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Old October 9th, 2012 (10:11 AM).
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    When I first arrived her about 2 weeks ago.. this place seemed welcome and nice. A good source for information and community.

    Since that time as of today... 3 of my limited post count have been closed or locked.

    Now the first two.. unfamiliar with rules. I understand but the last one... I can't ask for action replay codes???

    That is just plain ridiculous guys. Seriously. Your rules are ok but way to strict.

    If I buy the game... why not play it my own way? People being "unhappy" with me for using AR?

    Next subject... the moderators and admins here are WAY out of line.

    You are providing a service to dedicated individuals seeking forums to converse and speak about their interest or particular subject of the games you condone.

    How dare you condescend to the very people who keep your forum alive?
    Speaking down as if your some kind of law? Some sort of divine recipient of the almighty "banhammer."

    Im assuming since what I can tell there are threads that are inactive for months at a time that you have no auto deletion set. Then when people post something that is similar you refer them to the dead thread that will not get noticed just because of one extra comment.

    Yet another problem
    Subforums. Too many. You could easily condense a lot of these subforums together. But then it appears your content base would lower substantially. So rather then provide the information in a correct format you spread it out and scatter info purely to make it appear as though you have a lot more to offer than you truely do. Ive been modding and creating websites for 12. I knew this little trick.. honestly. Its amatuer.

    Listen... here is honestly the second largest Pokemon forum I know. However, just like a corporation, you don't base your forum of what the people want but rather what you think is best. But what you think is best isn't what is important. Have you ever asked the people what they would like to see? Changes improvements.

    I know after this is read two things will happen;

    1. I will be banned and this thread will be locked.

    2. Before the moderators capture this rage will erupt in comments. Most likely from veterans who have conformed and ignored the problems here. Or from suck-ups looking for a pre-mod position.

    Final notes.
    This forum has what it takes to be great. You just need to tone down attitudes and moderator trigger fingers. And really listen to what your members have to say.

    (One more thing mods, I know I'll get smart comments from half of you, I hope you'll take this as honest criticism and not sink to the level of a middle schooler with insults)

    Goodbye I guess people.

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    Old October 9th, 2012 (10:36 AM).
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    If you have an issue with things related to this forum, you're welcome to post about it in the correct forum: here, but be well aware that a thread written in an aggressive tone like this will most likely get it locked even over there.

    I'm sorry you don't find our site and its rules to your liking. All I can say is that I honestly wish you luck in finding one that's more suited for you.

    But with that....
    2. Before the moderators capture this rage will erupt in comments. Most likely from veterans who have conformed and ignored the problems here. Or from suck-ups looking for a pre-mod position.
    -- Locking this up here before something like this does happen.

    (Also because "goodbye" type threads are frowned upon around here.)
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