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Authors Note: This is 2 years after the events of HG/SS, between the B/W and the B2/W2 arcs.

Chapter 1: Uprising

Valor Lakefront. Even though it's located a bit far from those populous cities that people get to visit, it's rather peaceful in nature. Some people that reside in this area are quite boastful when it comes to living in this fine area. Some that also live here tend to care of their Pokémon and have fun with them.

But it was one tranquil morning in the middle of April. In one of the hotels, there lay a brunette girl that slept peacefully in her comfy white bed. She snored so quietly as a whisper. Nearby her bed, one of the Poke Balls rolled around vigorously, until it ejected a luminous, icy glow. It reformed into a Vaporeon.

"Vap vap." she yapped in curiousity. She was daring to see of how this day may go.

She glanced through her window and looked at a flock of Starly and Swablu flying through the luminous sky. As she slowly crawled towards it, she looked at the sky, and saw the intense sun. She awed in curiosity, until it flashed her eyes.

"Vapor!" she shrilled in pain as she used her tailfin to wipe her eyes. Suddenly, she heard peaceful rumbles that penetrated her ears. She turned her head towards her master who held her red keychain, embedded with glistening crystals, in her arm.

She quickly jumped on her master's chest and rubbed her soft face with her nose. She felt that her face was like a soft cushion that you can lay on. But as soon as she tried rubbing her master's face, her brown eye slowly began to open.

Vaporeon stopped her rubbing and gazed at her master's blank eye. The whole room was instantly silent. Her master's face was frozen in shock.

"Yah!" she shrilled in a loud manner. She instantly rolled out of the bed and fell on her head on her white carpet, while Vaporeon ran out of her room.

"Owwww…." She got up and rubbed her silky head, "I swear that Aquarius will pay for trying to tamper me!"

She then sighed in relief as she walked to her big window. While she glanced at the Starly and Staraptor flying around as they chanted happily, she couldn't bear to think of what it was like for her to be in Johto once more where she was once with her childhood friends and family in Goldenrod City where she conquered to get the eight badges.

She thought, "It must be 2 years now… My mom and my dad must be worrying about how I am alone in Sinnoh… I need to step up my game towards being a good coordinator. I am Melissa… the Pokémon Coordinator….."

A while later, Melissa was in her living room, where she was frying up the juicy pancakes that awaited for her sensitive taste buds. As she was humming with her eyes closed, she felt a tug on her blue pants.

She glanced down and saw her troubled Luxio. Her Luxio purred in a painful way with her whimpering face. "What's the matter Libra?"

She purred painfully as she pounded on her tummy. Soon, she dropped the silver pan and rushed outside to the balcony, not even noticing of how her pancakes would be.

Outside on the balcony, Melissa was pouring the Poke food on the bowls for her 3 Pokemon. She ignored the soft breeze that swayed across the atmosphere. Even though it flows through her hair and white short sleeved shirt, she ignored as if it was nothing to worry.

"Here you go." She dropped the red shaped bowl towards her famished Luxio. As soon as she sucked in the smell of the scrumptious food, Libra ate and ate until there was nothing more. Then she fell down and fell asleep.

Melissa smiled as she looked at Libra, but glanced at Vulpes, her Vulpix. She slowly munched away the Poke food. Vulpes had a blank and fixed stare on the bowl as she continued to eat away the diminishing scraps.

"I wonder on where I can get a Fire Stone for Vulpes. I wish for her to be a Ninetales. But I guess that can wait for now….." Aquarius and Togetic faintly snored as they fell asleep from their heavy stomach.

They rested on the grassy mat with their legs close together. Melissa looked at the whole vicinity. She can't help but look at the whole trees that are displayed a bit far for her view as she saw Jumpuff and Mothim fly away.

Suddenly, a vibrating tone was roaring inside. Melissa's heart was racing as she rushed inside of her room and put the phone on her ear.

"Hello?" a familiar voice said out of the phone.

Sweat slithered through Melissa's skin as it barely dampened her clothing.

"Oh hey Mom!" Melissa happily hollered.

"Hey….. So I was wondering…. Did you get a dangerous boyfriend in the Sinnoh Region?"

Melissa was dumbstruck by that absurd response. She trembled as she placed the phone away from her ear. Her mouth was open as her face turned into a shocked expression.

Soon enough, she placed the phone close to her mouth, "Oh Mother! Why are you worrying about me huh! You should know that I am always in good behavior in Sinnoh, so I don't see on why you should worry about me huh!?" Melissa panted heavily and placed the phone close to her ear.

"Oh, sorry about that." her mother giggled, "So, I saw that you lost in the recent Pokemon Contest. You were in sixth place, and I was mad of how Jessie and her Roserade won! I will come to Sinnoh and teach you how to be a top notch Coordinator and tell of that Jessie of how I was #1 in my previous career!"

"No no mother… let's forget about that….." she carefully said, "living in Sinnoh for two years was a bit scary at first…."

She thought back when she was in the boat, all by herself with Aquarius that was an Eevee at the time. She seemed solemn as she glanced at her mother waving goodbye with her friends. She was unsure of how Sinnoh might be. She remembered seeing it on TV a week after she came back from the Pokemon League.

It showed the big Super Contest Hall and the elegant Pokemon and their performances, like a Piplup using Bubblebeam and froze the bubbles. They cracked and glimmering sparkles rained down which caused everyone to be amazed. Melissa was 12 at the time, and she realized her real goal; to become a #1 coordinator.

Back to this, she was in a daze when she was thinking back.

"Hello, you're still there?"

Melissa jumped instantly as her eyes were wide open. "Yes yes. Bye mother!"

"Wait, wait, I was about to tell you about—" the conversation was broken as she put the phone back. She released a troubled sigh. She noticed a charred smell that made its way to the whole room.

"Ehh….." she turned towards the stove and noticed the black smoke emitting out. Sweat was rapidly racing down as she shivered.

"No! My pancakes!" While she rushed to the stove, she turned it off and took the pan. She glanced at her crispy black pancakes that were like coal. Tears were running down and dripped to the ground. "No….. my pancakes are ruined!" She screamed as she glanced at the sleek, while ceiling.

A while later, Aquarius and Melissa were walking towards the Super Contest hall in the populous Hearthome City. Various chatter and other noises were making its way.

Various Pokémon like Houndour and Totodile would run around happily while their trainers would try to grab them. She felt the warm sky that was sending its rays to the whole town, which really irritated her a bit, except Aquarius, since she's a water type.

"Hey, I wonder of how populated the city is. Everyone would crawl around this amazing area at all times, non stop." she said to Aquarius.


She glanced at the various bystanders walking around with their Poffins and badges with their Pokémon. Then she noticed her friend from Sinnoh that was walking out of the Super Contest Hall.

"Hey Lisa!" Melissa yelled in amazement.

She looked up in response and glanced at Melissa and her Vaporeon. She slowly walked towards the two with her Poke Ball in her hand. "Oh, hey."

Melissa looked at Lisa's dismal face and her black hair that barely shrouds her green eyes. They all wondered on why she was sad for that particular moment as she was in front of the expansive Contest hall. "What's the matter?"

"You haven't heard? Remember Jessie that beat you a week back? She is #1 again, and she beat most of the contestants with Roserade all the time!"

Melissa and Aquarius glared at Lisa in a troubled way, shocked by what she said.

As soon as they were going to enter in the hall, Lisa said, "Wait!" They were alarmed as they turned towards her. "What is it?"

"For the upcoming Pokémon Contest, you need four Pokémon to enter!"

"What?" Melissa questioned in disbelief.

She rushed into the hall and ran to the receptionist. The people that were in the hall, including the receptionist were instantly grieved by the girl's sudden appearance.

"Four Pokemon to enter!? When was this!? I don't ever recall hearing this when I was here!"

"I'm sorry, but you should have remembered this the last time you entered. You can't enter until you get four Pokémon after the previous contest was over."

The bystanders glared at Melissa and the two since they were uneasy. As she walked back to her room in the night, Melissa jumped on her comfy bed and rolled all over it.

She thought, "What am I going to do? I don't have four Pokémon with me. I'd just do fine with two….." Then an idea popped in her head. She got up and sat on her bed, having a wide smile of her new idea that was generated in an instant.

"I can just catch a Pokémon!" She quickly grabbed one of her Poke Balls and ran out of the hotels to the dark outdoors. She raced into Route 229, trying to scour across the lands in search of a Pokémon with her bright flashlight. She glanced at the night sky that had glimmering stars. She awed as a shooting star was traveling its way until it disappeared.

As soon as she was trailing around, she heard a prickling sound that emanated through the whole route. She shivered in fear as she wondered on what's going on. A tear that rained down from her eye dried instantly from the warm temperature.

"I'm running out this place!" As she was quickly pacing away from the dark and ominous place, a long shadow quickly blocked her way back to her home. She instantly fell down and glanced at the creepy shadow that's coming from the dark bushes. Soon enough, a sticky white thread latched on her leg.

"No, this can't be….." she thought. She thought back of how Bug Pokemon would intimidate her as a kid. They had those big and blank eyes, those scary mouths that had pointy teeth, and those weird evolutions that are disgusting. She knew that this might be a Bug type, and she wanted to elude from its sticky grip.

She heard the prickling sound again, and it's nearby. She shivered more and more as sweat was erupting out of her skin. Her heart pounded and pounded as if it were going to explode. A dreaded pain was coursing through her body towards her sweat and her faint breath. "Oww…"

She slowly got up and was about to take out her Poke Ball, but the shrouded figure jumped on her chest. She was alarmed when she saw that it was a cute Spinarak that was blankly staring at her troubled face. It cuddled on her and had its fangs close to her that made Melissa intimidated.

Melissa emitted a loud shriek as she pushed the Spinarak. She shivered with her clenched arms on her face, afraid of this creepy crawler. Her Poke Ball rolled and released a luminous light that reformed into Aquarius.

"Oh….. I hate Bug Types…." Melissa thought, but she heard piercing cries coming out. She looked at Aquarius blasting a Water Gun attack, but the Spinarak quickly evaded it as the blast hits the trees that caused leaves to shower down.

As soon as Aquarius was going to blast another Water Gun, the Spinarak vanished from their sight. Aquarius was in shock and plunged to the tree. She tried to get up as she struggled on her feet, she panted and panted roughly while she tried to grasp on the little energy she has.

"No….. This can't be…" Melissa tried to look inside her bag for her Poke Balls, but she was grieved. She forgot to get them back from the hotel! She couldn't bear to watch this disturbing scene. Then the wild Spinarak fell from the tree while Aquarius wasn't even expecting this.

"Aquarius! Above you quick!" Melissa yelled. But when Aquarius stared at the Spinarak's fangs, it quickly pierced her back with its poisonous fangs. Poison seeped into her bloodstream that's slowly damaging her body.

"NOOOO!" Aquarius tried to get up, but she collapsed to the ground as she shivered. Melissa just returned her back to the Poke Ball and quickly tried running for her life.

"This can't be." she thought, "This can't be happening. Right now during the night while I'm trapped with this thing!?" She grabbed her chest tightly with her head down, but she felt the web on her leg pulling her back towards the Spinarak.

"No! No!" As she tried to grab on the grass to keep her safe, she was quickly being sucked back forcefully. She painfully breathed, wanting this madness to stop. Her silky brown hair was pulled back by the Spinarak as she was reached to it.

When Melissa glared at the Spinarak's blank face, she quickly bit her arm and red jacket. She couldn't believe that this was happening. In all of the times that she encountered a Bug Pokémon, she never expected for this monstrosity to happen.

She thought back on when she fought Bugsy. She had a Chikorita at the time, and she lost so many times against the Scyther that she thought of giving up. But with her determination, she finally defeated Bugsy and got the badge.

But with this, she never saw a Spinarak that fast and strong. She felt a crawling sensation all over her stomach as the Spinarak was close to her face. "No, get away! I don't want you to kill me!" She placed her soft arm in front of the Spinarak.

As the Spinarak was about to bite her, she remembered Melissa saying that she hates Bugs. The creature seemed solemn and released her from its grip. Melissa quickly eluded from that small threat in the dark and dangerous area.
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Hello, Volcanix769, after reading your story I prepared a nice little review for you here. So let's get right to it, shall we?
The bolded and italic sentences are my corrections.

Valor Lakefront. Even though it's located a bit farfrom those populous cities that you get to visit, it's rather peaceful in nature...

You jumped from 3rd person to 2nd person by including the word "you" in the sentence. I appreciate you’re trying to include the reader into the story, but I think the narratives go better in 1st or 3rd person. The sentence quoted above could simply be fixed by using the word "people" instead of "you".

You should know that I am always in behavior in Sinnoh...

good behavior?

But it was one tranquil morning in the middle of April. In one of the hotels, there lied one brunette girl that sleeps peacefully in her comfy, white bed.

In one of the hotels, there lay a brunette girl that slept peacefully in her comfty white bed. [No comma needed.]

The story seems to jump from present to past tense a lot,and on a personal preference of mine, it's a big no-no. Present tense stories are harder to write and most of the time they sound a tad awkward if not written properly. I liked how the story was going in past tense. Some of the words should be changed to fit a past tense story.

flying around as they chant happily


Then an idea pops in her head.


She turned her head towards her master, who held a that has her arm holding her red keychain, that's embedded with crystals, in her arm.

Those were merely examples of changing the structure of the sentence to fit a past tense story. Notice how quoted sentence above sounded much better than it did in the present tense structured sentence. This is why a lot of people tend to write in past tense.

Melissa smiled as she looked at Libra, but she then glanced at her Vulpix that's named Vulpes

Melissa smiled as she looked at Libra, but then glanced at Vulpes, her Vulpix.

Somehow the orginal sentence, for lack of a better term, stupefied me. You didn't need to include "she" because we (the readers) already know that it's Melissa who glanced over because it's in the same sentence.

Melissa looked at Lisa's dismal face and her black hair that barely shrouds her green eyes.

I want to use this sentence as an example to a point. You seem to write one-liner descriptive sentences in the story, which overall negatively impacts it. Why is Lisa's face dismal? Can you explain? These are the little things, in my opinion, that make a story, not just telling us their face is dismal. In other words, show, don't tell.

WHAT!?" Melissa yelled.

"What?" Melissa questioned in disbelief.

The orginal sentence is grammatically incorrect. You can't really place an exclamation point and a question mark in the same place. I understand that is slang that some people use to make what they wrote sound sort of surprising and infuriating. That's why you need description to show what kind of tone they used. Also, it doesn't help to capitalize it either. It makes it seem rather childish and not serious.

I did enjoy Melissa's characterization quite a bit, but somehow I feel she could have been conveyed a little better. She's an aspiring coordinator that just came in sixth place in a previous contest. She also has a rival named Jessie, who seems to share some history with her mother. There were a few ideas that you needed to expand on, but for the most part this is a solid, well-thought out story. The history brought her to life, which I enjoyed the most.

Here's another idea you could have expanded on.

Hey….. So I was wondering…. Did you get a dangerous boyfriend in the Sinnoh Region?"

Why would the first thing she say to her daughter be, where's your boyfriend? It's pretty comical to read about these situations.This could have been a great place to put in some humor, if you wanted.
You should try to be more descriptive and work on expanding your ideas for the next chapter. That's all the time I have for today.

PEACE and zooooom? :I
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Originally Posted by Maced View Post
You should try to be more descriptive and work on expanding your ideas for the next chapter. That's all the time I have for today.

PEACE and zooooom? :I
Thanks, I didn't notice my errors until now. And anyways, I am discontinuing this story after a person noted out that this didn't start well varying on the character traits and how it goes since it seems forced, even by how I write my words. I'll write another story next month and it's my birthday.

Anywhoo, here's the second chapter, the last of all. I may pick up on this and rewrite it, but I lost my focus on doing this.

Chapter 2: Nostalgia

Sounds of shrilling hoots encircled around the whole dark route as Melissa tried to elude out of it. Sweat respired from her tender skin as she carried her sickened Aquarius as she vibrantly trembled. Melissa heard Aquarius' soft cries of pain that faintly echoed out of her mouth as she swished her sleek tail and feet around Melissa's chest.

Melissa didn't want to go through that pain again. Not again. A year back was when she finally gave up being a Pokémon Trainer. Yes she came to Sinnoh in order to reach that dream goal that she really desired out of her warm heart, but she still had that little burst of excitement that was coursing through her veins.

It was near Sunyshore City in the warm and sunny area when she just came back from that excruciating challenge at the Pokémon League. There were a lot of people that were enjoying the exquisite beach, but they weren't even wit A rogue trainer that had a Gabite brutally attacked her Eevee that was Aquarius. It viciously slashed her numerous times while Aquarius didn't have the chance to fight back.

Melissa was grieved of how she wanted her Eevee to be strong enough. She didn't know what to do. But when she lost, she was holding her worn out Aquarius that had her glistening eyes and mouth that was barely open.

"Eeee…" a crackling and faint sound howled out of Eevee's mouth while Melissa was trembling. The trainer released a devious grin out of his mouth while he crossed his arms as Gabite and the trainer trailed away from the sandy beach.

The clouds turned grim and dark as they gathered up together and blocked the bright sunlight that was giving the whole land warm pleasure. Soon it released pockets of rain as it barraged the whole land.

Melissa couldn't even bear the condition for her injured Eevee. A stream of tears slithered out of her eyes like a fast river current and touched her Eevee's cheek. She looked at the dismal looking sky and cried horribly loud as it echoed vibrantly to the whole gloomy land.

Now in the present time, Melissa dashed across the long route, evading the shrouding danger that might strike them. Soon enough, she tripped on a sturdy rock without knowing that it was here.

Her white and glistening dress and whole body collided in the prickly grass. She couldn't even stop her own fall since gravity is doing its job. Aquarius' weak body was released out of Melissa's arms as she rolled across the grassy field. She's unconscious, and she released sweat quickly out of her body.

Melissa slowly got up as she struggled and got on her legs. She noticed an irritable pain that was surging at her right knee. She quickly got her dress off of it and noticed a slight pint of blood that erupted out.

"No." said Melissa as she limped towards Aquarius. She was about to fall down as the pain attacked her again, but she ignored it and took a hold of Aquarius. Limping was a struggle for her as it lowered her ability to walk, and it slowed her down.

In the dark night at 1 A.M, she limped to Hearthome City with Aquarius on her arms. As she slowly touched the sleek door of the Pokémon Center, it quickly slid open. She walked into the Pokémon Center towards Nurse Joy who appears to look intrigued by her overall look.

"Hello Melissa, I see that you encountered trouble catching a Pokémon?" said Nurse Joy.

"How did you know?" Melissa blankly stared at Nurse Joy's cautious face.

"I can tell by your look and Aquarius' condition. Can I help recover her? And you can stay here for the night since it'll be dangerous for you to walk back."

Melissa released a sigh as she heaved her injured Pokémon to Nurse Joy's possession. She slowly walked into the resting room where other trainers rest in for the night and slept on the empty bed that awaited her.

As hours flew by, Melissa walked out of the resting room, healed up. She observed the long and pink hallway and it appeared to her as a long capsule chamber. As she walked into the Pokémon recovery room, she looked at Aquarius. She was on top of a white and circle table while she was just standing there with a striking gaze towards Melissa as her tail swished around.

"I see that Aquarius…." said Melissa as she was astonished for her Pokémon look, "She was waiting for me this whole time." As she walked away, Aquarius sprung out of the table and walked out of the Pokémon Center.

As she looked at the clear sky, Melissa thought, "I wonder how my day will be. I guess that it'll be a crazy day as always, right?" She smiled as she looked down. "Let's see."

As the hours roll by, Melissa and Lisa, her friend, was relaxing in the populous resort pool in Valor Lakefront in their flowery swimsuits. They sat on their mats with their legs in the warm and soothing water. The bright sun that released its glow allowed their light skins glisten.

Lisa, who was sitting at the right, turned to Melissa and her green swimsuit that had a red flower like pattern.

"So, my mom got a new job." said Lisa as she smiled.

Melissa's silky brown hair dropped from her shoulders as she quickly turned her head towards Lisa, but she can't help but notice of how her black hair contradicted her green eyes and light skin. Not to mention the blue swimsuit with Mudkip head patterns that contradicted her whole appearance.

"That's good. And I got in a predicament in the night."

Lisa was lost in thought, until she noticed that scrape on her knee. "That explains the scar right?"

Melissa trembled as she loathed for that Spinarak. It's the reason that all of this happened. For poisoning Aquarius. For injuring and frightening Melissa.

Melissa sucked in some air as she looked at Lisa. "So, as I tried to find a Pokémon, a Spinarak came in and tried to kill me and Aquarius."

"Wait, a Spinarak? I don't see how a Spinarak can kill you." said Lisa as she chuckled uncontrollably.

Melissa's cheeks lit up into a color of a cherry as she was being laughed at. "It's not funny! It poisoned Aquarius and it almost bit me! It was on my chest and it snuggled me so hard that I didn't have the time to resist! It trapped me in its web!"

Lisa was shocked by her loud outburst as she heard her seriousness. She turned around and had a dismal face when she heard this. "Oh. Sorry about that."

Soon enough, they heard echoes of water splashed across the pool, a soothing splash that was echoed out. They focused on Spike, Melissa's Togetic that was happily swimming towards her. Melissa's smile turned brighter as she thought back of how she got Spike as an egg in Johto.

When he hatched into a Togepi, he would always pop out of his Poke Ball at random occasions, but he's pretty sturdy and defensive. He was considered weak compared to Melissa's old team in Johto, but she trained Spike with Aries, her Chikorita, and Bubbles, her Azumarill non stop, every day. Melissa never gave up on Spike.

Spike jumped out of the pool as his presence was covering her master's view. "Wha.. what?" Melissa said in astonishment.

Spike plunged into Melissa's belly and rubbed his white and spiky head to the pillow he's desired. Melissa was irked as she had that disgusting facial expression. Spike's spiky head caused piercing discomforting pain to Melissa's body as it moved around.

"Ehhh….. could you not rub your spikes, they are hurting me." She lightly pushed her Togetic from her. Togetic's face soon became gloomy as tears leaked out of his eyes. Lisa had a stern grin at Melissa as she tightly grabbed on to her shoulder.

"What's the matter with you? Go apologize to your Togetic since you're so cold!" Lisa displayed her dreadful face that intimidated Melissa as her body trembled by her sudden reaction.

"Ok! Ok! I will, I. I promise!" said Melissa, but her voice was cracking like ice.

She lightly patted Spike's body that eased his pain away. He looked at her owner's sad face and brightly smiled at her with his mouth open.

A Sunshine form Cherrim with a silver pan that's full of Pecha Berries was slowly walking towards Lisa. Her small stature seemed unnoticeable, but her light yellow appearance and pink parts around her body seemed to get people's attention by the overall cute appearance.

"Rim? Cherrim."

Lisa and the others lost their attention and looked at the Cherrim as everything turned silent in an instant. Lisa instantly recognized Lilly, her Cherrim since she told her to collect Pecha Berries for a drink.

Lisa smiled as she tilted her head, letting her silky hair fall from her shoulders, "Lilly, you brought the Pecha Berries!" Lisa carefully grabbed the pan as everyone gathered around to gaze on the light Pecha Berries. Aquarius submerged from the water in water form quickly as she reformed back. She happily yapped as her tongue was revealed.

Later on that same spot, nothing has changed except that everyone was drinking the Pecha Berry drink. Melissa and the others felt the sweetness of that drink prickle their taste buds as it made their way into their bodies.

Lisa and Melissa fell down along with Aquarius and Lilly as they gazed at the bright and light sky. They looked at the thin clouds slowly trailing away from the sun that made them quite relieved to relax by themselves since rarely anyone was here in the afternoon. Starly flew by as they sang across the sky, letting their soothing songs encircle the whole vicinity.

Lisa can't help but wonder what has been flowing in her mind. She tilted her head beside Melissa who had a fixed and happy gaze at the sky. She thought of Melissa as beautiful and kind, also for her bright brown eyes and light brown hair. Also for her light skin and small lips that seemed glassy at least.

She remembered meeting her when they first met in the Contest Hall 2 years ago. They would argue and compete to see who was better. Lisa never gave up and always tried to make her Cherrim fashionable and cute, as Melissa only cared of what her Pokémon prefer and what suits them the most.

Lisa was blinded by how Pokémon Contests are supposed to work, until Melissa beat her in the final round with her Shinx against her Glameow. At the sunset, she was outside of the Contest Hall, having no signs of emotion. She just stood there for hours, until Melissa just ran and grabbed her hand.

Lisa turned towards her happy and teary face as her own face brightened us. She was shocked as her eyes were feeling like they were in pain. But Melissa closed her eyes and smiled as she said, "Let's be friends, forever. We will be screwed as one. We will fight as one. And that way, we both can reach our goals of being a coordinator.

Back to this, Lisa was still overwhelmed by how Melissa would be better than her just by that quote that was stitched into her confused heart. "Melissa…"

Melissa turned her head and looked at Lisa's eyes. They seemed to look like they were in pain and jealousy. "What Lisa? What seemed to bother you?"

Lisa has no thought of saying something in an instant with Melissa's face of confusion striking her view. Her face was heating up as her cheeked blushed brightly that caused sweat to erupt out quickly.

"Are you… Are you going to compete for that Pokémon Contest next week?"

Soon enough, a burst of laughter and infatuating chatter loudly echoed from the hotel rest spot. Lisa and Melissa quickly got up along with the Pokémon as they recognized that evil devious from somewhere.

A crowd of hypnotized men walked out as they cheered and try to touch an attractive woman. The woman's lips were bright as a cherry that could seduce even a man with a cold heart. Her blue eyes were light as the sky, along with her skin and illuminating skin. She wore a revealing swimsuit and a curvy figure that signified her as an attractive woman who was named Jessie.

A Roserade walked away from her towards Aquarius and Cherrim. Melissa walked towards the crowd seemingly angry and annoyed of her presence. Jessie cockily laughed until she saw Melissa's angry face.

Melissa couldn't stand Jessie and her prissy personality. Their families were once friends and got each other's back. They relied on another and competed for friendly competition. But Jessie's family became rich and exquisite. They were blinded by how Melissa's family worked hard to get the things they deserved, and they got the fame and money just by themselves.

Now Melissa really wanted to get it through Jessie's head.

"Jessie, why are you here?" she bluntly said.

Jessie couldn't take Melissa's teen appearance seriously as she laughed along with the men as she said, "You see, I heard that you live in this area. So I wanted to stop by and see of how you live. I seen your room and it looks so dirty and lacking beauty and extravagance. So I wanted you to fix up your act."

Melissa couldn't stand Melissa's seducing voice and what she prefers. Her room was neat and detailed correctly, so she doesn't know what she's talking about.

"Look, I don't see on how you think of beauty and glamour as your important qualities! And you should know on not to use your Pokémon for beauty and fame! Friendship and trust is what's important to them, and you should understand how they truly feel!" Melissa's voice reached very loud towards Jessie and the men's eardrums.

Roserade laughed as she looked at Aquarius's blank face and Togetic's babyish appearance. She posed in front of them while she had her legs crossed and her arms in front of them having a bright smile that irritated them.

When Jessie was loudly laughing with the men in front of Melissa, all of them heard their Pokémon bicker loudly by the minute. Melissa's heart skipped a beat as she sweated. She quickly grabbed her Poke Balls that were on her strap and returned her Pokémon.

Roserade glared at them as she skipped towards her master. Before they departed, Jessie laid her right eye at Melissa and said,

"Remember that our family is always at the top and you poor excuse of a family will never reach us. Keep that in mind."

Later in the night, Melissa walked into her room that appeared to look like a snowy area near Snowpoint City. She got back from being with Lisa and her mom at her house. As she trailed around her room, she noticed a trophy a year ago for being a contestant of the Sinnoh Pokémon League a year back.

She was slightly saddened as she looked at this that was her former occupation. Yes she went to Sinnoh to reach her dream, but she felt like competing for the Pokémon League just to train her Pokémon in order for them to be strong and strategic.

But a memory ringed in her head. It was when she was in Lisa's room as they watched TV about the upcoming Battle Competition. She was quite unsure and she still didn't have a complete decision. She head prickly sounds that encircled her room instantly. She was intimidated by that same cry that was there a day back in the dark and devious night of the dangerous Spinarak.

"Wha…" She thought for sure that the Spinarak must have followed her here, so she ran towards her window and noticed that there was nothing there besides Zubat and Noctowl flying at they were happily chanting. Melissa smiled as she was soothed by their cries and went to the bathroom.

Outside of the balcony, that same Spinarak resided outside Melissa's window. She was glad to see that Melissa didn't send out her Pokémon. The little creature wanted to get close to Melissa's presence and most of all, her hands. She craved for it, and she wanted to be with her so bad, since she was lonely of how her family is disappearing one by one without explanation.
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