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What Pokemon Game(s) is the best?

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View Poll Results: What is the best Pokemon Game(s)
Red, Green, and Blue 1 3.45%
Yellow 0 0%
Gold and Silver 2 6.90%
Crystal 1 3.45%
Ruby and Sapphire 1 3.45%
Emerald 4 13.79%
FireRed and LeafGreen 1 3.45%
Diamond and Pearl 1 3.45%
Platinum 0 0%
HeartGold and SoulSilver 4 13.79%
Black and White 2 6.90%
Black 2 and White 2 9 31.03%
Other 3 10.34%
Voters: 29. You may not vote on this poll

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Old December 4th, 2012 (6:00 PM).
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We all know that Pokemon is a wonderful series that churns out a lot of amazing games. But, out of all the them, which is the best? Why do you think this game is the best out of all the series? Nostalgia? A Great Storyline? Awesome Music? Anyways, here is a place to discuss what you think is the best pokemon game and why. Begin!
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Old December 4th, 2012 (6:25 PM).
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I think that I like the Blue Rescue Team the best. I mean, you can BE a Pokemon. Not to mention actually go on adventures. I like the spinoffs.

But the best main game for me will probably be Sapphire or FireRed. I adore those two because I used to play them all the time.
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Old December 4th, 2012 (6:36 PM).
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I realy like BW2 becouse in most pokemon games you can beat with in a matter of a week or so but in this one there's a way longer story line for cryin out loud you get 2 MASTER BALLS!!
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Old December 4th, 2012 (6:45 PM).
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I'm going to say B/W & B/W2 due to their great depth, content, and storyline.


Although not a main series game I think Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness/Sky(and mostly likely Magnegate and Infinite Labrynth) totally eclipses the storyline and general "hook" the game has on you anything below, and debatably, on par with gen 5. And for me both B/W 1&2 and PMD2 has very good replay value as well.
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Old December 6th, 2012 (1:50 PM).
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BW2 took care of so many problems the other games had. It was the most satisfactory game I had ever played. Those games made Gen 5 my favorite within a few days.
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Old December 6th, 2012 (2:58 PM).
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My best one is surely Pokemon B/W 2 because of it's depth storyline and amazing music. The most amazing part was when Kyurem and Reshiram/Zekrom fused.
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Old December 6th, 2012 (3:57 PM).
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I only played R/B/Y, G/S/C, R/S/E, and Diamond & Heart Gold. So I'm basing my judgement on the games I have played. And I would say Heart Gold. The menu on the bottom screen made it more easier to access the menu, and the GTS and wifi room was so much better and easier to use than the ones in D/P/Pt
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Old December 6th, 2012 (7:54 PM).
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B&W2 both come close but I still have to say that HG/SS are the two best games to this point.
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Old December 7th, 2012 (12:01 AM).
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For me, it's really a toss up between HeartGold and Emerald. I absolutely loved the Battle Frontier of Emerald, and I spent countless hours training up my teams to take on the facilities, even though I could never win. HeartGold did an excellent job of being a remake of Gold, and added so many new features that really boosted the gameplay quality. Plus, with Gen IV's addition of the Physical/Special split, I found myself having more fun battling than I ever did in the past.

I'm not far enough along in White 2 to give judgement on it (although it seems to be high up everyone else's list), but that might change in the future. But as of right now, my favorite of the games would have to be HeartGold.
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Old December 7th, 2012 (12:06 AM).
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I love all of the games, but Black & White 2 is definitely [i]the[\i] most favourite of all the games for me at the moment, followed closely by B/W and DPPt. The storyline is amazing, the graphics are incredible, the new Pokemon are awesome. Nuff said. <3
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Old December 8th, 2012 (12:06 PM). Edited December 8th, 2012 by Gym Leader Whitney.
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I have played all of them, and for me BW2 and Crystal were the best I've played.

BW2 has beautiful graphics, an amazing storyline, and a world tornament (in which I appear :3).

Crystal, was the prototype for most of the amazing features included in the DS games, Moving sprites, wireless conection (though it was only included in the Japanese version), Male and Female characters, and event pokemons (I believe there was an event Mew in the first gen, I am, however, not entirely sure on this), and lastly I appear in this game as well :3

To sum things up, I had fun playing each game, but the between the ones I have mentioned above I have to choose Crystal because it offered me very pleasent moments during my childhood, BW2 comes as a close (very close) second place, followed by Platinum (I really enjoyed the storyline in this one almost as much as in BW2).
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Old December 8th, 2012 (1:41 PM).
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There's no love for any Gen III games as far as the poll says =/

I like all of the games. It's difficult to choose that one special game that is considered the best. My most played game is Diamond but I'm not sure if it's my favourite. It definitely holds the most memories for me simply because it's my most played and I've spent over 5 years on it.
Um...if I did have to decide though I'd choose Crystal. I remember it being the most challenging, maybe because I was a wee one at the time. It also holds that "ohhh, nostalgic Pokemon game" feeling to it :D
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Old December 9th, 2012 (2:40 PM).
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It is hard to say which is my favorite. It is a tie between 4 games.

Crystal, Emerald, BW1 and BW2. I would have to say BW 1 and 2 are probably the top two there though because they had a storyline. However, I went with Emerald because it is my favorite generation still.
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Old December 10th, 2012 (7:09 AM).
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I've seen people bash third gen all the time. Imho, the Hoenn games were the best.
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Old December 10th, 2012 (11:18 AM).
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I'd say Black 2/White 2. It has the new Pokémon in it, plus extra new features like move tutors and the World Tournament.

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Old December 12th, 2012 (1:10 AM).
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Despite so many B2/W2 fans present here, I actually prefer the original Black and White better.

I mean, I loved the story and it was the best Pokemon game I ever played. I haven't played Black 2/White 2 yet so I can't give judgement on it so yeah, I voted Black and White for the epic story and my favorite games EVER.
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Old December 12th, 2012 (7:12 AM).
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FireRed and LeafGreen or HeartGold and SoulSilver
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Old December 12th, 2012 (7:26 AM).
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As much as I like B2/W2 I actullay prefer playing my pokemon Emerald, Pearl and Heartgold.
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Old December 12th, 2012 (12:16 PM).
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Pokemon Colloseum and XD
I really loved the fact that your starter is an Eevee that could eveolve into 5 different pokemons.
Gen III was my favourite generation.
I would have added Yellow and Crystal but I guess I really love Orre and it makes me sad that nobody intends o actually make a third installment for this world. For Gen V there should be one too.

Wes/Leo is a great protagonist and hero and it was an interesting idea to make the characters able to snatch Trainer pokemon. Michael/Ryuto isnt halfbad either, even though the design is a bit unnerving.
But lets be honest. There are many flaws that could be helped if anyone tried to make more!
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Old December 19th, 2012 (8:39 AM).
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I have the fondest memories of red and blue. I could never go back and play them since they are ancient, but the remakes were as good as the originals. Also, the original set of pokemon were the best IMO.
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Old December 19th, 2012 (8:46 AM).
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RSE, Hoenn is the best in terms of storyline, scenery etc.
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Old December 19th, 2012 (11:37 AM).
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The pmd games. I think they are the best because they are the games that can make a person sad.
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