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Old November 2nd, 2012 (6:14 AM).
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    Today Machinima Prime released the final part of the web mini series Forward Unto Dawn. And left dying for more!

    Part 1 was slow, I can't blame them. It was the first episode and I had mixed emotions and reactions. Cause well I can see romance, having romance in a Halo theme its like uh oh...this may be a bad thing. And Lasky got murked at the end, which was funny to me. Those paint ball rounds must of hurt like a lot.

    Part 2 had increase of pase. Lasky being scolded and craped upon. I cant blame the others, he pulled an idiotic move during the training. I couldn't say much on what happened during the part but it carried. The ending was pretty nice. And Lasky showed his leadership and tactician skills. And passed out, kind saw that coming though.

    Part 3 made me literally drop my jaw. Fred and Chief making a brief appearance, on a classified ONI footage, from Chiefs point of view. Showing the Spartans some what teaming up with insurrections against an unknown enemy, then revealing a Elite with a energy sword on the reflection on Freds visor. It made me drop a brick. Fast forward to the end when they are being evacuated. And the cute and attractive girl from Reach ditched the team went to the lift prematurely. I had a bad feeling at this point. Because of that and the ODSTs dropping in from orbit. You know things are about to kick off when ODSTs drop in as a form of defense and there's lightning for some odd reason. At the point lightning was flaring off in the sky. And the Covenant ship dropping from orbit. The situation escalated very quickly when they fired upon the lift, destroying it, and landing on people, PEOPLE! The scene of the Elite, cutting down the statue made me squeal in excitement. Until it started raining children. The screams made me cringe and glass (maybe bones) chatter. Ugh!. It ended with me still trying to takes things in.

    Part 4. OMFG! First of all. You'll never seen a needler at its best, until you see Colonel Mehaffey get riddled with needles and getting stabbed by an Elite by a energy sword. Worst death of all time! Poor asian dude. Your martial arts would of been useless and your father would be ashamed. Too soon? The scene where the squad was trapped in the armory. Stalked by a Elite, and went invisible. Jeez, I was on the edge of my seat. And that one dude, tried being a hero but gets wrecked by the Elite. And it would of been useless, cause Master Chief came in for the rescue. Worst timing ever. Fast forward where they were leaving for the warthog made me sad, when seeing all the dead bodies, and cool involving the fighting. Then John being a total bamf with the OP pistol.

    Part 5 left me speechless. I agreed on what Lasky said about how difficult to drive the warthog. Driving that warthog was a total biatch to drive, just from the games alone. And am I the only one that release the turret doesn't even rotate when fired. But that Jackal hitting the wind shield freaked me out. The part that made my heart sink was when girl from Narnia received a needle in the abdomen. Chief having face to face with the Hunter OMG! The girl dead was like Agent Coulsan dying all over again.

    The most amazing part of the whole entire series was when John snuck up behind the Hunter, held RB then pressed LT and booom goes the Hunter!

    Also when Fred and Kelly took off their helmets, gave me the chills. And believe it or not. If your wondering of their age. John, Kelly, and Fred were only 15 years old at this time, if you didn't know.

    Over all. I'm pleased of the mini series. When people say they should make a movie. Combine all 5 parts into one. It would be 85 minutes. Edited out the credits until the very end and add the extended. And then you have a movie. Now I'm really amped for Halo 4 now. Halo is back!

    How did you like the mini serious? And John killed his first Hunter when he was 15, what have you accomplished when you were 15?
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    Old November 2nd, 2012 (12:34 PM).
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      I'm going to move this to the Video Games forum, even though it could technically fit here, there or in Technology and the Internet. But for a maximum relevant exposure, I think VG would be its best best.

      Moving on up
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      Old November 2nd, 2012 (6:25 PM).
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      Forward unto dawn was slow at first, but after the final, I want more. I also Really want Halo 4 insanely bad now, since Lasky is in it.
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