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Chains of Durandal - Android game

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Old December 12th, 2012 (9:51 AM).
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    It's a free card game for mobile devices. I prefer these types of games because I can play them anytime anywhere.

    - easy gameplay;
    - great card designs; it has a non-manga/anime style which is pretty hard to find these days (there would be Shadow Era but it has different gameplay).
    - great cooperative events; they mix the weak players with the strong ones and that's very advantageous for inexperienced players.
    - in-game forums; if you need help or info you will find what you need there.
    - less time consuming; you can play it 10 minutes on the bus or anywhere else and then you're free to focus on other activities.

    - the game is fairly new, so it lacks certain features.

    If you're interested, try it and tell your impressions (you can find it on Google Play).
    And you could use the promotional code 7QgT to get some kind of bonus.

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