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Old October 8th, 2012 (7:18 PM).
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    Hello forumers, I'm new to this forum, but as my first post, I'd like to ask you all a question.

    What can I add to make my team better in the game.

    My current team is:
    (and i hope to get chandalure later)

    I just encountered a drilbur, and I'm not sure to get it or not, please let me know your opinion, and what pokemon i can catch to improve.



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    Old October 8th, 2012 (7:23 PM).
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      Excadrill is insane and is so good that some sets of rules for competitive play have banned it.

      Samurott/Lucario/Flaaffy/Chandelure/Excadrill would be great. You're going to need a flying-type for your last slot (Fly is a necessity now) - if you have White2, you can catch a Braviary near Nimbasa - make SURE you do it before midnight tonight (Monday) - if you have Black2, I'm not sure what you should go with. I don't have either yet...

      Also, I think you posted this in the wrong place, just so you know:
      Old October 8th, 2012 (7:54 PM).
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      1. This is not the section to ask for in-game team help. The In-game Team Help section is there for that. You are welcome to post your game's progress within the Travel Journal which has been stickied on top of the page, but it is also not a place to ask for team or game advice.

      2. LividZephyr, as much as I truly appreciate you trying to help out a fellow member as to where they should post, it is still considered mini-modding which is actually against the rules of the site, so please, just let the moderators handle that part. That, and his question would actually belong in the In-Game Team Questions thread.

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