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Misshapens: The Blob-Like Pokemon Fanclub

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Old January 15th, 2013 (7:34 PM). Edited January 17th, 2013 by ArcanineIsDaBomb.
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Misshapens: The Blob-Like Pokemon Fan Club!

Hey welcome! If you’re wondering what this club is all about it’s a fanclub for all of you who love the underrated, amazing, adorable blob-like Pokemon. If you love any of them, come on in we’re always open for new members. We discuss topics about them, participate in fun events and in general just have a great time.

•Please follow all of Pokemon Club rules and forum-wide rules.
• No trolling, harassing or flaming anyone.
•Upon joining you may pick two partners, the first 5 however get 3 <3.
•Please try and keep active as possible.
• If you continuously break any of the above rules, we’ll have no choice but to either ban you temporarily or permanently from the club, depending on how severe the offense is :<. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen alright?
• And most importantly, have fun!
If you have any questions or concerns or a suggestion for the club, feel free to PM us!

Sign Up Form
Partners (you may add nicknames if you wish!):
What made you join?
Answer/Contribute to the current topic

Two good blobby partners are a thing every club member needs! Feel free to nickname them. :D

*Please feel free to comment about our list of blobs! If you feel one is missing, or one doesn't belong, don't hesitate!

ArcanineIsDaBomb (Owner)

CourageHound Krush and Chasm
jellicentfan1 Gary and Optimus Prime

Current Topics!
  • Why did you choose your partners?
  • Should there be any changes to the list of blobs?

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Old January 15th, 2013 (10:08 PM).
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Trust & Courage. Nothing More
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Florida
Gender: Male
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Username: CourageHound
Partners: Krush the Muk and Chasm the Swalot
What made you join?: Well the blob criteria of pokemon contained some of my very favorites so I just had to join! =)
Answer/Contribute to the current topic: My two parters are very similar in comparison. Both are posion types, both are blobs(oviously) and both can alter and minipulate their bodie's physical form or shape to certain extremities. Muk is a giant mass of friendly sludge whos just awesome from head to toe and Swalot is an intriguing poke of sorts with a mustache to match. In the anime both have shown to be able to use their abillities to gain the adavantage. Muk being able to halt and absobr most physical attacks with its sludge, while Swalot contracts and expands its body to re-bound and nulify various attacks as well. Who doesnt think thats cool?

After looking at the list a second time, I can affirm that the pokemo on the list all have somewhat spherical or squishy features that earn them the blob tittle. So good job!
Old January 16th, 2013 (10:08 PM). Edited January 17th, 2013 by Choice Specs.
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Username: jellicentfan1
Gary the Gulpin, Optimus-Prime the Ditto
What made you join? Well I was on the server when the topic of this club was brought up, but still it interested me because blob Pokemon are very cute and usually excellent battlers. Also Golurk and Sophie are awesome people so I wanted to contribute to their club that I can tell they worked very hard on .
Answer/Contribute to the current topic: I chose my partners based on a couple of things. First Gulpin is a very cute Pokemon. Possibly one of the cutest ever. Green is my favorite color and well...Gulpin is green! I have also found it to be a great battler and really just love it <3. Second I chose Ditto. How could you not like this guy? He is cute, useful, and did I mention cute? Also he can become anything which is AMAZING!!! His nickname is very clever because of the show Transformers...get it? Also to add on would Castform be considered a blob? it is blobish.

Gary the Gulpin.-----------Optimus Prime the Ditto.

A Pokemon that is discriminated!
Support squirtle and make it everyone's favourite.
Old January 20th, 2013 (8:28 PM).
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Hey there guys! This is Rainbow, welcome to the club! Both of you have some interesting choices that I like, ahahaha Muk I've always loved for being a beautiful gloop of goo, it has some interesting moves and I just find it a cool Pokemon in general! AHH I LOVE YOU FOR PICKING SWALOT COURAGE HOUND <3333. Swalot is an adorable Pokemon, it might not be one of the best battlers but its face is so derpy and adorable, I find it hard not to love :<. Haha I haven't watched the anime much unfortunately but that sounds brilliant :3! And yes, they're both similar I have to agree :D.

Hey Jelli! Nice of you to join :3.Ahhh you picked some adorable and cute Pokemon! Gulpin,gulpin,gulpin the official mascot of the club <3. Haha I've tried using Gulpin in battle, at first I didn't except it to be strong in the slightest but I highly underestimated it, I loved it! And Ditto certainly is an interesting Pokemon being able to completely copy off another as in Pokemon and moves, it's just an interesting concept. Paha I get the name though, transformers :3, nice one! Well both of you hope you have a great time here and enjoy yourself alright?
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Old January 22nd, 2013 (1:33 PM).
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Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Florida
Gender: Male
Nature: Lonely
Posts: 823
Yea Muk and Swalot are totally awesome blobs as well as poison types!

And yea if you've seen Ash's corphish battle against a guys Swalot, or when Ash's Muk that bellsprout or Gary's pokemon you'd know about how they are abble to absorb attacks. When ash had corphish fire a bubblebeam at Swalot, they simply bounced and skidded off its body due to the elastic and blob like nature of Swalot's body. When Bellsprout/Scizor/Blastoise tried attacking Muk directly all their attack's where stopped cold and ended up in Muk's sticky clutches. :3

Yea. And not only those two but I love a good 1/3 of the blob pokemon including Lickylicky line, Altarie line, Koffing, Ghastly line, and spheal. Its all so conviently spectacular!
Old January 25th, 2013 (12:22 PM).
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Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: The star known as Sol (Virginia)
Gender: Male
Nature: Quiet
Posts: 607
Username: Element0
Partners: Illusive the Gengar, Chill the Spheal
What made you join? I noticed that my favorite Ghost and Ice-type Pokemon were available as partners, I HAD to join.
Answer/Contribute to the current topic: I chose Gengar and Spheal because they have both been longtime favorites of mine. Gengar has been my favorite Ghost-type ever since I saw the that awesome smile of his. Spheal has been my favorite Ice-type ever since I had one fully evolved into Walrein, the giant, awesome walrus. I nicknamed Gengar Illusive because I thought it fit a Ghost-type pretty well, and Spheal Chill because that's just the way my Spheal rolls. HAHA I MADE A PUN.
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Old January 25th, 2013 (6:55 PM).
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Join Date: Jul 2012
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Age: 16
Gender: Male
Nature: Modest
Posts: 756
Username: Aryan143
Partners (you may add nicknames if you wish!): Swalot and Altaria
What made you join? I was deleting my save file for Emerald Poison Monotype challenge where I had Gulpin. I was looking in the Pokemon Clubs section and I found this.
Answer/Contribute to the current topic: You may just add Lickitung because it looks like a blob and remove Flaffy because Mareep looks kinda a blob like but Flaffy doesn't looks like a blobin any manner to me.
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Old February 18th, 2013 (3:25 PM). Edited February 20th, 2013 by T-Zombie.
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Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: The Middle of Nowhere
Gender: Male
Nature: Lonely
Posts: 68
User name:T-Zombie
Partners:Caspar the Gengar and Purpal the Swalot
What made you join?: blob-like pokemon are so funny I just want to poke them and watch them jiggle!
I think you should remove the Chansey family they are just kinda circles not blobs.
Why did I pick my partners?:Gengar looks so happy and Swalot is so delightfully awkward. Purpal= purple+pal
Old February 19th, 2013 (8:25 AM).
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Join Date: Jan 2013
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Username: ChocolateCrunch
Partners (you may add nicknames if you wish!): Geri the Gulpin (Female) and Licker the Lickylicki.
What made you join? All the blob-like Pokémon are all so cool and unique in their own way, take Ditto for an example. The only Pokémon from all 5 Generations so far that can learn the move transform. Now that's unique.
Answer/Contribute to the current topic:

Why did you choose your partners?

Well, Gulpin is my two favorite colours, green and yellow, so for me it's pretty sexy. Lickylicki is what I always use in competitive battling whenever I can as it can be a great wall/staller.

Should there be any changes to the list of blobs?

I think Swadloon isn't really much of a "blob", but that's just my opinion. I'm practically blind anyway with my gay eyesight.
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