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Old October 5th, 2012 (7:19 AM).
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Just joined the world of pixel art. I'm into art in general, but mostly fan arts and stuff like that.
To be honest... I'm not THAT new to this world, I tried pixeling a few times years ago, totally failing.
Now I'm back and.. since I can't really create my own hack or scripting it, I've decided to create something for the others. Here I'll post free sprites little by little.. it'll be updated, so.

Still.. I can't upload stuff from other websites (I'm a "newbie" for this forum)

here some doodles..
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File Type: png taichi poses anim.png‎ (21.5 KB, 17 views) (Save to Dropbox)
File Type: gif taichi-02.gif‎ (12.6 KB, 9 views) (Save to Dropbox)
File Type: png rapidmon .png‎ (9.3 KB, 11 views) (Save to Dropbox)
File Type: png scizor02.png‎ (9.3 KB, 17 views) (Save to Dropbox)
File Type: png images (3).png‎ (11.7 KB, 11 views) (Save to Dropbox)
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Old October 5th, 2012 (4:59 PM).
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These look good! The only complaint I have is that the backsprites don't appear to look Pokemon-y enough, if that makes sense. But yet still they look amazing along with the others! Great work!
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Old October 7th, 2012 (6:48 AM).
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I personally love the palette you used for Scizor and Lucario, and even more how you shaded them. The Scizor has a real rustic feel which I really like. :D Your non-Pokemon sprites are pretty good too, and the line-art is very smooth. I do think that you sometimes over-use dithering a bit, but apart from that, really well done. :D
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