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Old November 21st, 2012 (1:15 PM).
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    Hello, Ruffledfeathers here. I wanted to make up a challenge, but didn't want to be so restrained like in the mono type or mono pokemon challenges, so I came up with a few theme teams that I want to do. This was inspired by the Pokemon dream theme thread, but it seems to be closed for some reason. If I am allowed, I will add the old themes back as I am currently doing the Survival of the fittest challenge from there. Feel free to suggest themes and ideas.

    But enough talking, here is my theme team.

    Homestuck theme

    This is a simple, semi nuzlocke challenge. The usual nuzlocke rules apply, apart from two exceptions.

    One, you may only choose 20 Pokemon, one for each playing character and troll. And two, if a Pokemon faints during a gym, but you win the gym battle despite that Pokemon's loss, that character becomes a 'God tier' and now may only die by fainting to super effective moves and status.

    Characters to choose from:

    John The hero of the story. If he dies without going God tier, the game is over. You must always have a John in your party, as soon as you can.
    Traits: Must be a flying type, and must have a speed stat of over 100 when fully evolved.
    Moves: Needs at least one 'wind based' flying type move (gust, hurricane, ect)

    Dave The guardian of the timelines, Dave has the ability to turn back time once. If you find yourself in a losing position, you may use Dave to revive your most recently lost team member. You can only use this once.

    Traits: Must be a Pokemon with swords or blades. Must have an attack stat over 90 when fully evolved.
    Moves: If gen V, must know round if it can.

    Rose Being a seer, Rose does not have many powers useful to you. However, if she survives till the last gym, you are able to catch one legendary of your choice.

    Traits: Must be a psychic or ghost type Pokemon. Must have a low special defence in general. (no higher than 90)
    Moves: Any non attacking move that lowers evasion or raises accuracy.

    Jade Similar to Rose, Jade has limited powers. But when she is at full potential, she can warp space for you. The possibilities are endless! (Jade allows you to hack one thing into your game if she survives till the last gym.

    Traits: Must be a dog-like Pokemon. Unevolved until the last gym.
    Moves: Rest, yawn or growl.


    Traits: Must be a crab Pokemon.
    Moves: Cannot learn crabhammer (he uses a sickle)


    Traits: Needs to be a sheep or goat of some sort.
    Moves: No moves involving emotion.


    Traits: Must be a bull Pokemon (tauros or buffolant).
    Moves: Take down.


    Traits: Must be a Pokemon involve two of something other than arms, eyes or legs. (two heads, two tails, ect)
    Moves: Have two attacking moves, and two supportive moves.


    Traits: Must be a cat Pokemon.
    Moves: Attract and slash.


    Traits: Can be either the Zubat family or the Woobat family.
    Moves: Either bite for Zubat or dream eater for woobat.


    Traits: A pokemon with either serene grace or super luck.
    Moves: At least one high power, low accuracy move.


    Traits: A spider Pokemon.
    Moves: No supporting moves. Vriska has no patience for that sort of thing.


    Traits: A Pokemon with a high (over 100) attack when he evolves.
    Moves: Punching moves.


    Traits: A clown or jester like Pokemon (Conkledurr, Mr Mime) or a Slowbro
    Moves:At least 2 support moves, and must not switch out if attacked unless the attacker has fainted.


    Traits: A water type Pokemon with a high speed and special attack when fully evolved. (100 or over)
    Moves: Must have at least one special attacking move involving a beam of some sort.


    Traits: A pokemon with a fish like tail.
    Moves: Horn attack, fury attack or spike cannon.

    Jane Free from the dying rule due to her immortality. However, she is very limited in her powers.

    Traits: Preferibly a Pokemon with prankster, if unavailable Friend guard or cute charm.
    Moves: Three moves that lower stats.


    Traits: Any Pokemon who can learn bullet seed.
    Moves:Needs to have bullet seed.


    Traits: Must be a cat Pokemon.
    Moves: At least one accuracy lowering move.


    Traits: A pokemon with a high speed stat (over 100)
    Moves: Substitute.

    The mortal bodies theme.
    This is not quite a nuzlocke, the only difference is that you have three lives. Sounds easy, right?
    Well, when you lose a life, you also lose something else as well.

    1 life gone: Broken leg-This pokemon cannot run or be switched out.
    2 lives gone: Broken arm- This Pokemon can no longer use physical attacks.
    3 lives gone: Head trauma-This Pokemon's first move is no longer usable. This is the first move it had when it fainted, so no cheating!

    Right, I am going to test out the Homestuck one on heart gold now, see you later.
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