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Old February 24th, 2013 (9:16 AM).
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Inspired by X/Y, yes ;)

So guys as we know Victini, the cute little cute thing of Unova defied everything we knew of the Pokedex numbers and actually became number 000. How did you feel about this? Would've you rather it been closer to the Unova mons in the Pokedex? On another note do you think Victini was a cute fit for the cute legendary of the region :3

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Old February 24th, 2013 (9:59 AM).
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    I feel like what u feel like its amazing that u brung tht up cuz I was thinking about that too. I would've been closer to the Unova moms in the pokedex. I totally agree!!!!!
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    Old February 24th, 2013 (4:18 PM).
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    I was feeling that the Unova Pokedex's numbering was unusual that it started with Victini with number 000, but I like it. And I think that Victini really fits the description of cute Legendary Pokemon in Unova.
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    Old February 24th, 2013 (7:28 PM).
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    I like that it's number 000. I mean Victini is the Victory Pokemon, it had to be better than 001, it needed to be number 000! But in all honesty, I think it made Victini more... relevant. Like to be honest I forget about all the other cute legendaries most of the time except Mew. Having the cute legendary stand out at the forefront of the pokedex made it stand out in my mind. And I definitely think Victini is cute enough! With it's wittle fangs and its wittle fingers doing the peace out sign, d'aww.
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    Old February 24th, 2013 (8:27 PM).
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    I actually liked this change, it was a nice way continuing Black and White's several trend-breakers. Victini is just so badass it had to be more that just #001. Having a cute Legendary like Victini at this part of the Pokedex was an unusual twist not to mention how adorable and powerful this thing is!
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    Old February 24th, 2013 (8:32 PM).
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    I thought it was a little strange at first that Victini's number was 000, but now I like it. It just felt weird that a Pokemon that wasn't a Grass starter was the first Pokemon in the Regional Pokedex. It makes it seem more important of a Pokemon being 000. Like Golurk said, it's the Victory Pokemon and which perhaps means it deserves higher than 001. As for the Pokemon itself, I think Victini's pretty cute and one of the best cute legendary Pokemon next to Mew. Plus it's powerful!
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    Old February 25th, 2013 (8:50 AM).
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      I didn't really like the fact that they got rid of Missingno that way. Besides, I don't think its legitimately stored in save files as 000, is it?
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      Old February 25th, 2013 (11:21 AM).
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      From what I've read, it was because Victini (or the Liberty Pass, not sure) was given out on release date, so to avoid spoiling the number of Pokemon in the regional dex, they put it as #000 so that it wouldn't mess up the numbering of the starters either. Don't know if it's true, but I guess it would be a logical explanation :p But then again, there may be something more to it that'll be revealed later. Some connection to Sinnoh Pokemon or something, so there are still possibilities, but not really anything that can be said for sure :/

      But as for how I feel, kinda sad it stole Missingno's spot in the Pokedex :( Now the infamous glitch Pokemon doesn't have a home anymore, all thanks to Victini >:(
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      Old February 25th, 2013 (2:34 PM).
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      Missingno. still has a home as #000 of the National Dex, just not of the Unovan one. Personally, I'm happy with the placement of Victini within the Unova Dex, as it's still at one end of the list, just not the one that we're normally accustomed to. And I'd much prefer to see Victini at a strange number like #000, rather than what they did when they updated the Unova Dex, and stuck certain legendaries right in the middle for some reason.

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