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Old October 26th, 2012 (6:03 AM).
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    This thread is about sharing your Villainous Team ideas like Team Rocket, Team Magma, etc.

    Format is as follows:

    Team Name:
    Pokemon/Type mostly used by Members:
    Methods of achieving goals:
    you can add more info if you want.

    Ok, here is my idea, or perhaps, ideas

    Idea 1

    Team Name: Team Abyss
    Pokemon/Type mostly used by Members: Ghost, Dark, Fire

    Purpose/Goal: Plunge the entire region in permanent darkness.

    Methods of achieving goals: Grunts are given illusion generating equipment that turns themselves invisible and are used to promote their purpose by doing things that cut light out of towns and spread fear around(ex. sabotaging power plants, stealing Pokemon from trainers during the night for ransom.) Admins are given more advance illusion equipment that allows them to rearrange the appearance of themselves and everything around them.

    Admin(s): Revenant, Nyte, Chasm
    Boss/Leader: Oblivion

    Trainer(s) affiliated with the Team:

    Idea 2

    Team Name: Team Sonar
    Pokemon/Type mostly used by Members: Electric, Porygon family, Sound related Pokemon(ex. Varios bug types & Bat Pokemon.)

    Purpose/Goal: Cause a number of attacks by Pokemon in Cities and Towns

    Methods of achieving goals: Grunts implant devices in towns in cities that transmit a high frequency noise undetectable by human ears. Master plan is to hack a Radio Station and transmit their signal all around the region

    Admin(s): ???
    Boss/Leader: Echo

    Trainer(s) affiliated with the Team:


    a *Vandal is a trainer that causes mischief by damaging public property. They wear hoodies with their hoods covering their heads and carries either a baseball bat or a Molotov cocktail.They use various Fire type and, on rare cases, Dark Types.

    a *Poacher is a type of trainer class that hunts Pokemon. They use Poison Types and Pokemon that have trap moves.

    a *Hacker is a type of trainer class. They wear high tech gear and carries laptops. They appear to use Cyber Pokemon and Electric types.
    Trainer Data:
    Full Name: Mithel "Myth" Celestia
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Lacunosa Town
    Trainer class: Ranger, Psychic, Deceiver*
    Specializes in: Dark, Psychic-Types

    *Deceiver (Japanese: 奇術師 Illusionist) is a type of trainer class who specializes in Illusions and deceptive tactics to take advantage of their opponents. They are tricksters and tend to disguise themselves as another trainer class to deceive challenging trainers, but soon break off of it as soon as they are found. They tend to use annoyer and stall tactics such as Embargo and Swagger along with bulky and fast Dark-types like Zoroark and Umbreon to give trainers a hard time during battle.
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    Old November 1st, 2012 (3:42 AM).
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    We'll get to that tomorrow
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      Team Name: Team Striker(sounds like a bowling team)

      Pokemon/Type mostly used by Members: Electric Types, with a few dark types

      Purpose/Goal: To plunge the whole world in to complete darkness by ridding it of technology and electricity.

      Methods of achieving goals: Capturing a bunch of powerful legendary to destroy of the world's tech (except my own of course)

      Admin(s): Tesla, Edison

      Boss/Leader: a guy named Howard

      Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?

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