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    ChessShipping, Eventual Romance, all that Jazz.

    This is a very short first chapter... I know... But Sherlock Holmes books had chapters that were a single page. So... Yeah...

    Chapter 1

    With an emotionless stare, he studied the slow drifting motion of the clouds overhead. To his right, sat Sera, who continued to talk the day away. Her tone turned almost questioning, before she paused for a response. Having not really cared to listen to her frivolous soliloquy, Warren made a small agreeing grunt in Sera's direction, hoping to at least appease the monstrosity that was his old friend.
    "Warren. WARREN!" Sera stamped her foot twice to get his attention, obviously standing at this point. He looked up from his thoughts with an impassive face.
    "Yeah...?" he asked lethargically, cracking his neck as he sat up from the damp grass. His nose twitched in a show of irritation.

    "Were you even listening?" she asked her usual pretty features were tightened with rage. Warren quickly turned to pacify mode.

    "Err...Of course!" he said, sitting up and leaning forward. His voice hiccuped as he protested. She crossed her arms and turned away, pouting with her nose in the air.

    "Then what was the last thing I said?" she asked. This was quite new. Warren rattled around for whatever she said, searching his memories for anything... He came up blank.

    "Uhhhhh..." his eloquent reply seemed to go on forever, despite lasting only three seconds. Sera gave him a sharp kick to the side that didn't hurt as much as much as it probably should. Sera sat back down, having worn out her rage.

    "I was saying that we've put off our Pokemon journey for too long... We're 13, and my dad won't let me go without someone else..." she gave him a pointed look that said someone was actually him. Warren cocked his head to the side in confusion.

    "Why would your dad not let you leave without me?" he asked. He didn't actually want to be a Trainer. He'd rather be... He didn't actually know... That was a reoccurring problem of his. He couldn't figure out what his goal in life was... Sera was back to being a fireball of righteous female fury.

    "Because he trusts you, Numbskull!" she exaggerated the final word with an elbow aimed towards his kidney. He grunted in pain.

    "That hurts, you know..." he mumbled in protest. She ignored it.

    "Warren... Please?" her tone magnificently shifted from anger, to pleading, and Warren couldn't help but be swayed by her pretty blue eyes. He sighed and fell backwards and stared at the sky. A single Pidove flew over his head, casting a quick shadow over him. After a moment, he nodded in agreement... It seemed he would be going on a Pokemon journey. Sera squealed and grabbed him in a rough hug.

    "Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" she screamed into his shirt. Warren awkwardly froze in this position. He didn't know whether to hug her back, or to just play it off as cool. With a hesitant arm, he hugged her back.

    After a while, she let go and started dragging him away from his spot.

    "Wai- Wait! Where are you taking me?" He yelled asked. She stopped and pointed to the Professors Lab.

    "You had this planned, didn't you?" he asked pointedly. She turned her head and shot him an unembarrassed smile.

    "Maybe." she said with a mischievous smile. He rolled his eyes and let her drag him to the Pokemon Lab. Sera opened the door with a heavy push. Warren flinched when it slammed open. Inside, Professor Juniper jumped in surprise. She turned to look at the now wide open door. Sera pushed Warren to the side and strutted towards the still frozen Professor.

    "Professor Juniper. We're ready to go on our Pokemon Journey!" she said, excitedly dancing as a fire almost spouted from her eye sockets. Warren just facepalmed.

    Professor Juniper shook herself from her surprised daze to stare at Sera. She seemed surprised, yet at the same time... Pleased. She shook her head and approached the two of them.

    "I was beginning to think you two were never going to come." She said, straightening her glasses with a soft smile.
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