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    Pokemon: A Twist Of Fate (T)
    A twist of fate is a roleplay about, what else, pokemon. In it, you will assume the role of a character and be forced to interact with others to survive and progress. Twist of Fate is meant for all in the roleplaying audience, whether new to it or veteran. If you have too much time on your hands, why not sign up?

    This is the scenario for the characters. The backstory is that within Professor Ghy's Lab of Pokemon Research(GLoPR), there was a break-in by the infamous Team Rocket.They stole his papers in an effort to genetically enhance their own pokemon as to further their own goals. To make sure nobody pursued, they took Ghy hostage. This was one day before two trainers were supposed to start their journeys.

    It had been two months since that event. The police of the region(which name is "Toi")were heavily searching. The two trainers had since begun their journeys with pokemon distributed by Ghy's intern, a young female named Rellna, who was also running the labs during the absense of Ghy. One trainer went missing, the other showing up back at the labs, his clothes torn, his body bruised and beaten. He claimed that the pokemon being experimented on in Rocket Labs were getting stronger due to the formula's. He also claims that Team Rocket is fusing traits from Pokemon into chosen, gifted children. Henceforth, a young boy can run with the speed of a Weaville, another can spurt a torrent of water from their lips, such as a Squirtle. When asked what happened to the other trainer, the battered boy had blacked out.

    It had since been another month. The battered boy was now in a coma, and the Pokemon League had temporarily shut down for further investigation. On one expedition, the eight gym leaders discovered seventeen pokemon-infused humans. They were all knocked out using extract from the sleep powder produced by a "Bulbasaur." The seventeen were taken back to the league, where they were interoggated. It was to the gym leader's surprise that all seventeen had been diagnosed with amnesia. Since then, the seventeen were put into a special facility where they underwent exercises to reveal their sealed memories and to be trained in their powers. It was a controversial move, but the League decided to train them for an upcoming assault on Team Rocket. After all, there could be more infused humans.

    Two more months had passed, and the seventeen were released to the public. They went on their first mission and ambushed one of the Rocket Labs. There were tons of Rocket Labs underground by this point, Ghy and the other trainer still being missing. The battered boy has since woken up, and escaped the league. It is not known what has happened to him, and he is officially marked "MISSING." During the seventeen's second mission, Team Rocket unveiled a new weapon: "MEW-Z." Their leader had been converted into this psychic insanity. One assault later, and all seventeen were under MEW-Z's mind control. What MEW-Z hadn't counted on was that by infiltrating their minds, he would reawaken their memories. The seventeen remembered being captured, being taken into Rocket Labs, tested on, being in severe pain. They broke free of the mind control and attempted escape. Five of them were held in place by the psychic powers---the twelve remaining escaped. It is suspected that the five that hadn't escaped are now under the control of MEW-Z, fighting for Team Rocket.

    The final month has passed and the present has caught up with the story. Who are you? You are one of the twelve, and you are currently preparing for your third mission. You are under the leadership of three gym leaders, Volta(who specialized in electric), Molta(who specialized in fire), and Ut(who specialized in dark.) Volta and Molta are girls, Ut is a boy. When you are sent on a mission, you are sent with only one of them, alternating depending on the circumstance. In between, you and the leaders are all together and training. This RP will work by my characters, Ut, Volta, and Molta sending you on a mission. The twelve of you and one of my characters will then RP an intrusion on a Rocket Laboratory. There, players must all RP at least one battle against an enemy pokemon(or one of the five that had been caught by Mew-Z.) The player does not have pokemon; they fight against the enemy pokemon directly. The leader usually stands back in these scenarios, wanting to test the twelve. He or she will usually just give advice. This is also so I don't steal the RP. Once every player has finished their battle, they must all interact and move on for TWO POSTS. That's one battle post, and two post battle posts in which players have to solve a puzzle or help out other players still in battle. Once every player has completed their three posts, the SEIZE of the Rocket Lab is considered complete. Players are automatically teleported back to the facility(the base, between missions.) They remain at the base and interact with one another until the leaders announce the next mission.
    -Never deny any previous posts by another player. If one player describes a Rocket Lab as bad-smelling, filthy, and disorganized, then that Rocket Lab is so.
    -During battles, during missions, these are against Non-Player-Characters. IN other words, you're RPing yourself AND your opponent. This just helps speed up the RP as a whole. This may get messy...remember, you're not the mighty-amazing superhero. You can lose a battle. Everyone else can help you out, they have two extra posts to do so. Please make your battles believable. Also, battles can intertwine. This includes double-battles(which have two posts--one from you and one from your ally), triple battles(same rules, but three posts) and a move from one battle going out of bounds and disrupting a different one(ex. a Gastly uses Shadow Ball on one player, misses, and it hits another player in their battle.)
    -Read everyone else's posts. This can help you interact, intertwine battles with missed moves and such, etc.
    -There is PVP. At your facility, PVP's are two-posts-long. It is hoped that you have decided a winner in advance. PVP is between missions and lasts two posts(one from each player fighting each other.) If double battle, then four posts. Triple battles are not allowed in PVP.
    -Don't RP other characters. This is known as bunnying.
    -Don't win every battle without breaking a sweat. This is GModing. This also includes having an event that directly involves you, changing the storyline to accomodate your needs, etc. This RP isn't about you.
    -Don't Mary Sue, aka, lose every battle. Losing is good, and can help develop your character, but it will get old if you lose every single time and one of us has to keep bailing you out.
    -Follow the rules. This one is easy.
    Character's Name:
    Character's Ability/Pokemon: (ex. super-speed/Weaville, Ultra-powerful punches/Primeape, Being able to breathe fire/Charizard)
    Character's History: (Before getting abducted by Team Rocket)
    Referral: (Were you referred by a friend? If so, then you and your friend get something special when the RP starts.)
    Extra information: (optional)


    My Chainsaw Meowth is currently missing! If you have a lead or think you know something, PLEASE PM ME! I am desperately searching, and I dread the possibility that I may never find him...
    On a side note, if anybody can answer the following question right, then they get a mystery prize! *Must have a Gen V game to claim prize*
    Question: What the heck did Jinora do in the finale?! I don't get it! I know 90% of you won't know what I'm talking about, but I need an answer!
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