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Old October 10th, 2012 (4:58 PM).
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Alright, so this is a little idea that I've thought up.

In the Ecana region, several times a year, an offering is given to the Legends like Mew and Celebi. However, wild Pokemon suddenly starts attacking those who bring the offerings, as if they're brainwashed and can't think for them selves. This game-to-be follows two characters: A girl entwined with this plot while on the Gym Trainer Challenge, and a young Celebi trying to find out what's happening to these previously docile Pokemon.
As a Celebi, you are sent by the Mother Mew to discern the reason that the Pokemon suddenly become vicious. After finding out that Pokemon captured in a PokeBall become unaffected by this strange wave, you decide to catch as many Pokemon as possible, seeing as the local Professor's daughter kind of tricked you into completing a Pokedex (you wish to be treated as a human during this mission). Eventually, you find out that a mysterious 'Team Vortex is behind it. But why are they doing it?
As a little girl, you were saved by the young guardian of the forest, Celebi. Becoming friends, you can't wait for the annual rite of passage of bringing the offering to your friend. Seeing Celebi being attacked by four wild Pokemon, you decide to help him out, because your father (the Professor) left a briefcase containing researched Pokemon out on the Route. So you beat the Pokemon, and after getting your friend to agree to complete a Pokedex, set out to begin the Gym Trainer Challenge. However, because you're Celebi's friend, you become entangled in the plot of a 'Team Vortex'. But why are they so obsessed with your childhood friend?

CHARACTERS (More of an A.k.a.)
Celebi- Young guardian of the forest. Has a mission to find out why Pokemon are brainwashed.

Sophia (the girl): A participant in the Gym Trainer Challenge. Celebi's childhood friend.

Team Vortex: A strange organization who brainwashes Pokemon into attacking on sight.

Prof. Kevin Maple: The official Pokemon Professor of Ecana recognized by the Pokemon League. Sends Sophia on the Gym Trainer Challenge.

Ecana: A region just southeast of Sinnoh. It's north-western side is one large mass, and the South-eastern side is a series of islands. It's a short boat ride away from Hoenn.

Timewarp Town: A small village in the northern center of Ecana. A short walk away is the shrine erected to Celebi.

Challenger's City: The large Hub of Ecana, connects the islands to the mainland. It's also home to the Pokemon League, and where Sophia and Celebi first meet Team Vortex.

So what do you think?
On with the same name.

My first hack-- Pokemon Emerald Origin.
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