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What excactly does make a Pokemon "overrated"

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Old September 17th, 2012 (2:19 AM).
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Has anyone ever looked at the Pokemon community and realized this problem? It's just kind of been on my mind lately. Just type in something like "Charizard Overrated" in a search engine you'll probably be linked to a bunch of different forums that really go back and fourth over a matter of personal preferences and it just appears about 90% of those posters just act like complete jerks. It does get kind of riduculas huh?

So comes the birth of this thread. This is not a discussion about Pokemon that people just happen to hate that others like, this is more on the term "overrated" and discuss it in a much more mature manner.

I'm not really the type of person to keep on saying every little thing that's popular is "overrated" and I try to give reasons why. I don't even go off by saying something is "bad" or should be hated just because I feel that it's overrated. There are even things that I like that I feel that are overrated.

To me, it's just when something gets popular and hyped for reasons that can easily be contradicted from evidence based on logic and not subjective reasoning. When people place a Pokemon on a pedestal and over-glorifying aspects of the Pokemon. Just basically to the point where you can't feel empathy towards the fans and feels unbelievable of why they like it. And yes, I do feel that it's a pretty subjective viewpoint.

Some common misconceptions I see with the term
- being popular (that just means the opinion is plentiful)
- fanboys (every group has potential to have idiots attracted to them)
- Not liking it (only providing aspects of why you don't like something does not say anything about unneeded popularity)
- Getting spotlight within games/anime (this is confusing, sometimes writers decide to only place something in it because of it's popularity, which might be good logic. But there is often times where it just fits with the plot so it's appropriate.)
- Tiers (blame Smogan for that, not the entire community, though if there was more evidence on why said Pokemon should not be considered that powerful, that would say more)
- Porn (Everyone needs something to fap to, people like that will always pick the pretty ones so they're immediately "overrated" .... nope )
- Memes (Internet joking overuse, it has nothing to do with the original product, by that logic Zelda Faces of Evil would be overrated.... no)

The thread is open up for discussion so if you think I'm full of BS, or you want to add to my points of my viewpoint of this term. I hope to keep this civil everyone.
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