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Pokémon Umbr30n's Adventures: The Johto and Kanto Duo

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Old September 20th, 2012 (1:02 PM). Edited September 22nd, 2012 by Affliction.
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    This is basically my Adventures/Explorations of the Johto and Kanto Region. I start in the Johto Region, then go to Kanto.

    Umbr30n's Adventures: The Johto and Kanto Duo

    Prologue: The Beginning

    New Bark Town, home to many. The town where the famous Professor Elm resided. I was due to getting my first Pokemon today, and I was so excited. Professor Elm darted out the Lab and tripped up next to me. I helped him up, and he lead me to the Lab, where three familiar faces were. Jimmy, Vincent and Marina were all next to their Starting Pokemon. I waved at them and they made a friendly smile.

    "I've got something special for you." Professor Elm smiled, and then walked away. He soon came back and then I was given an Egg. "This will hatch very soon, so watch over it! It's yours now, so be very nice!" Professor Elm advised. Immediately after, the egg hatched and a baby Eevee was comfortably sat on the cushion the egg was placed on. I guess he literally meant soon.

    "Well, he sure looks cute! Maybe I should name him Shadow!" I was smiling with gratitude. Professor Elm then took out another set of three Pokeballs. What the hell was going on? "You're going to need one of the three Johto Starters." Professor Elm continued on, and I was starting to get confused. "Oh and yes, I mean it." He continued on. "Why do I need an extra Pokemon though? I've already got an Eevee over here." I asked back, frowning at the confusion he is causing. "You would need it to be with you. People look up to you specially and I really think you deserve an extra starter." Elm informed. "Alright, I'll choose Cyndaquil." I firmly said. I was NOT going to continue with the argument, even to the local professor, totally. "If you want to go around collecting Badges, I suggest you all go to Violet City, where the first Gym is. I got nothing more to present now, so you are all dismissed." The Professor went on and on, and a sleepy Vincent dozed off, drooling on a frowning Chikorita. I clicked my fingers, so he immediately woke up shouting "OH MY GOD!", Then immediately falling on the ground sleeping again. A frustrated Chikorita pulled Vincent out as Marina laughed so hard.

    Outside, we were playing with our starters, and Vincent quickly got all of us together for a meeting. "Why don't we let our Pokemon have a Battle? It's the perfect time, and we can have a Double Battle!" Vincent requested, and Vincent teamed up with Marina and I teamed up with Jimmy. I was going to use Cyndaquil, but Shadow was so willing and eager I decided to use it.

    I sent out Eevee, Jimmy sent out his Cyndaquil, Vincent sent out his Chikorita and Marina sent out her Totodile. There was nothing to do but Tackle. Tackles everywhere! Then finally, a Scratch came. Then, a frenzy of Tackles had collided like a Football Match had just been flooded with a mob. Finally, one sign of a faint had shown. The Chikorita was unable to battle.

    More and more Tackles came, then the Totodile accidentally Tackled Marina and fell to the ground. It then shot water out of it's mouth and was flung into the sky. Jimmy looked up and fell on the floor smirking, then laughing like a Comedy Roadshow had taken place. A few seconds of silence and irritating laughter took place and the Totodile finally came back down. It landed on Marina's head and she gasped with fear. "GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!" Marina shrugged it off and Shadow had used Tackle one last time. The Totodile was flung into Marina again and accidentally soaked Cyndaquil. Both Totodile and Cyndaquil fainted.

    Vincent had been having an embarrassed look on his face. His face was literally turning pink and Shadow laughed. Jimmy had a neutral feeling, and was probably daydreaming while Vincent was trying anxiously just to get his attention, turning red with anger. Marina was having an unsure frown at Shadow, and the Eevee had just ignored her. Shadow wanted to know a little more about me, instead of the jealous couple. Jimmy just left to his house, while Marina and a furious Vincent went to the Southern New Bark Town so they can enjoy the view.

    Me and Shadow liked each other a lot already. I brought it to my home so it can rest, I headed off after a day and the new Adventure through Johto truly began.

    The new chapter is only coming out in 2 days.
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