5th Gen what's the best HM slave

Started by Pkmn master dub October 27th, 2012 2:05 PM
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I think Skarmory gets both cut and fly. Gyarados have strength, surf and waterfall. Out of easily capturable Pokemon, I don't know off top of my head if anyone has all 3. Good thing about BW2 though is once you unlocked a path with strength, you really don't need it ever again. If anything, it's cut that annoys me (which Skarmory gets, with rock smash too in case it comes in.)
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Bidoof is a pretty good slave
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Tropius is a no brainer, Fly, Cut, Flash, Strength, Sweet Scent.
And then I usually go for Wailmer or Basculin for the water HMs.
I don't know if this would be considered off topic, or a noob question, but is flash available as an hm in bw2?
I have it as a TM and I'm afraid to use it.
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I don't know if this would be considered off topic, or a noob question, but is flash available as an hm in bw2?
I have it as a TM and I'm afraid to use it.
Flash is a TM in Gen V but TMs in Gen V can be used over and over again like HMs.

To get on topic Skarmory, Bidoof, Tropius, Golduck are good HM slaves.
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I actually use two HM slaves in White 2, Tangrowth and Jellicent, which are nicknamed "HM Slave 1" and "HM Slave 2" respectively. Tangrowth has Strength, Cut, and Flash; Jellicent has Surf, Dive, and Waterfall. This pair can learn every HM (besides Fly) and Flash, so I think they make a pretty good duo.

The best HM slave of all time, on the other hand, is definitely Bibarel. He can learn every HM in Generation IV and Generation V, besides Fly.
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Well for me, I chose my Caught Mandibuzz for the FLY and CUT slave, Rock Smash as well for a certain scenario (I never use such Pokemon) . The rest goes for Golduck, learning Surf, Dive, Waterfall, and Flash.
Unfortunately I had to incorporate STRENGTH with my Arcanine, he had some use of it though :\


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Ok, so no, this does not warrant a thread for a few reasons:

1. It would really be a Quick Question. Guys, I can't say it ENOUGH, use the Quick Questions thread.

2. This is an extremely general question. Are you asking for advice in Black 2 or White 2? Platinum? Silver? Blue? Which game? In which case, it WOULD normally go into the Pokemon Gaming Central section, but that section has had MORE than enough of these threads, so it would have been closed very quickly.

3. This question has been answered once. It does NOT need ten more replies saying the exact same thing over and over again.

Closed due to reasons above.