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Old October 18th, 2012 (5:34 AM).
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    Last year, I am really busy with school this year, don't really have time to post this year. But now, I finished my Final Year Examinations and I can freely use my computer whenever I like, but not when I get back my results. THE ASIAN PARENTS ARE COMING
    I am Asian so yeah.
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    Old October 28th, 2012 (1:58 AM).
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      Despite leaving in October of that year, 2005 would definitely be my busiest year. I joined in April 2004, but had about 3 months of just not going on PC, for whatever reason... then got modded at the end of that year, so my activity must have shot up in account for that. Getting S-modded in 2005 must have bumped up my activity even more around then, meaning that year was probably my busiest. Indeed, I certainly spent so much time on PC back in those days. I'm still kinda active now, but I don't think I'm anywhere as close as my 2005-days, to be honest.
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      Old October 28th, 2012 (10:13 AM).
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        I'll be the ancient rock of this thread and say that the year I joined is probably my most active... Friends back then all posted and that gets you to post a lot too. People that I like are around, and person that I really love was also around, so I was further encouraged to post all the more. I was only in high school back then as well, so I had a lot of time on my hands too.
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        Old October 28th, 2012 (12:07 PM).
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        Ive been more active this year(2012) than I was the year I joined. Last year I didnt go on very much, but Ive gradually become more active here.
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        Old October 28th, 2012 (12:29 PM).
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        kevin del rey
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        2010... The year I joined. I was so into PC lol. Now I'm barely here.
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        Old October 28th, 2012 (12:33 PM).
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        2011 without a doubt. I got super active, got modded, and participated/volunteered in as many events as I can. I've been here for 2 1/2 years (as Meganium90), so I can't say much for this year and 2010 since I wasn't all *too* active because of school and irl.

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        Old October 28th, 2012 (12:46 PM).
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        I was fairly active the year I joined (2011) but I guess 2012 took it up a notch.

        Maybe 2013 might be even more active for me lol
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        Old October 28th, 2012 (12:49 PM).
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          This year, easily. I've been here for about a month in 2010, a month in 2011, and 3 months in 2012 and I've been posting enough here that people recognize me now.
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          Old October 28th, 2012 (2:38 PM).
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            None. I've always had a consistent 3 posts per day count.
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            Old October 28th, 2012 (3:20 PM).
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            I think 2009/2010 might've been my most active years. I was really into ROM hacking and made a bunch of friends to talk to around then. I eventually started losing interest in ROM hacking and the community all together and started becoming less active. I'm starting to become a lot more active now, though. :3

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            Old October 28th, 2012 (9:35 PM).
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            Somewhere between 40-50% of my posts have been from March of this year up until now, so I'd say that 2012 has definitely been my most active year. That's a big contrast to having 1 post over a two year span (Jan. 2008 - Dec. 2009) on my past account.

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            Old October 29th, 2012 (12:01 PM). Edited October 29th, 2012 by Ven Bloodia.
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              2010-2011 was easily my most active year, as by that time I finally got a computer to call my own.

              Regarding this forum though, wasn't active very much until 2011-2012 when I remembered that I had a profile on here.
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              Old October 29th, 2012 (1:37 PM).
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              2010 was probably my most inactive year. I made a account on PC on April of that year and forgot about the site for a few months. Came back, and I managed to fit in okay. For the rest of the year, I was normal activity.

              2011 took it up a notch quite a bit. I made lots of posts, admittedly low quality couple sentence rushjobs, but I was super active on PC for the entire year, stewing from the release of Black/White. Except for the last few months of the year, when I left as I became interested in other video game franchises.

              2012 has been basically the same, although I did take a couple hiatuses during this year, mainly as my interest in Pokemon as a whole started to sway in the first few months of the year.

              I think that 2012 is currently my most active year for reasons explained above.
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              Old October 29th, 2012 (2:06 PM).
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                Since i only joined a few months back it would have to be this year.
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                Old October 30th, 2012 (10:51 AM).
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                i have been here since a year now..weird that it's been a year and i still feel pretty much as a new member!not sure maybe still didn't use to the place!

                there were monthes i wasn't active and others i daily log in though i think i'm not known very well here
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