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    introduction: i rate this story 15+ but people younger than that can read it too. it's romance, comedy, fantasy and a little but drama and horror.

    this story is about a girl, Aisha living in a corrupted world. A demon dictator took over the world, but after this girl appeared he suddenly dissapeared. Aisha has friends, but she seems to keep alot of secrets from them, what are those secrets? and is Aisha even human? you'll find out in this story.

    i hope you like it.

    A secret hidden from you - Chapter 1.

    'Aisha! Hurry up!' A brown haired girl shouted to a long blonde haired girl who was still standing on the street. 'Go! I will stop them! You two need to go to our hideout to be safe!' Aisha shouted back. 'What about you?!' The black haired girl shouted worried to her. 'Don't worry, Gloria.' Aisha smiled at her. 'I will be just fine.' She continued.

    'Please be careful...' The brown haired girl pleaded her, looking at her with her brown, worried eyes. 'I will, Jamie, now gooo!!!' Aisha turned to a group people, they were all holding sword-like weapons. 'Let's go!' Jamie said to Gloria who then gave her a slight nod. Jamie glanced at Aisha once again before she took Gloria's hand and ran over the wet-rained streets.

    Aisha looked around her as she saw the high buildings around her, looking all broken and some had even collapsed, the world was one, big mess. 'You won't get away from here alive.' A man with a black shirt and green army pants said with a wide grin. 'We'll see.' Aisha said, slowly moving her hand to her gun.

    'Poor girl, you need to use a gun now?' the man said to the girl, she was wearing a black blouse, blue jeans and black with white sneakers, her eyes were aqua blue and looked kind of irritated, like a shark, ready to attack. 'It's all thanks to people like you.' Aisha answered him. 'If i remember right, i never got your name, i'm Radcliff.' The man bowed politly while Aisha glared at him and pointed her gun on him.

    'It's not nice to point at people.' Radcliff grinned. 'It's not nice to be sneaky either.' Aisha pointed her gun at his hands, while he bowed he managed to get his gun.

    'Gloria! You're going to fast!' Jamie shouted as Gloria was only holding her fingertips now with hers, instead that Jamie was dragging her the tabled had turned. 'Hurry up then!' Gloria kept staring forward her, defending her and Jamie from possible dangers.

    They ran into a big forest, everywhere were dead trees, but they went to one with a little opening. Inside was a little door in the ground, hided under maple leafs, but visable for them. Jamie quickly removed the two big locks, and opened the last one with a number code, impossible for other people to guess.

    'Go inside.' Jamie said to Gloria while keeping a eye around. Gloria looked down and saw a staircase, the staircase she, Jamie and Aisha had build, that remembered that they just left Aisha behind.

    Aisha did this most of the times because she is the oldest and felt responsible if anything would happen to them, for Jamie and Gloria was the same. Those three have been friends for a long time. As Gloria remembered this a sad smile appeared on her face, leaving as a tear escaped her eye.

    'What's wrong?' Jamie asked her. 'I'm worried about Aisha... Will she really be fine...?' Gloria glanced at her friend, tearing eyes showing her worries. 'Hey, it's Aisha! Ofcourse she'll be fine!' Jamie showed off her thumb and smiled at the girl she saw as her sister. As Gloria smiled back and went down the staircase Jamie glanced into the forest, hoping that Aisha would come running up to them and glomping them like she always did.

    'Be sure to come back, sis.' Jamie whispered as she turned back to the staircase, went down, and closed the door with the locks, from inside this time.

    Down below was another door, locked too. Gloria was waiting for her but already opened the locks with number codes, three in total. Jamie opened the key locks, 5 in total. They went inside and immediately locked the door again, you couldn't be carefully enough.

    Gloria glanced into the underground... City, yes, a city. Under the tree they went down a minute ago was a big underground city, with alot of houses, shops, things like that. The people living here were the only people they could trust. Not only that, unlike alot of childeren, Gloria still had parents, and Jamie and Aisha lived together with them, like three sisters.

    Aisha was 16, Jamie was 15 and Gloria was 14, almost 15. There was one thing that made this day special though, that day was the day Jamie and Gloria found Aisha in this forest, 4 years ago, the forest where the underground city was hidden. Since that day Aisha was part of Gloria's family, just like Jamie.

    Jamie's parents were killed by a demon, that's why Jamie has a hate towards them and does everything to kill them or stop them from killing people.

    The dictator had taken over the world now for 5 years, he dissapeared after one year though, not showing himself to people, but letting people know he was still running this world though, well... Running? Let's put a "i" in the word, take a "n" away and change it to "ruining."

    The three girls are great at fighting, but Aisha was always the one who offered herself and showed off her fighting, just like she did that day. Jamie was the smart one, she remembered everything very quick and always thought of perfect plans. Gloria was very fast, unnatural fast, there was no reason for this, she was just very quick. What made Aisha special wasn't known yet, she never showed it at all.

    'Mom! Dad!' Gloria shouted around her house as she came in. 'Jamie and i are back!' She continued. Immediately a brown haired, skinny women, around 38 years old, walked up to them. 'Hey girls, where is Aisha?' The women asked as she had faced the two girls. Gloria had black curly hair, and wore a green t-shirt, black jeans and black with green sneakers. Jamie had brown hair with bangs and wore a red t-shirt, light-blue jeans and black sneakers.

    'She did it again didn't she?' Gloria's mother asked the two girls. 'Yes...' Jamie said with a painful smile, slightly worrying about Aisha.

    'Hiiiiii!!!!!!' At that moment the blonde girl ran inside the house and glomped Jamie and Gloria. 'Ah, there she is.' The mother smiled satisfied and walked back to the living room. Aisha letted go of the girls she saw as her sisters and smiled brightly. 'What happened?' Gloria asked her.

    'What always happens! I kicked their asses and they ran away crying!' Aisha showed her thumb and winked while she had one hand in her waist, it made Jamie laugh, she felt a little relieved nothing was wrong with her at all.

    'What do we have for dinner?' Aisha asked as she putted one of her hands on her belly. 'I'm kind of hungry.' She said, closing her aqua blue eyes and feeling embaressed because her belly just made a dying-whale noise.

    'I actually have no idea, we just came inside ourselves.' Jamie said and walked to the living room. 'Miss Cortess, what do we have for dinner?' Jamie asked her. 'Spagetti, dear.' The mother answered as she looked on the clock, her husband should've been home already.

    'Spagetti!! Yess!!' Aisha cheered, what gave the mother a satisfied smile again. 'I knew you would like it.' Missis Cortess stood up and walked over to where Gloria and Aisha were, followed by Jamie. 'I choose that because today is the day my lovely daughter and Jamie found you four years ago.' The mother smiled brightly as she saw how Gloria changed expressions.

    'Oh yeah! That's right! It's today huh?' Gloria putted one hand on Aisha's right shoulder, but she seemed to be more in thoughts. 'Four years... That's a long time huh...?' Aisha mumbled. 'It won't take longer, i promise...' Aisha said so quietly no one could hear her, she smiled softly and noticed everyone looked weird at her.

    'Ah! Sorry! I'm just really thankful i can live here.' Aisha said smiling brightly and holding her hands behind her back. Ever since she joined the household there was not much known about her, only that she was 12 around that time and that her name was Aisha, her surname was unknown too.

    'I've always wondered though...' Miss Cortess sighed deeply as the three girls faced her, making ready to speak out the next sentence. 'For someone who lost her memory, you were pretty cheerfull, a normal boy or a girl would be really confused and so quiet...' The mother passed them and took a look outside the house.

    'It kind of makes me feel relieved though.' Miss cortess walked up to the kitchen. 'I will make dinner right now.' She continued, from out of the kitchen you could hear sounds from pots and frying pans, slamming against each other.

    'Gloria, your father hasn't come back home yet from "the outside"... I'm worrying.' the mother said honestly to her daughter, lying wouldn't be a option in the situation they were.

    'Dad...?' Gloria's eyes widened as she walked up to the door, getting stopped by Aisha. 'Don't worry, i'll go.' Aisha smiled at her and opened the door, leaving in a hurry to the upground world.

    Aisha made sure all the locks were locked again before she left to look for Gloria's father. She was cautious, something everyone should've been in that time, but not everyone was. Take Gloria for example, she wasn't that cautious sometimes, and she probely got that from her father.

    'Mister Cortess!!' Aisha screamed around, hiding behind trees sometimes to make sure no one would point a gun at her and demons wouldnt see her immediately. Aisha's expression changed to serious, she grabbed her gun and pointed it at the air, so that she would shout out of nowhere at victims, she looked like a spion on a secret mission.

    She walked around like Lara Croft in the movies "Thomb Raider" and stopped and hided by every sound she heard that didn't came from her. After she made sure she was safe she putted her gun back, looking around for Gloria's father who should've been around the forest or city.

    'Mister Cortess!' Aisha screamed once more, then she sighed. 'At this rate i won't find him at all...' Aisha mumbled with her hands in her waist, losing her patience already. 'Oh if i only cou-'

    Aisha cutted her own sentence as she heard a stick cracking behind her, she immediately grabbed her gun again and stood in the James Bond stand.

    'Who's there! Show yourself!' She said with a strongly annoyed glare in her eyes. Aisha hated it so much when she tried to find someone and a demon or a idiot tried to kill her, ofcourse these were worthless actions up untill now. Aisha was like a flower, opened and cheerfully, but also closed and strong on times like these.

    Aisha slowly walked behind, untill a hand suddenly moved forward her mouth and holded her arms, making her lose control of the gun and let it fall on the ground. 'Mhmhmhm!!!!' Aisha tried to scream, but the hand was to big to let any loud sounds leave her mouth, from the bigness of the hand it was obvious that it was a man. 'I'm sorry Aisha... But you're coming with me!' The voice said, taking her with him, only leaving the gun behind.
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      A secret hidden from you - Chapter 2

      A man, around 43 years old ran inside the underground house of the Cortess Family. 'Dear! Gloria! Jamie!' The man shouted, panting by the door opening, holding his hand by his heart, he had obviously ran all the way back to his home.

      'Mister Cortess!' Jamie heard him shouting in the hallways and quickly went over to him, only seeing him, no Aisha around. 'hunny!' The mother hurried over to her husband and hugged him tightly. 'I was so worried...' She mumbled, sighing in relieve.

      'There's something else we have to worry about!' Mister Cortess said as he got his breath back, he seemed in shock and was still panting. 'They caught Aisha!' The man finally spoke the important sentence, leaving everyone in a dead silent.

      For a moment it sounded like the time had stopped, it was so silent, no sounds of the people outside, no sounds of anything, just the silence. Then Missis Cortess putted a hand forward her mouth as her eyes started to tear up. 'Aisha...' She said quietly.

      Jamie and Gloria couldn't believe the words mister Cortess spoke, Aisha? Caught? No, that couldn't be right.

      'I don't believe it!' Jamie clenched her fists and glared at the ground. 'What happened, dad?' Gloria asked him. Mister Cortess was quiet, only looking forward him and comforting his wife. 'I was on my way home when i heard Aisha shouting my name, i hurried over to where she was, but someone had caught her and dragged her away.' He explained quietly, rubbing over the back of missis Cortess and hugging her gently.

      'How did that person looked like?' Gloria asked her father, hugging her mother too. Missis Cortess saw Aisha and Jamie as her own childeren, just like Gloria was, it must've been horirble to hear that one of your daughters was caught by horrible people. 'It was a man, with a black shirt and green army pants.' The father spoke softly, trying to remember everything. 'Oh, and he wore brown mountain shoes...' He added.

      'It's him again! Gloria! It's that men that followed us earlier! Aisha went to stop him, right?!' Jamie had both of her hands on Gloria shoulders and faced her. 'Y-yeah it's probely him...' Gloria said sadly, looking at the door. 'What does he want from her...?' Gloria asked herself quietly.

      'I have no idea! But he ain't getting it!' Jamie ran to door, opened it and took a glance at Gloria. 'Let's go get her!' Jamie said to her, Gloria nodded at her and followed.

      'B-but!' Mister Cortess was too later with trying to grab his daughter's arm. 'Let them be hunny...' Missis Cortess hugged her husband once again. 'Once they found Aisha the'll be save...' Missis Cortess closed her eyes and let the warmth of mister Cortess body take over hers.

      'Gloriaaaaa!!!' Jamie tried to catch up with Gloria but she wayyyy too fast. 'Oh, sorry, hehe.' Gloria stopped and waited for her sis to catch up. 'Please... Slower...' Jamie panted as Gloria showed a embaressed smile.

      'I have one question... How are we going to rescue Aisha...?' Gloria asked as Jamie was still panting. Jamie stood up again and looked at gloria. 'That guy...' Jamie started thinking with her arms crossed. 'That guy, we don't know what he wants from Aisha, but we do know that there IS something he wants.' Jamie started mumbling. 'He has a large army...' Jamie added. 'We need a team!' Jamie slammed with her fist against her other arm.

      'A... Team...?' Gloria winked a few times. 'Seriously?! You are smarter than anyone and that's all you can think of?!' Gloria shaked up Jamie who started to get dizzy. 'Hey cut that out!' Jamie wringed herself free and jumped away. 'Ofcourse not JUST a team, a team of people who are able to help us!' Jamie holded her head and thought a little more.

      'Like adults and stuff, there must be a few that are great in martial arts and stuff.' Jamie said. Gloria was silent and glanced at Jamie with scared eyes. 'J-Jamie...' Gloria started pointing. 'Be quiet! I'm trying to think!' She snarled at her out of all the stress. 'S-sorry... What did you wanted to say?' Jamie apologized and turned to her.

      'B-b-b-behin-.....' Gloria kept pointing at her. Jamie showed a lame face and sighed. 'There's something behind me or not...' Jamie asked Gloria who quickly nodded. Jamie took a look and saw a... Creature. A black creature with red eyes and claws. 'Ew, you look like those things out of Aisha's game...' Jamie insulted it and quickly got her gun. 'You better stay away or i kill you!' Jamie stood forward Gloria and pointed her gun at the creature. 'D-d-demon!' Gloria stuttered.

      'Look what we have here... my snack?' The demon came closer. 'Don't bother pulling that trigger, girl.' The demon stood forward them. 'It won't kill me at all.' The demon took Jamie's gun and held it high. 'P-p-please don't eat us!' Gloria pleaded, almost crying. Jamie held her arms wide, protecting her from the demon, making sure she could run when she got eaten or taken over.

      The demon smirked and trew the gun away. 'But i hadn't a good meal since ages!' The demon placed another step. 'I'm hungry, you know?' He opened his gigantic mouth. 'Gloria! Ruuunnn!!!' Jamie pushed her away, Gloria started crying. Jamie closed her eyes, ready to get eaten of possibly to get taken over by the demon.

      'Not today.' A voice said, trowing the demon aside. When Jamie opened her eyes she saw a young man, with black hair, a black, long jacket and black jeans, black shoes and... Black wings?

      'Are you okay?' The young man took a look at Jamie. Now she could see he also had a few white stripes in his hair and a weird white with blue scar on his right cheek, his eyes were yellowish too. He also wore a black short t-shirt to hide his chest, but you could see his belly. He wore a cross necklace and a gothic like bracelet, it was pretty obvious that he wasn't human at all.

      'Y-yeah...' Jamie answered, glancing at him and winking a few times. 'Good, i'll get you two away from here.' The young man took Jamie under his left arm and flied over to Gloria and took her under his right arm. 'Who are you?! Let us go!!' Jamie slammed around trying to hurt him. 'I am Khaos, a demon.' He sighed while trying to keep the girl calm.

      'A demon?!' Gloria shouted almost crying because she was caught by a demon. 'Meh, one that walked over to the good side, so don't worry about it.' He snickered. The girls sighed, both on the same time. 'T-this doesn't mean we trust you!' Jamie quickly said, clenching her fists. 'I guess you have to, i'm the one flying here, and i'm sorry, i didn't saw wings out your back.' Khaos smirked, glancing at the girl who looked mad at her.

      'You better let us go now.' Jamie took her second and last gun and held it against Khaos's head. 'Okay~' Khaos immediately opened his arms while shrugging, letting the girls go and laughing of excitement.

      'WAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!' Both girls screamed as they were falling with high speed. 'I changed my mind! Catch ussss!!!!' Jamie was tearing up because of the wind getting into her eyes. Khaos sighed and flied down, catching the girls just on time before they hit the ground.

      'T-thanks...' Jamie said, not having heard Gloria in awhile and glancing at her. 'Are you okay...?' Jamie asked her. Slowly a grin formed on Gloria's lips. 'That was awesome!!' Gloria cheered. 'Do it again! Do it again!' Gloria smiled brightly at the demon guy. 'Ok-' Khaos sentence got broken by Jamie's screaming. 'NOO! DON'T!!'

      'Awwwww... Meanie.' Gloria sighed. 'Watch your glasses girl, we are going to land.' Khaos said to Jamie. Jamie wore glasses because her visual sight wasn't very good. Jamie grabbed her glasses and nodded. 'Okay...' She said quietly.
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        A secret hidden from you - Chapter 3

        Khaos went down straightly with high speed, both Gloria's and Jamie's eyes started to form tears because of the speed. 'Ahhhhhh!!!' Jamie closed her eyes and started screaming.

        'Is she always this scared?' Khaos asked Gloria who shrugged. 'She's afraid of hights.' She answered like it was the most normal sake of the world, well... Actually it was, alot of people were afraid of hights.

        'Ahhhh okay thennn.' Khaos grinned as he started to fly a little bit slower, landing on the ground forward a old and big looking factory. 'Don't worry, this is a ghost-factory, there's no one here besides us.' Khaos said walking inside. 'G-g-ghost...?' Jamie stuttered. 'Oh! Mister Khaos! Jamie is also afraid of ghosts.' Gloria said smiling and holding her hands behind her back. 'I'm not a mister, i'm only 17.' Khaos laughed as he kept on walking.

        'Hey Khaos! You're back?! Do you have food! I'm hungreehhhh!!!' A boy with black hair and a hat ran up to them. 'And who are these senorita's?' The boy asked curious. Jamie gave a cold look and moved one eyebrow. 'You said there was no one besides us?' Jamie said to Khaos, facing him with a cold look. 'Yes, i did said that, there really is no one, besides "us"' Khaos grinned again and waved to the boy with the hat.

        'Yo Zeke! Come over here, bro! Khaos brought senorita's!' Zane shouted inside the factory, his voice was echoing trough the whole factory. 'Coming!' Someone shouted back. There was a ceiling above them, a second floor, that was probely the place they slept judging from the blanket hanging on the ceiling.

        A brown haired boy with a headphone jumped down the ceiling. When he landed on the ground, it shaked and Gloria and Jamie almost fell, though... The boy was skinny so how did he make the ground shake? 'Hi there, i'm Zeke.' The boy with the headphone introduced himself as he waved with a kind smile on his face.

        'That was quite a appearence, Zeke.' Khaos commented which embaressed Zeke a little. 'Y-yeah i'm sorry, i got a little too excited.' Zeke rubbed the back of his head and turned to the girls. 'So... What makes you gals special?' Zeke asked kindly.

        'What makes us special...?' Gloria and Jamie glanced at each other out of confusing, finding this boy a little odd. 'Yeah, dontchu have a awesome power like me and my brother?' The boy with the hat asked them as he walked up. 'I'm Zane by the way.' He introduced himself.

        'Uhm yeah... I'm Jamie, and this is my little sister Gloria.' Jamie pointed at her as she seemed a little freaked out. 'Really? You don't look like each other at all...' Zane took a closer look at Gloria, almost touching the tip of her nose with his. As Gloria found he came to close she quickly pushed him a little away with her hands and blushed. 'N-no! We aren't really sisters... Me, Jamie and Aisha act like sisters but we are only best friends.' Gloria quickly explained.

        'Aisha?' Zeke's expression changed to questionating. 'Who's that?' Zane took a step behind and took a look at both of them. 'Aisha is our friend, she has been kidnapped by a demon...' Jamie's head turned to the ground with her hair overlapping her face, making it unaible for other people to see.

        'Then forget about rescueing her, because she's dead.' Zeke spoke, not carefully but straight in their faces, suprising the girls. 'She's not dead! And she won't die either! We only THINK she's kidnapped by a demon, we are not sure yet, it could've been a man too...' Jamie showed her face again and immediately jumped into defense. 'Well, bit IF she's taken away by a demon then she's probely already dead by now, demons show no mercy.' Zeke replied. 'Hey! Khaos is a demon too bro! Watch your mouth!' Zane protected his friend.

        'Guys, guys, guys... Calm down.' Khaos stood between the boys and the girls and faced all of them. 'Their friend is not dead, actually... She's the only one who can end all of this.' Khaos smiled at the boys. 'And don't worry girls, we'll find your friend and in meanwhile you can stay here.' Khaos moved his finger around like a teacher.

        'I'm... Missing alot aren't i...?' Zeke rubbed the back of his head with his right hand, widened eyes too. 'The only one who can end this?' Zeke repeated what Khaos had said. 'Everything will be clear soon~' Khaos took out a little book that seemed like a manga and started reading it. The four teenagers looked weirdly at him as he started drooling, as he noticed this he flied away to the second floor, reading his manga futher over there. They stared at the second floor for awhile before they turned to each other again.

        'So... You two actually look younger than us, at least Gloria does... what's your age?' Zane asked the two girls, Jamie started giggling. 'Well, that's kind of true, i'm 15 and Gloria is 14, she's going to turn 15 soon.' Jamie glanced at Gloria with a bright smile. 'Aisha is the oldest of us, she is 16 and will turn 17 in a few months.' Jamie seemed more opened up now towards the boys, even though it was risky to trust anyone in this war.

        'Ah... See? I was right afterall.' Zane crossed his arms and nodded satisfied. 'I'm 17, and my brother here is 17 too, he's the oldest though.' Zane sighed. 'Hehe...i can't help mom and dad made you after me.' Zeke started laughing as he teased his little brother with that. 'Whatever.' Zane replied.

        Both girls started laughing. 'But back to my question, what makes you girls special?' Zeke asked them, showing his curiousity with his expression. 'What makes us special....?' Gloria laugh faded when she got confused. 'Is there something that should make us special?' Jamie asked him. 'Well... My brother has super strenght! And i can see every living being near me by detecting their warmth.' Zane took out his gun and shouted around, when he stopped a few flies fell down out the air. 'See? I could feel the warmth of these flies and attack them.' Zane said proudly while putting his gun away.

        'Wow.....' Jamie was silent as she took a look at her sis/bestie. 'Well... Gloria is super fast...' Jamie suddenly remembered. 'Aisha and i always have troubles with keeping up with her... Even though Aisha can be like a ninja sometimes!' Jamie glanced back at the boys.

        'Ah... She's still like that, huh?' Khaos said quietly from the second floor, loud enough for the teenagers to hear but quiet enough that they couldnt hear -what- he said. 'Huh?' Zane took a look at him. 'What did you say, Khaos?' Zane asked him. 'Ah! No nothing, hehe, i was just mumbling.' Khaos continued reading.

        'Are you eavesdropping?!' Jamie shouted at him. 'And what the hell are you reading?!' Jamie had her hands in her waists as she scolded at him. 'None of your business.' Khaos grinned.

        'It's getting dark, we should rest.' Khaos putted away his manga and flied back to the first floor. 'Why? It's early...' Gloria protested. 'Well, if you want to save your friend-' Khaos shrugged as he walked away but Gloria and Jamie rushed past him and ran to the stairs to the second floor. 'Alright! We'll go to sleep!' They shouted. 'Okayyyyy...' Khaos said as he only stood there. 'Oh! And Zeke? What makes these girls special is that Gloria has super speed and Jamie is really clever.' Khaos answered Zeke's question. 'So... I'm super clever...?' Jamie asked herself as she stopped for a second as she thought, it would explain a thing or two.

        'Oh... Well...' Zeke walked past him. 'C'mon Zane, we should rest too, i guess these girls could use some extra hands.' Zeke climbed above while being followed by his little brother. On the second floor there were many sleepingbags, blankets, pillows and many matrasses. 'Good night!' Gloria cheered as everyone lied down on their matrasses. 'Night!'

        Khaos sighed, he was the only one who was still downstairs. 'Your friend isn't who you think she is...' Khaos slightly grinned as he took a look at the second floor, he flied up and prepared himself to get some rest too, sleeping with a half ear, because the outside world was dangerous.
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          A secret hidden from you - Chapter 4

          'Hmm....' Gloria slowly opened her eyes when the sun rays shined in her eyes. 'How late is it...?' She asked around, closing her eyes again and moving from her right side to her left. When she didn't hear a answer she brought her head up, opened her eyes and took a look around, only to find out everyone was up already and she was the only one on the second floor.

          'Helloooo...?!' Gloria screamed. 'Oh! Good morning Gloria!' She heard some voices shouting at her from down below. She crawled to the ceiling and took a look who it was. All four of them were there, waving at her and then turning to each other again.

          'Oh... There you guys are...' She mumbled. She cleaned up her sleeping place and climbed down to the first floor. 'Had a good night?' Khaos asked her. 'No... Not really, i feel like i've been sleeping in a tree...' Gloria answered with hanging shoulders, brushing her long black hair too.

          'Welcome by the club.' Zeke commented. 'Hey, am i the only one or have you guys heard those weird noises tonight too?' Zane glanced at his brother, Jamie and Khaos. 'Yeah! It was so weird! i was too lazy to take a look around though since i was sure no one could find us here or attack us.' Jamie sighed and started yawning.

          'I didn't want to wake you guys up for it, but seems like you guys had already noticed, it sounded like... Moaning.' Zeke rubbed the back of his head and looked at the floor. 'Hm... What about you Khaos?' Zane asked him. Khaos was silent and turned around while he was getting red. 'W-wait......' Gloria pointed at him. 'It was you...?!' Gloria started blushing like hell out of embaressment, even though there was nothing she should be embaressed about, but what was going through her mind right now...

          'EWWW!! KHAOS?! WTF!!' Everyone jumped over to Gloria's side as they stared at their friend. 'Ew ew ew ew ewwwwww!!!!! I wish i had never heard ittttt!!!' Jamie kept her hands by her ears as she started shouting from disgust. 'Damn bro, if you do something like that do it somewhere outside!' Zeke nodded his head and had his arms crossed. Zane... Was laughing so hard that tears were pouring out of his eyes.

          'You guys... Have dirty minds.' Khaos turned to them with a normal face, no blush, nothing. 'I wasn't doing anything like that...' Khaos facepalmed and walked over to the place he had been sitting all night. 'THIS is what you guys have heard.' Khaos showed a small laptop and showed what was on the screen.

          'What... The... Hell...' Jamie only said, being silent, a little weirded out too. 'Somehow i'm relieved... But this is worse too.' Gloria commented. 'He watches Hentai, bro...' Zane poked his brother who had been silent. 'He does...' Zeke replied. 'Well i guess the problem is solved, but use this next time.' Zane trew over a headphone to Khaos and walked away. Gloria only looked at the boys and asked herself how they could find that normal.

          'Hey... Who else is hungry?' Jamie rubbed her belly with her right hand. 'I guess everyone is.' Khaos putted his laptop back on it's place and walked over to them, his wings making him look devillish. 'Who should look around for food.' Zeke started walking to the entrance of the factory. 'Let's go guys.' He smiled. 'I'll detect living beings while being on our way.' Zane walked outside, followed by Zeke. Gloria and Jamie nodded at each other and followed too.

          'Hmm... They get better along than expected.' Khaos grinned. 'Wait for me guys!' Khaos flied over to the door and closed it with a few locks when he left, following his new friends.

          After a few hours walking, Zane, Gloria and Jamie looked like they were starving. They hadn't found anything ever since they left, only a few half-dead people and a women from who the organs were laying next to her, she probely was victim of a demon, because she missed a leg and half of her chest.

          'I'm going to die of hunger...' Zane exclaimed, falling to the ground. 'Technically that's impossible, we would only die of hunger if we hadn't eaten or had water for days, and since we all had water yesterday before we went to sleep we can't die of hunger OR thirst.' Jamie lectured him. 'But i do feel like i can collapse any moment...' Jamie rubbed her belly again and sighed. 'How long do we have been walking?' Gloria asked Khaos. 'Four hours or so.' Khaos answered, looking around. Zeke and Khaos looked like the only persons who didn't seem hungry right now.

          'Psssstttt!' A voice somewhere called out to them. 'Hey... You heard that too?' Khaos looked around. 'There's someone near us...' Zane said, looking at the bushes. 'Come out little girl.' He crawled over to the bushes. 'Don't be careless Zane! She might have a weapon!!' Jamie shouted angry at him. 'Meh she's not dangerous at all.' Zane smiled at them.

          'Who says...' Zane suddenly got a gun, pointing at his head. Immediately Gloria, Jamie and Zeke got their guns, Khaos made a energy ball with his hands. 'You better put that gun down, girl.' Jamie seemed angry. 'A-are you a demon?' Gloria immediately asked, stuttering a little too.

          'What?! I'm not a demon at all! How rude!' The girl jumped out of the bushes. 'It's... A child....?!' Jamie was still pointing her gun at the little kid but was quite suprised because of her length. 'Hey! I'm not a child! I'm 12 already! You guys are so rude!!' The girl crossed her arms and brought her nose up. 'Hmph! You better put that gun down, girl!' The little girl said to Jamie. 'Wow? Didn't that sound fimiliar? It's because you said it!' The little girl came closer to Jamie. 'First calling me a demon and then calling me a child, where is it going with this stupid world.' The little girl crossed her arms and nodded.

          Jamie slowly putted her gun down, Khaos shouted the energy ball somewhere else and Gloria and Zeke putted their guns down too. 'Don't worry guys, like i said, she's not dangerous.' Zane repeated as he stood up. 'I'm more dangerous than you think, boy.' The girl moved her finger like a teacher.

          'I was actually calling to you guys because i heard you guys were hungry and i have food in my secret hideout, but never mind.' The girl jumped back into the bushes. 'WAIT!!' Gloria shouted, a head appeared out of the bushes. 'How did you hear that...? We were speaking so soft...' Gloria asked the little girl. 'She has food and you're asking that?!' Zane replied annoyed. 'Please! Give us food! Pleaaseee!!' Zane begged her.

          'Bow for me and call me "your majesty"' the little girl pointed to the ground forward her, unexpected Zane did what she said. 'Please! Give us some of your all-mighty food your majesty!' Zane bowed forward her, something he actually would never do. 'Wow... You guys are really hungry.' The little girl played with her eyebrows and turned around. 'Alright, come with me.' The girls signed with her hand that they had to follow her.
          'Oh, to answer your question, princess, i can hear really well, like a dog!' The girl winked at Gloria, having fun by teasing her. 'Now follow me!' She walked forward like a sergeant, ready to strike with her soldiers. 'To my secret hideout!' She said, pointing a finger in the air.

          'What's your name by the way?' Khaos asked her, looking a little suspicious at her. 'I'm Eve Lovelied!' She answered as they were on their way to the little girl's home. 'What are your names?' She asked them, being a little more kind now. 'I'm Jamie, that hot-head over there is Zane.' Jamie pointed at Zane. 'And this is his music loving brother, Zeke.' She introduced him, pointing at Zeke and his headphone. 'And this is our friendly demon, Khaos.' Jamie snickered as she said that, she've always wanted to say something related to that.

          'And this is my best friend, Gloria, i usually call her sis.' Jamie smiled at the girl. 'Where are your parents?' Zeke asked the girl who was almost two heads smaller than him. 'They're... Dead.' Eve tried to smile but looked sad. 'My daddy protected me from a demon who wanted to eat me... But he got eaten instead, the demon only left his organs, and a arm...' Eve grabbed the necklace she was holding, everyone started to look sadly at her, feeling sorry for her. 'I got this from my mother... She... She suddenly dissapeared after dad got eaten... I found out...' The girl was forming tears.

          'Awwww, don't cry... What did you find out...?' Jamie bend down to the girl and softly hugged her. 'I found out...' The girl slowly said. '... That you guys are such pathetic losers! Hahahaha! Did really fall for that?!' Jamie quickly letted go of Eve who almost died of laughter. 'I'm going to kill her...' Jamie exclaimed.

          'My mother really got eaten by a demon! And my father taken over!' Jamie shouted pissed at her. 'Oh well, YOLO!' The girl turned around, trying to piss off the girl with glasses. 'Jamie calm down...' Gloria pulled her away from Eve. 'And now the real story?' Zane asked annoyed. 'That was the real story, i later found out that my mother was taken over by a demon AND the one who ate my dad.' Eve said. 'But i'm not sad about it, because you only live once, you should make it a beautiful life even though this world is in a ugly war.' Eve smiled at them. 'I was 6 when it happened, so... I guess it doesn't matter.' The girls started walking again. 'Let's go, we're almost there.' She said, becoming nice again. The others were staring at her with widened eyes and opened mouths, so young, and so strong...

          Not long later they arrived at her place, it was a hidout in a tree, the inside of the tree looked like a real house. Eve made dinner for everyone since it was getting dark already, pretty weird because the group of teenagers had left in the morning, so they have been walking all day.

          When Eve was in the bathroom Jamie turned to Gloria. 'You know... I think that we should go look around for Aisha tomorrow...' She said, looking sadly at the ground. 'We might not have a army but... I really want to help her out, no matter if i'll die.' Jamie said brave. 'We'll help you.' Zane and Zeke said on the same time, smiling at the two girls. 'Really?!' Gloria started to smile brightly. 'Count me in too.' Khaos said as he was eating and just about to take another bite. 'Thanks alot guys!' Jamie thanked them, with a smile slowly growing, like a flower in the morning sun.

          'I don't know what this is about, but judging from what you've said there i think a important friend of yours has been taken away by a demon, am i right?' Eve left the bathroom and joined the teenagers, sitting in a circle on a carpet. 'Yes... She's our other best friend...' Gloria answered Eve. 'We left our home because we wanted to rescue her.' Jamie added. 'I think i know where they are holding her, i'll help too.' The little girl said. 'But it's a long journey, so let's get rest.' Eve suggested, the others only hoped she wasn't joking again. 'Good night!'
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            A secret hidden from you - Chapter 5

            'Wake up, wake up, wake uppppp~' Eve walked around with a pot and something made from steel and used it as a drum. 'Wake up lazybuds!' Eve slammed against the pot a little harder, trying to wake up her friends.

            ''s 6 in the morning...' Zeke nagged, Eve sounded like a sergeant from the army just now. 'Yeah... Please let us sleep a little more...' Gloria pressed the pillow she had on her head, trying to demp the sound of Eve, slamming the pot. 'Do you think we can find your friend in just a few minutes?!' Eve trew her out of the bed, using her feet to turn her around. 'Ouch...' Gloria mumbled.

            A hour later, when everyone was up and had breakfast they packed in to leave to look around for Aisha. 'Where are we going to actually?' Khaos asked the little girl who was ready before everyone else. 'To a corrupted city nearby, it's not so far away from here.' Eve answered him with a smile. 'It's dangerous over there though, so be cautious.' Eve warned everyone, facing them while walking to the door. 'Why is it dangerous? You just said it was corrupted.' Jamie asked her.

            'It might be corrupted and left, but there are alot of demons, more than everywhere else, you might find the demon you're looking for.' Eve grinned and opened the door. 'Now, shall we?' She walked outside as she waited for her friend to follow her. 'Can we trust her...?' Jamie asked Khaos desparetly. 'She's one of us.' Khaos answered her. 'Huh?' Zeke came closer and gave him a questionating expression. 'She can hear really well, she's useful, and one of us.' Khaos answered Zeke's expression. 'Ahhh... Okay then.' Zeke followed the girl, without asking anything else.

            As everyone was outside they walked through the forest, holding their guns, Khaos less cautious than the others though. It didn't take long for them to reach the city Eve was talking about, they hadn't seen any demon on their way though, it had been quiet, way too quiet.

            'Stay cautious... This is the dangerous part.' Eve holded her gun forward her, ready to shout of a demon would show up. 'Where are we going?' Gloria whispered to Eve, looking around. There were alot of buildings, there was even a building that looked a little like the Empire State building, but half of the building was gone... The streets looked left, papers on the ground on a few places and alot of stones were lost and spreaded over the streets. Just like Eve had said, this city was left and corrupted, this would be the perfect city for demons to live.

            'We are going to a hospital nearby, last time i was here to look around for food i saw demons gathering there.' Eve answered Gloria. 'When was the last time you came here?' Jamie asked her, looking around desparetly and reacting on every sound she heard. 'Two days ago.' Eve answered. Gloria and Jamie glanced at each other and gave a little nod. 'Two days ago Aisha was kidnapped.' Jamie told the group. 'Which means she must be there...' Gloria said, you could hear that she had hope again, hope to find Aisha.

            'It's so weird... I haven't seen any demon, normally you find a demon everywhere you look.' Eve shaked her head out of disbelief. 'Then, let's go to that hospital you mentioned quick, before we find out this was all a trap to lure us out.' Zeke holded his shotgun close to his chest, not keeping any demon alive that would attack.

            'It's over there.' After crossing a few streets, Eve pointed at a white, old-looking hospital that also looked left. 'That's where i saw the demons gathering.' Eve walked closer to the old building. 'Zane? Are there living beings inside?' Khaos asked him. 'Lemme check~'

            Zane concentrated on the white building, closing his eyes and turning to the ground. 'There is a group unnatural things, walking through the hospital, and one standing still in a big room.' Zane said. 'Those unnatural things must be the demons.' Jamie whispered. Zane concentrated a little more. 'And... There is a girl inside... In the same room as that demon, the big room.' Zane opened his eyes only to find out Jamie and Gloria started panicking. 'D-don't worry, for now she's okay, the warmth was still inside her body, she hasn't been killed yet.' Zane quickly said. 'T-then let's go!' Jamie opened the hospital door and sneaked inside, followed by Gloria and Zeke.

            'But... She might be taken over by a demon...' Zane said sadly, knowing they couldn't hear him anymore. 'What do ya mean?' Eve asked him, putting her gun down. 'There was a unnatural warmth inside her...' Zane took a look at Khaos who only smirked. 'Don't worry, she's not taken over, soon you'll find out, let's go.' Khaos grabbed his shoulder and pushed him inside, followed by the little girl. 'We need you to tell us where the demons are in the building.' Khaos smirked at Zane, who then nodded and took his shoulder back.

            'So... Where are they, Zane?' Gloria asked when everyone was hiding behind a wall. 'There's one two rooms away from here, let's be careful...' Zane started to crawl two rooms futher, he saw a creature inside and crawled back. 'You guys go past me, i'll stop the demon if he chases us.' Everyone nodded and followed Zane, waiting before they crossed the hallway. The demon didn't hear them so he didn't look, this was the right chance for Zane to cross the hallway too and follow his friends.

            'A stairway...' Zeke whispered after dodging a few demons on the floor. 'She's on the floor above us.' Zane replied quietly. 'Weird enough there are no demons on the second floor, except for that one in the big room.' Zane added and looked at Khaos again. 'It's indeed suspicious...' Khaos made a energy ball with his hand and walked over the staircase followed by the others with their guns, Zeke with his shotgun.

            'That's the room.' Zane pointed to a room in the end of the hallway when they were on the second floor. 'Be careful guys.' Jamie said as she started to get nervous, not only Jamie, Gloria as well. 'Let's go!' Everyone ran to the room located at the end of the hallway.

            'Now!' Khaos opened the door with his energy ball and made a new one while everyone gathered inside and pointed at a man-looking demon with their guns. The room was dark, and the only light in the room came from the windows.

            'I had expected you...' The man smirked, it was the same man they had seen before, the man with brown hair, black shirt and green army pants. 'I am Radcliff.' The man bowed, but when he didn't hear names, only the sound of a reloading shotgun he stood back up. 'You're probely here to "save" your friend, aren't i right?' The man smirked, trying to be nice. 'Give her back!' Jamie shouted at him, pointing her gun at him. 'Give her back? HAHA!' Radcliff started laughing. 'Haha! Sorry, but give me one reason why i would give her back.' Radcliff smirked at them.

            'We didn't came here to give you reasons, we came her to save their friend.' Zeke said, also pointing at him with his shotgun. 'Well well, how nice, i didn't knew Aisha had such friends, shall i feel guilty now?' Radcliff grinned brightly, almost laughing again about his own jokes. 'I'm sorry but, Aisha is no more.' Radcliff told them. 'Liar! I can feel her warmth!' Zane shouted at him, showing that he obviously didn't like that guy. 'Yeah but... You can also feel it's not a human wamrth inside her, right?' Radcliff couldn't stop grinning, and stepped a little aside.

            'What do ya mean...?' Gloria putted a hand forward her mouth, scared something had happened with her. 'So... You are her best friends, but... You didn't even know about her darkest secret?' Radcliff signed something with his hand. 'Watch out! Something's coming our way!' Zane pushed everyone back as he got attacked by something. 'Zane!!' His brother immediately shouted. 'I'm alright... Don't worry.' Zane stood up again.

            'Dude! Stop talking nonsense and give our friend back before i shout hundred bullets in your stupid man-looking body, you demon!' Jamie started to get angry. 'Okay then, here, you have your friend.' Radcliff smirked again and made a "here she is" move with his hands as a women looking creature stood forward them.

            The woman had long black hair, looked young, maybe she was a teenager too. She had a long white dress with sleeves till her hands and around her waist was a blue, small ribbon. But the worst of all, this woman wasn't human, she had black wings.

            'That's not Aisha! Stop joking around!' Gloria shouted to the man who was suddenly gone. 'T-that... I'm sorry Gloria... That girl... IS Aisha...' Zane took a few steps back. 'There's an enormous energy coming from her... I don't think we can stop her with only our guns...' Zane added, looking scared.

            'T-that's... Aisha...?' Jamie's eyes widened and started to tear up. 'We were too late...' Gloria sadly spoke. 'Ah stop whining little girl.' Aisha said. 'I'm not taken over, this side of me just never came out.' Aisha started laughing. 'Stop talking like that Aisha, you and i both know this is not the real you.' Khaos smirked at Aisha. 'Well well, guess we meet again, Khaos.' The girl looked disgusted at him. 'It's better to clean you guys up right away instead of letting you live any longer.' The woman came closer to the group, Khaos stood forward them. 'Time to sleept~' She said as she made a fire ball with her right hand while having her left one in her waist.

            Gloria and Jamie holded each other as they looked terrified, Zane and Zeke pointed their guns at Aisha. 'Good friend you have there.' Zane commented on Gloria and Jamie. 'She used you all along to lure us all out to here.' Zane added with a angry look, ready to strike.

            Aisha laughed evil once more before she pointed the fire ball at them. 'It was me a honor, "friends"' She said with her creepy voice. 'Farewell~' she was ready to shout the fire ball.

            'Not today, my lady.' A boy grabbed her wrist and made her shout the fire ball to the roof, some stones came down and the roof looked like it was going to collapse. 'Don't do things you're gonna regret.' The boy now holded both her wrists and turned her to the ground. 'Let's change you back before you bring harm, no?' The boy holded his right hand on her back, on the place her heart was located in her chest, and electricated her.
            Slowly the black hair of the woman turned blonde again and the woman took her human form, the form Gloria and Jamie had known for 4 years. 'What's happening here...?' Jamie looked confused and scared on the same time, they were saved by that boy, but who was he and why did he help them?
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              A secret hidden from you - Chapter 6

              'Who are you?' Zane asked the boy who had saved them, now pointing his gun at him. 'What? You're pointing guns at the people who saved you? How nice.' The boy said sarcastic. 'We could've finish her off by ourselves.' Zane told him. 'Believe me, if she had shouten that fire ball at you in would've been over for you.' The boy smirked at the braveness of Zane.

              'I'm Jaden.' The boy finally said his name. 'You're not human are you?' Zeke walked past his little brother and made him put his gun down. 'No, i'm a fallen angel.' Jaden picked up the unconcious Aisha and answered him. 'A fallen angel?' Gloria repeated.

              'Let's get away from here before this room collapses!' Khaos pushed everyone outside as the stones kept falling down. He took a look at Jaden who was holding Aisha and kept staring. 'You're coming?' Khaos then smiled at him. Jaden nodded and smiled back.

              When everyone was outside again they saw a part of the hospital collapsing, it was the room they were in just now. 'Let's go back to my hideout.' Eve, who had been quiet the WHOLE time then said. 'So you're still alive?' Khaos asked the little girl. 'S-shut up!' Eve stuttered and started walking. 'She was hiding behind us all the time.' Gloria and Jamie said on the same time.

              'Let's just go alright?!' Eve shouted angry. 'We gotta make sure your friend gets treated.' Eve pointed at Aisha who was still unconcious. 'Khaos... What is happening...?' Gloria asked him sadly and confused. 'I will explain in the hideout, it's something i kept away from you guys the whole time.' Khaos petted her head to calm her down a little.

              'Tss, why are we helping her? She just attacked us!' Zane disagreed with the plan. 'Because she's our friend!' Jamie shouted back. 'Are you still not noticing that she used you all this time?! I thought you were smart!' Zane shouted back.

              'Stop scolding guys, she couldn't do anything about just now.' Jaden stood between the boy and the girl. 'I never got your names by the way.' Jaden faced the teenagers. 'I'm Zeke, and this hot-head is my little brother, Zane' Zeke punched the shoulder of Zane who was still pouting about the whole situation. 'I'm Gloria...' Gloria holded her hands behind her back and answered shyly. 'T-thanks for saving us just now...' She glanced at Aisha who seemed to sleep peacefully in Jaden's arms. 'I'm Jamie, i want to thank you too...' Jamie bowed for him to show her thanks. 'And you know me already.' Khaos told Jaden.

              'Huh?!' Everyone shouted on the same time. 'I will explain later, guys.' Khaos quickly waved with his hands and smiled awkwardly. 'Follow me!' Eve grinned and signed with her hand, excited about the long story. Everyone followed as there had fallen a dead silence within the group.

              Eve unlocked the locks on her door and let everyone inside before she locked the door again, even a 12-years old was careful in these scary times. 'Tell usss!!' Eve immediately sat down on the carpet and started ranting about the story Khaos was going to tell them. 'Do you think this is something like a fairytale?' Jaden asked the little girl who started nodding like crazy and smiled, Jaden sighed and putted Aisha down on a matrass in the room. 'Hey! That's my-!' Zane shouted but got smashed by Jamie.

              'To tell the truth, i'm quite curious as well.' Gloria admitted. Jaden sat down between them, a little bit away though to keep distance from the people he didn't knew. 'So... What is this? What is happening?' Zeke shrugged and asked while facing Khaos, then Jaden. 'The whole story or the short one?' Khaos asked. 'The whole story, please.' Zane asked irritated. Khaos took a deep breath.

              'I knew Aisha already, loooong ago, Jaden knew her as well, and so do i know Jaden.' Khaos started. 'It all begun when Aisha was still a Angel-' 'ANGEL?!?!' everyone shouted suprised. 'Ahem, no questions please? Thank you.' Khaos coughed and continued. 'Yes, Aisha is a Angel, and not just a Angel, she's Earths Guardian Angel.' Khaos told the teenagers, who listened to him with widened eyes.

              'Jaden and i had a argument with each other about... Something, anyways, we had planned to attack earth, i was still a bad Demon around that time and had a bet with Jaden that i could attack earth before Aisha would even notice me, we always did this kind of bets just to tease her.' Khaos started grinning. 'We both losed, again... Aisha noticed me before i could even reach earth, like always. She was very good in her work.' Khaos leaned back on his hands and glanced at the roof.

              'The three of us started a battle, Aisha wanted to stop both of us and keep us away from earth.' Khaos sighed. 'But we made her use most of her powers and energy and so she wasn't able to stop the devil from reaching earth, ofcourse she blamed us for it and we indeed got punished.' Khaos showed the scar on his face. 'We went too far that time by pushing her to the limits.' Khaos glanced at Jaden. 'I... Lost my wings...' Jaden added to the story while he looked at Aisha who was still peacefully sleeping. 'Aisha is strong, and she pushed us to the limits too, but no one knew the devil would strike at that time...'

              'It took her a long time to make herself a human appearence so that she could do something she never did, live between the humans.' Khaos closed his eyes. '4 years ago she found out how to make one and came to earth, but when she came, the devil, known as the dictator here, dissapeared.' Khaos opened his eyes again.

              'I first found it funny what had happened and was still at the devils side, untill he said i had to kill Aisha.' Khaos looked at his crossed legs and showed a sad smile. 'I couldn't do it, while Jaden and i teased her sometimes with trying to go to earth we kind of made a bond, a friendship, i guess that was also keeping her from killing us.' Khaos showed happier smile.

              'I became a good demon and left the devils side, he ordered the other demons to kill me but i had grown too strong for them.' Khaos grinned again. 'It's thanks to her that i realized i wasn't bad at all, so i guess it's only fair i'll help her right now.' Khaos stopped talking and seemed finished. 'What is she going to do when she found the dictator?' Gloria asked curious. 'She has to kill him or either lure him away from earth, but...' Jaden stood up and walked to the kitchen.

              'But what?' Zane, who also was listening with opened ears asked. 'Her faith is dying, she won't survive...' Khaos answered him, not smiling this time. 'Why?!' Jamie jumped up and almost attacked him. 'She will have to use ALL her powers and energy, which means her light will go out.' Khaos replied with a low voice.

              'Wait! One more question! If Aisha is a Earth's blablah Angel, then why did she attack us?' Eve brought up her hand like she was in class. 'Her light has been stolen, only a little is left.' Jaden answered coming back with a bottle of water. 'Huh...?' Zeke made a confussed face. 'A demon stole her light, that is what have been keeping her from protecting her beloved earth.' Jaden took a sip. 'She needs her light, if only darkness is left then she's a fallen angel, is she able to find her light back, then she can become herself again, her true form and save her beloved planet.' Khaos said to them. 'She is the only one able to become a angel again because the gods haven't banned her from heaven.' Jaden grinned, he probely did something real worse to become a fallen angel.

              'So... That was her fallen angel form...?' Eve asked. 'Hm-hm~' Khaos nodded. 'Cool...' Eve's eyes were shining. 'You guys are friends with a angel!' Eve turned to Gloria and Jamie, but they didn't seem to be excited at all, they rather looked sad. 'She lied to us... And is going to die...?' Jamie mumbled quietly.

              'It's just what she deserves.' Zane commented with crossed arms. 'At the end it's her fault we're in this situation.' Zane added. 'Didn't you listen to Khaos, bro? It's not her fault at all.' Zeke neutral faced him. 'I still find it her fault.' Zane hmphed.

              ' my fault...?' A soft voice asked from the sleeping place. 'Aisha...' Jamie could see from her side that Aisha had woken up and looked at them. 'Ah, our sleeping beauty has woken up~' Khaos teased but got a dead-glare from her immediately. She tried to stand up but fell on the matrass right after.

              'Need some help, my lady?' Jaden grinned as he saw how she tried to walk but fell by every step, she went over to crawling. 'You better watch your words, demon boy.' Aisha came closer, but when she did, her strength slowly returned and once she was close enough she clenched her fist on Jaden t-shirt and holded her other fist forwards his face. 'Everyone! Step back! These guys aren't who you think they are!' Aisha told the "normal" teenagers.

              'But he saved us!' Gloria shouted. 'Let him go, weirdo *****.' Zane had stood up and walked over to them, he punched Aisha in the face and trew her away from Jaden. Jaden glared at him and punched his belly, really hard...

              'Don't do that again.' Jaden warned him while walking over to Aisha. 'B-but i helped you!' Zane stuttered. 'I didn't need it.' Jaden answered coldly. 'Are you alright, Aisha?' Jaden asked the girl who just got punched and layed on the ground. 'Leave me alone...' She glared at him and crawled away.

              'What happened anyway? Why are you two pests here and these unknown people? And...' Aisha faced Gloria and Jamie but looked away again fast with a sad look. The two persons she tried to protect the most have found out about her secret.

              'Do you guys constandly have to ruin my life?' Aisha glared at Jaden and Khaos. 'I'm outta here...' Aisha stood up and walked to the door, leaving and running away. 'Aisha!' Gloria shouted but she couldn't hear it anymore. 'Jaden!' Khaos said to him, he nodded slightly and together they ran to the door, following the stubborn girl into the cold and dark forest. Khaos tried to catch up with her by flying but even then she was too fast, like a ninja. Jaden, the fallen angel with no wings, had to chase her by just running.

              'Leave me alone!' Aisha stopped and pointed her guns at them, one at Jaden and the other one at Khaos.
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                A secret hidden from you - Chapter 7

                'Leave me alone!' Aisha stopped running away and pointed her guns at the two boys, one at Jaden and the other one at Khaos. It didn't take long for Eve, Zeke, Zane, Gloria and Jamie to arrive too.

                'Aisha! Stop it!' Gloria shouted terrified, afraid she would shout at the two boys. 'We are not mad! Please stop this crap!' Jamie added, both tried to stop her but Aisha didn't listen. 'Aisha, darling, i'm not bad anymore, put that gun away?' Khaos sweated as he made a few steps. 'Stop talking like a ****head, Khaos.' Aisha warned him. 'Ha, i bet you don't even dare to shout at us.' Jaden putted his hands in his waists and showed her he wasn't afraid. Aisha loaded her gun and glared at both of them. 'Wanna bet, demon boy?' Aisha cracked her neck and faced Jaden, Jaden made a step.

                "BANG!!!" Aisha's gun made a loud sound. Aisha had shouted forward Jaden's foot, he was just on time to take his foot back. 'Oohhh she does, Jaden...' Khaos took a few steps back. 'Are you scared for a girl, Khaos?' Zane snickered. 'There are three kind of girls, Zane.' Khaos begun. 'You have the nice girls, they are way too nice to even hurt anybody, you have the scary girls, they hurt you with pleasure, and then you have Aisha.' Khaos answered him.

                'You guys ruined my life, thanks to you guys i can't even become my real selve again! I'm stuck in this fake body! And now you're trying to ruin my life here, on the ground, too?!' Aisha had both fingers on the triggers of her gun. 'Nooo! Don't shout!' Gloria screamed in fear. 'Wow, and i though Zane and Jamie were hot-heads.' Eve laughed.

                'Sorry guys, it's over.' Aisha wanted to pull the triggers but got stopped by Gloria who had ran over to her super fast and smashed the guns out of her hand. 'Thanks to Khaos a demon didn't take us over! And thanks to Jaden we are still all alive!' Gloria told her. 'Please... Stop this...' Gloria's eyes were shining because of the tears as she holded Aisha's hands together. Aisha looked back at her, and then at Jamie. 'Sorry...' Aisha turned away and pulled her hands back.

                'Sorry that you had to find out what i really am, like this...' Aisha turned her back to her and walked away. 'Where are you going...?' Jamie asked her softly. 'I've got to resume my mission, alone...' Aisha started running again but got stopped when she bumped into Jaden's chest. 'Your friends risked their lives to find you, they overcame their biggest fear just so they could see you again, and you're leaving them like this?' Jaden spoke to her, Aisha immediately jumped away from him but she did felt guilty. 'Don't leavveeeee!!!' Gloria glomped her and cried, Jamie joining too. 'Aw whatever, make place for me!' Eve joined the group hug too.

                'No way that i'm going to hug that *****.' Zane crossed his arms and looked disgusted at her, like he was looking at something he totally despised. Zeke sighed and smiled at the group, ignoring the rude words his little brother had said.
                Aisha sighed as she placed both her hands on the heads of her two best friends. 'You guys... Really aren't mad...?' Aisha asked them. 'Ofcourse we aren't! I mean... We can understand you didn't tell, if i would have a mission like that i would keep it secret at first too.' Jamie told her.

                'Then i'll stay i guess...' Aisha rubbed the back of her head feeling a little embaressed. 'Aww man! Can't you just run away again?!' Zane spitted out, making everyone look at him.

                When everyone let go of each other Aisha walked over to Zane and Zeke. 'I believe we made a bad start back there, i am Aisha, nice to meet you.' Aisha tried to be nice. 'Not nice to meet you, get out of my sight little pest...' Zane snarled at her. 'Please don't mind my little brother, hehe.' Zeke quickly apologized. 'I'm Zeke, and this hot-head here is my little brother Zane.' He pointed at the boy with the hat. 'And i'm Eve!' Eve shouted cheerfully.

                'Happy ending~' Khaos wanted to hug everyone but Aisha dead glared him again. 'That you helped out my friends doesn't mean i trust you...' Aisha cleared up. 'Same goes for you, demon boy.' Aisha faced Jaden who was only grinning. 'I had expected that, i mean... I don't trust you at all either.' Jaden said to her. 'Hmm?' Aisha coldly stared at him.

                'C'mon, Khaos might like you, in a friend-way ofcourse, but that doesn't mean i have to, right? I'm sorry to say this but i don't like you for one bit, better said.' Jaden faced the blonde girl with his coldest glare.

                'I despise people like you.'

                'Guys~ how about we go home and get some rest?' Khaos quickly suggested before there would break a fight between Aisha and Jaden, even though this was getting interesting. 'Good idea! Let's go Aisha!' Jamie started sweating only looking at the two and pulled Aisha away. 'Jaden, you're coming?' Khaos asked him. 'Yeah, yeah...' Jaden sighed and slowly followed them.

                Aisha ignored the words Jaden had said, but somehow, she didn't fell comfortable with these words too. They walked back to Eve's hideout in the forest. 'It's pretty big here, for a tree...' Aisha commented as she looked around. From the outside the tree looked big, but from the inside the tree looked even bigger. Everyone walked to the sleeping place and made ready to get some rest, even though it was not known what their destination would be from now.

                'Good night everyone.' Aisha said quietly as she layed down on the matrass and pulled a blanket over her. 'Good night~' Jamie and Gloria happily answered. 'Night.' Khaos took his laptop and sat down in a corner and used the headphone Zeke had given him.

                Aisha took a look around, only to find out that Zeke and Zane had fallen asleep already. Aisha closed her eyes and tried to sleep too.
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                  A secret hidden from you - Chapter 8

                  Aisha woke up early in the morning, she took a look around and saw everyone was still sleeping. 'Lazyasses...' She commented quietly while sighing. She stood up and walked to the door of the house, she carefully opened it without a sound and closed it as she went outside and went to look for a nearby river.

                  Once she found one not far away from the tree-house she immediately walked over to it with a grin, but she found something else too, well... Something? Let's change that to someone. She found Jaden sitting there by the rand of the river.

                  'When Khaos and i teased you with taking over the world, i never actually thought someone really would.' He spoke without looking at Aisha. 'I blamed you that i lost my wings, telling myself that if you did your work better this all would never have happened.' When Jaden said this Aisha's eyes widened, she started to feel guilty and looked sad, and just when she wanted to apologize, Jaden spoke again.

                  'I never actually tried to place myself in your shoes... trying to save this planet every single day and trying to keep two idiots away from that planet, it must've been really hard...' Jaden trew a stone in the river. 'Shut up.' Aisha simply said.

                  'In fact you're right, if i did my work better this all would've never happened.' Aisha started. 'I should've finished you and Khaos off by your first try to take over earth, but i didn't, because...' Aisha paused and looked at the ground. 'Because i just couldn't...' Aisha clenched her fists. 'Thousends of humans have died because i made a mistake, and someone lost his wings because i couldn't do my work right.' Aisha paused again.

                  Jaden finally took a look at the insecure girl who was speaking of her mind right now, he kind of was suprised she was talking like this. 'I'm a failure... I shouldn't have been born...' Aisha coldly stared at the ground. 'But hey, i don't care if you hate me, i don't care at all, because all this will be over soon, i don't have to feel guilty anymore, i don't have to... Feel this beating pain inside me anymore, because...' Aisha holded her chest with her left hand.

                  'Because i'll die anyway, it's my faith.' Aisha turned her face to the black morning sky, it seemed like it was going to rain today. 'I'm not going to be sad about it, i'm happy i can clean up the mess i made.' Aisha turned her back to Jaden and walked away with a proud walk, proud that she can save the planet she liked so much, but did she really fell that way?

                  Jaden only watched her leaving with widened eyes. 'You shouldn't talk about yourself like that...' Jaden looked at the water. 'Don't lie to yourself...' He quietly said, looking sad, like he was talking about hisself too.

                  When Aisha entered Eve's tree-house everyone was up already. 'What's wrong?' Aisha asked everyone who was taking their stuff, Eve looked a little sad. 'Guys? What's wrong?' Aisha repeated. 'Sssstttt! There's a demon here!' Khaos who always looked happy and stuff looked pretty cautious right now, which ment it was serious. 'Where is it, Zane?' Gloria whispered to him. 'Still above us, let's be quick and quiet.' Zane answered.

                  'Where's Jaden?' Jamie asked Aisha, Jamie gave her a black bag with stuff and stood next to her with her own bag. 'He's by the river.' Aisha replied a little weirded out. 'A demon, huh...?' Aisha stood in the middle of the house and as soon everyone was ready she signed everyone to leave the house.

                  'Can we really leave her alone with that demon...?' Eve asked Khaos who was leading them. 'Don't worry, she'll be fine.' Khaos still looked kind of serious while he was leading the group to the river where Jaden was. 'Hey guys.' Jaden greeted them. 'Uhm... Where are you going with all that stuff?' Jaden, who had noticed the bags, asked them with a confused expression. 'There's a demon in my house...' Eve complained with a sad face and hanging shoulders.

                  'Ah okay.' Jaden grinned, untill he saw someone was missing. 'Where's Aisha?' Jaden trew another question on them. 'She's trying to kill the demon...' Jamie said worried. Jaden sighed, having his hands in his waists and looking at the ground. 'Then it's time, i'm gonna help her out i guess.' Jaden walked past the group and nodded his head.

                  'Is he always like that?' Gloria asked Khaos. 'Meh, he's just underestimating her again.' Khaos smiled and sat down against the tree. 'Thanks for the headphone by the way, Zeke! The sounds were so much better now!' Khaos happily spoke. 'Y-yeah, no problem...' Zeke rubbed the back of his head and looked away.

                  Jaden was on his way to Eve's tree-house when he suddenly heard a loud sound, probely coming from one of Aisha's guns. Jaden started running to the house and when he opened the door the only thing he could find was alot of mess and a broken roof.

                  'Aisha!!' Jaden shouted around but there was no shouting back, not even a "go away, demon boy".

                  Jaden heard another gunshot outside the house and went to take a look. 'Have a nice rest~' Aisha said before she shouted the demon for the last time. The demon fell to the ground and didn't move anymore. Aisha rubbed some sweat from her forehead and that's when she noticed the cut in her arm. 'Oops~' she said, not noticing Jaden was watching her. She took out some bandage and bandaged her cut. Suddenly she saw Jaden in her eye corner. 'Hmm?' She faced the boy who seemed rather suprised.

                  'Hahahha!' He facepalmed and couldn't stop laughing. 'What's so funny?!' Aisha shouted. 'Hahaha, i just...' Jaden kept on laughing. 'I just though that you had lost and the demon had taken you away again.' Jaden slowly stopped laughing. 'No offense, i guess i understimated you again.' Jaden chuckled and turned around.

                  The demon on the ground had vanished. 'You're coming?' Jaden said to Aisha who wasn't coming. 'Weirdo.' She nodded her head and followed him to the others.

                  'Get out your guns~ battles begun~ are you a saint or a sinner~' Aisha started mumbling quietly. 'If love's a fight, then i shall die, with my heart on the trigger~' it sounded more like singing but it was so quietly that even Jaden had troubles trying to hear what she was singing. 'They say "before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for" well baby you're all that i adore, if love is what you need, a soldier i will be~'

                  Aisha stopped for a second and kept on following Jaden with a big smile on her face. 'I'm a angel with a shotgun, fighting till the wars won, i don't care if heaven won't take me back, i trow away my faith babe, just to keep you save, don't you know you're everything i have~' Aisha sang louder now, she probely just didn't wanted to sing the first part out loud, but even Jaden could see she was really enjoying it. Not only Aisha was enjoying her singing, Jaden was enjoying her singing too, Aisha had just what angels were known for, a beautiful voice.

                  'And iiiii~ wanna live, not just survive~' Aisha quickly putted her hands forward her mouth and hoped Jaden hadn't heard that. 'Then why dont you do so?' He commented. 'Do what...?' Aisha carefully asked, hoping he was talking bout something else. 'Live.' Jaden answered with one word. 'I-it's just part of the song! It's not like i really want to live.' Aisha crossed her arms and sticked her nose in the air with a "hmph" sound. 'Dont lie...' Jaden said with a sad smile. 'I'm not lying! Watch out with what you're saying, demon boy.' Aisha walked past him.

                  'I enjoyed the song.' Jaden chuckled when he said that, esspecially when Aisha stopped for a second and then started to speed up. 'I told you to watch your words.' Aisha snarled.

                  'I wanna live, not just survive...' Aisha quietly mumbled once more.
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                    A secret hidden from you - Chapter 9

                    'Where are they...' Jamie mumbled as she kept staring in the direction Jaden had walked to. Khaos was looking at that direction as well, frowning a little. At that moment, when everyone started worrying, they saw Aisha walking up to them followed by Jaden.

                    'Lemme guess, Aisha finished off the demon before you arrived?' Khaos chuckled at Jaden who looked beaten. 'Shut up.' Jaden grinned at his demon friend. 'Good work, Aish-' Khaos wanted to put a hand on her shoulder but she quickly slapped his hand away. 'Don't even think about it, mister friendly demon.' Aisha glared at the winged boy.

                    'She still doesn't trust us, does she?' Khaos whispered to Jaden. 'Nope~' he said with a big smile on his face. 'Let's go...' Eve sadly said to the group. 'Aww, Eve don't be sad, just think "if i was still alone, no one would've told me there was a demon and i then would've been eaten"' Zane tried to cheer her up but she didn't even pull off a little smile.

                    Aisha walked over to two and bend down to Eve. 'Don't be sad, littl-' Zane pushed Aisha away. 'I was trying to cheer her up, stay out of my way, *****.' Zane stared coldly at her as Aisha was laying on the ground, blinking a few times.

                    'I told you not to do that.' Jaden punched Zane who then fell to the ground too. 'Hey!' Zane glared at Jaden who was laughing, Aisha only looking annoyed. 'Stop, punching him.' Aisha took his legs, pulled it away and made him hit the ground. 'Uh-oh...' Zeke and Gloria said both.

                    'What was that?!' Jaden shouted at her. 'Stop punching him.' Aisha repeated as she sitting on her knees, looking at him with a evil grin. Jaden's stare became coldly again as he looked at her angry. 'This is for just now!' Zane punched him but Jaden dodged it and pushed Zane away. 'How about everyone stops with fighting?' Zeke suggested while sweating a little.

                    'And that calls herself "Earths Guardian"' Jaden stood up but still looked coldly at her. 'The girl that failed her mission in protecting this planet, the girl who's the blame of so many deaths.' Jaden told her, slowly Aisha's playful expression changed. 'You're a born failure.' Jaden said.

                    Aisha kept on being quiet, just curious to what more he was going to say. Khaos and Zeke, who were standing beside each other were both staring at them, Jamie, Gloria and Eve staring as well. Zane sitting on the ground and grinning, it was fun for him to see Aisha getting scolded like that.

                    'You're not a Angel, you're nothing more than a girl with wings who's getting strongly overestimated.' Jaden kept on staring coldy, not caring about anyone who could hear this, Khaos walked over to him and wanted to stop him but Jaden made a energy ball with his hands and pointed it at Khaos, as in saying "stay away". 'Everything will be better once you're gone.' Jaden finished.

                    Aisha was deeply hurt by these words. What he said was true, and she knew it so well, yet it kept hurting everytime she heard it. She always wore the name "Angel" with pride, but did she deserve that name?

                    Aisha's eyes started to tear up, she tried to keep those long hidden tears from falling, but she couldn't take it anymore. She stood up and ran away, whimpering and not facing anyone. Jaden, who had realized what he had said, watched her leave as he started to feel guilty. 'Good work...' Jamie glared at Jaden who now faced the group. Not only Jamie glared at him, Gloria and Eve did too.

                    Zeke walked over to his little brother who was laughing. 'Did you see that?! She started crying! Hahahaha!' Zane stood up and walked to Zeke. 'That's mean, Zane, stop it.' Zeke looked angry at him. 'You both are really worse, making a girl cry like that.' Zeke lectured Jaden and Zane. 'What did i do?! I only pushed her!' Zane said feeling insulted. Jaden stayed quiet and looked at Khaos who shaked his head and facepalmed.

                    'You and me both know how insecure she is and how she blames herself for everything, and yet you had to do that?' Khaos walked over to him. 'I'll go to her.' Jaden said with a sad expression, turning around but stopped by Khaos. 'No one is going to follow her, i'll go get her later, she wants to be alone right now.' Khaos pulled him into the other direction. 'Zeke, Zane, Gloria, Jamie, let's go back to the left factory.' Khaos smiled at the four teenagers, then at Eve.

                    'It's time to show you our little hideout.' Khaos winked at her. 'Will Aisha be okay...?' Eve asked Khaos a little worried. 'Don't worry, she'll be fine.' Zeke answered for Khaos and patted the little girl's head with a smile. When everyone started walking, Jaden was left behind, just because he didn't follow, he had other plans.

                    He took a few glances behind him to see if his friend were looking at him, when he saw they weren't, he started running to the direction Aisha went. Jaden ran through the forest untill he saw a very big lake, weirdly enough looking pretty clean and there was green grass, something that was almost impossible to find in these times. He found something else too, a girl, laying on the floor, it was Aisha, staring at the lake with her teary blue eyes.

                    'Aisha...' Jaden walked over to her. 'Go away...' She said to him as he came closer. 'Is this... Your work...?' Jaden looked around the lake that looked so beautiful. 'This lake... It looked so sad...' Aisha mumbled. 'I recovered it...' a tear escaped Aisha's beautiful blue eyes. She sat down and stared at Jaden. 'I told you to go away, demon boy...' Aisha snarled at him. 'How did you recover it...?' Jaden asked curious, still looking around. Aisha shrugged and looked at the lake again.

                    'I dunno... I could use magic for a few moments, so i used it...' Aisha looked at her legs but then reminded herself that Jaden was still there, just when she wanted to be alone. 'Go. Away, Demon boy.' Aisha repeated.

                    Suddenly Aisha felt two arms around her, Jaden hugged her. 'I'm sorry i made you cry...' Jaden whispered in her ears. 'I didn't mean what i said.' He layed his chin on her shoulder and stared forward him.
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