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Old March 10th, 2011 (2:47 PM).
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I've noticed something about Pokemon White as I've been playing - I've been playing entirely differently than I normally play. I normally power through the game with my starter way overlevelled because it's the only one I'm using, or at most one other. I have 4 Pokemon on my team that are around the same level in my White, and am planning on catching and raising at least one more. I've also found myself strategizing much more, choosing Pokemon with dual types to be able to cover every type I might battle and paying much more attention to stats (but still not quite like EV/IV trainers). I feel like part of it is that I'm less intimidated, because I only have ~150 new Pokemon to choose from, not ~500 old ones to find the most powerful in.

Has anyone else noticed a significant change in the way they play the game, or are the rest of you playing like you used to? Is it working out for you?

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Old March 10th, 2011 (3:08 PM).
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    i'm not sure its changed my playing style, so much as having to adapt to the game. It plays a lot differently than the past games. The pokemon you have to play with are a big factor in that sense, because they are new and different. You don't have the old stand-bys in the main story, which is kind of a bummer. But it makes for a good challenge, i definitely like it.
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    I'm just having a hard time right now. I don't have a player's guide yet and it seems like the game doesn't want you raising your Pokemon to high levels before a big battle while the opponents are more powerful than you are.

    If this is what they mean by getting back to basics, then they really got me taxed right now.
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      I can't say it has, because I've always been for a balanced team; only catching Pokémon I really want to balance out weaknesses in my overall team; levelling them equally so I'm never at a disadvantage. And I never catch more Pokémon than I need to in the main story. So far, this playthrough, I've caught eight, which is more than usual because I had to do that stupid catching challenge at the very beginning and release those caught straight afterwards. >.>

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        So far, no. I am still raising a balanced team of and I am also doing the exact same grinding, except that it is somewhat faster now thanks to pokerus.

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          I raise my Pokemon and treat it like a competitive team, but normally in the Story Mode I've never really had to pay attention to what the CPUs are doing. Normally it is something completely random that won't screw me over. But in B/W I've had to keep close tabs on the trainers I'm fighting, because they always seem to surprise me. I remember the first time I got Zoroarked (sorry, I make up my own verbs ; ) in the Battle Subway. They actually turned into a Flying type, so I didn't OHKO with Close Combat. XD

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          I'm playing differently. For one, I'm using all three starters, I'm not entirely rushing through to beat the Elite Four, I'm catching most wild Pokemon and I'm even raising those three Pokemon pretty much evenly instead of using a bird type. New start for me. XD

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            i havent noticed any great changes. the only thing i have noticed is i catch close to one of every pokemon i encounter. but everything else is the same i think

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              I normally have my team of 6 with like a level difference between them (except my starter which always is strongest by 1 levels) with my starter never leaving my team and always the strongest. I always trained up as much as i could before taking on anything in my path, levelling up crazy if need be.
              On black, i found i couldn't train up very well due to the new feature. I didn't like it at first but i think it's a really good new addition now. I have all my pokemon around the same level now (though starter still is strongest) and don't crazy train before taking something, just give it my best. I think this will stick by me when the next game comes out or if i new game an older one
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                I've not noticed many changes, but I seem to be levelling my other Pokemon much more than my Starter, whereas normally my Starter is always first in my team.
                Old March 16th, 2011 (8:43 AM).
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                It definitely has for me. Instead of catching my party of six earlier on in the game, I'm swapping members of my party out for others over the course of the game. In other Pokémon games, I'll catch my six and keep them right 'till the Elite Four. This time around, I'm only using three of the six Pokémon I've originally caught for my party and swapped out everyone else.

                Next playthrough I've already decided I'm ditching my starter as early as I can, which is a first for me.
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                  actually in this game it was the first time I dont use my starter in all the game, I put my starter in the box when he was lvl 32 and never used it again (the grass one )because there are so many good pokes I wana use and they are better than the starters
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                  Yeah, it has.
                  For one, I'm not evolving my Snivy, not sure why. And I've got a team of 5, one being the Basculin you get in an in-game trade.
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                    With all of the new powerful Pokemon introduced in 5th gen it has only added to my aggressive play style. While I do pay attention to weakness, I do tend to take offensive power over defense and BW has a lot of aggressive Pokemon for people like me such as Archeops.

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                    The way I battle and the way I level up my pokemon (everyone to be basically the same level) has not changed at all. However, in terms of catching pokemon, that has changed a lot. Usually, I wil plan months ahead for what team I have, and will know every inch of the Pokemon map. With Pokemon Black, I knew absolutely NOTHING going in. Not even what starter I would choose. I have basically been catching whatever looks cool to me (see signature), and just goin along with the amazing story. I think it has enhanced my experience! :)
                    Old March 16th, 2011 (10:02 AM).
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                      Well somewhat. It's made me, at least prepare for, playing the game slowly. Talking to all NPCs and not rush it.
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                        A bit, overally nothing has changed that much. However I did find myself waiting for team members longer than I did in Pokemon Diamond.

                        (Although I did still wait fairly long to get all the pokemon I wanted in pokemon platinum so it might not really be a change that happened with Pokemon White)

                        So not a lot really, it's actually strengthened how I level up all six of my pokemon team equally.
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                        Maybe a bit.

                        I haven't played much of any Pokemon game in months since I was mostly doing Pokemon Online.
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                          I wouldn't say it's changed my playing style much, but I have caught 6 pokemon for my team (normally I only use 4/5), and I try to keep them all at the same level.

                          I also never planned my team ahead of time (because I didn't know the pokemon) which I normally do, but it's more fun this way
                          Old March 16th, 2011 (12:03 PM).
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                            I'm catching more pokemon, not using my starter (for now), changes my strategy.

                            I think its a good change for me. =)
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                              Not at all. My strategy is use everything you need to win. And that's exactly what I'm doing. My biggest change in strategy is not relying on Psychic-pokemon this time around, though.
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                                Most definitely. :3 I used to always make solo runs with the starter!
                                But now, with so many interesting Pokemon to catch, I am really tempted not to! XD
                                Err... And now with the new EXP system, a solo run wouldn't work that well anymore anyways... ^^;

                                Aaaaand, I used to also reserve spots for HM slaves on my team. Now there is no need, so I get to have a bunch of Pokemon. :3 <3

                                Old March 16th, 2011 (12:42 PM).
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                                  Kind of changed my playstyle a little bit. However after the second gym the game got much easier. I still did my usual thing of getting one of the commonest and first types and just using it the most. Currently its Stoutland (From lilipup). First was a Ratatta and other ones for other games.

                                  Currently my Stoutland KOs most pokemon in 1-2 hits. I don't like my Servine much. Seems kind of weak compared to Stoutland. It has my XP share though. It should evolve soon.

                                  But no I just read a faq from to know everything. However it is tougher and I need to heal up my pokemon much more frequently. But the gyms atm are a joke. My Stoutland just killed the Flying (Jet Badge) gyms pokemons like nothing. He is over 10 levels higher than them though.

                                  I do use an AR code but only one, and thats the 100% catch rate since I figure id be annoyed if something cool came up and couldn't get it. So I just catch anything new with just a normal pokeball.

                                  All in all I am very happy at the game. I am using Pokemon White though, on my NDS phat ive had since they came out lol. (Still works perfect)
                                  Old March 16th, 2011 (2:22 PM).
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                                    Not really, still just go out catching whatever pops up and then pick my favourites to go around with.

                                    The main difference is that I've gone as slow as a snail on purpose so that the game lasts longer than normal. On about 52 hours and Ive just reached White Forest.
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                                      Oh yes. It's changed my gameplay like crazy!
                                      Before I used to plan out a team to play through with even before playing a Pokemon game. I'd have everyone down, sometimes even down to genders, names, and movesets all ready before playing. With B&W I love so many Pokemon that I never planned a team. I wrote a list of a bunch of Pokemon way beyond 6 that I wanted, but I never followed it in the end. I just ended up playing through and catching any Pokemon I wanted and training it. It was all un-planned, and I'm going to end up with 3 separate teams to use and interchange it seems. Maybe even more than that! I have never ever done this before.. ever. It's pretty boggling really! To have so many different Pokemon to choose from and use throughout the game!

                                      I believe with this change of gameplay, I'm going to be doing this way more often now. It's made me wanna go back to past generations, especially the first, and try out the new play style! <3
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