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Old November 17th, 2012 (10:50 PM).
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    NOTE: This is the Aether's Edge in-character thread. For all out-of-character discussions, sign-ups, inventories, characters and locations (as well as a much prettier post), please visit the OoC thread here.

    This is a sweet little idea I had for a fanfiction, and then I decided to do myself one better and thought "why not make this into a roleplay?" So here it is, the result of ten minutes' brainstorming, which I think has turned into quite a decent idea for a story. Hope you enjoy!

    (Sign-ups are open!)

    Pokémon: Aether's Edge

    The isles of Carendor and Kinroth are in turmoil. The two warring nations have been clashing for a hundred and fifty years, resulting in the widespread strife of people and Pokémon alike. It wasn't always a land of conflict, though; since time immemorial, all the peoples of the continent were united under the Citadel. All life carried on peacefully, a utopia of harmony between all organisms. As with all things good, however, it simply could not last. A splinter-group of three powerful members of the Citadel's hierarchy wished to claim more than just Kinroth and Carendor for themselves. They wanted to dominate the entire world, certain that every sentient being in existence should submit to their power.

    The twisted members of the Citadel's Council, named Zetan, Ikima and Ozyth, known collectively as the Three, attempted the assassination of the council's High Ruler, using their unnaturally powerful Pokémon. Zetan's lightning struck, Ikima's flames seared and Ozyth's water flooded in torrents, but the High Ruler, protected by the divine power of Arceus that was handed down through the Royal Family, would not be defeated. He banished the tainted three from Kinroth, forcing them to live out the rest of their days on the highest volcanic peak of Carendor - Ardust Mountain.

    A multitude of Citadel rebels who shared the same ideals as the three banished councilors then followed them to Carendor, where they bided their time for a century. They dubbed themselves "the Legion", and according to spy intelligence, constructed vast fortresses purposed for battle. They thrived in an otherwise arid wasteland. And then, like a flood, their army of man and Pokémon bred purely for battle stormed Kinroth, once again attempting to take the continent for themselves. And just as before, they were subdued by the High Ruler. This time, however, their defeat did not last. A seemingly infinite supply of Legion soldiers is constantly barraging Kinroth's defenses, an effort which is mostly in vain, due to the Aetherian Crystal - the vessel of Arceus' power. Wielded by the High Ruler, it has the power to augment the physical and ethereal strength of Kinroth's armies beyond that of natural limitations.

    Now, an issue arises that may lead to the annihilation of Kinroth's people. The High Ruler, the beloved monarch of Kinroth for over three hundred years, has been killed, and the Aetherian Crystal destroyed. The assassin, when apprehended, refused to give any reason for his actions. He is currently sitting in a dungeon cell, constantly twitching, shaking his head, and muttering about "red eyes in the dark". When pressed, the only other words that he uttered were "from Oracus Peak, Arceus knows your soul is taken!" The investigation into his background has so far yielded no connection to the Legion.

    This event has spread utter discord throughout the Council. How could the Aetherian Crystal fail? How could such a powerful and ancient artifact even be destroyed? The remaining four members of the Council have agreed not to disclose the death of the High Ruler to the public, as it would do nothing but spread panic. Soon enough, though, both the citizens of Kinroth and Carendor will realize that the tide of battle has been turned.

    This is where you come in. As a long-serving soldier of the Citadel Army, you have been selected as part of an elite task force; a last-ditch effort to find the reasoning behind the assassin's motives before it's too late. You have seen the true horrors of war and experienced the glory of a battle won. Having just recieved word that the Council need to see you, you and your partner Pokémon are required to make your way to the Citadel Palace, where you will await further instruction. Your involvement in this war could influence its entire outcome.

    1. Follow all existing PC global and role-playing rules.
    2. "God modding" can be a grey area. Don't control anybody else's character beyond inconsequential, short lines of speech without permission.
    3. I will decide whether or not a Pokémon is captured. Leave the ball rocking at the end of your post. (Pokéballs are also only available after a certain point in the first chapter)
    4. You may create, control and battle NPCs that do not affect the story.
    5. If you battle with another role-playing character, discuss the outcome of the battle between yourselves either in the OoC thread or private messages.
    6. Let me know if you're going to be inactive for any more than 48 hours.
    7. Your Pokémon may learn new moves at any time, but please be reasonable. No baby Pidgeys with Sky Attack and whatnot.
    8. You may keep a maximum of 6 Pokémon with you at any time. A box-like system will be revealed around Chapter 2.
    9. No lore or legends may be mentioned regarding the following Legendary Pokémon unless it is lore distributed to characters by the gamemaster: Arceus, Giratina, Palkia, Dialga, Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza. Your character has not had any association with any of these Pokémon.
    10. Out-of-character discussions are limited to the OoC thread. You must fill out a sign-up sheet and wait for it to be accepted, as usual, before participating in this roleplay.
    11. This is a sandbox-style roleplay that partially follows a storyline. As new areas are revealed, you will be free to explore the regions as you see fit.

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