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Pokémon The Great War

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Old January 5th, 2013 (9:55 AM).
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The Great War

It happened nearly 10 years ago. All these kids starting there journeys were just babies. Growing up with no Dad is not a life an aspiring pokemon trainer should have to face. But it was all for the cause. Our very way of life was threatened. Those ****ers from Unova were building aircraft's and battleships.There were rumours they were creating a super Pokemon, a Pokemon more powerful than any other They invaded. Oh, they invaded alright. Christmas Eve, 1996.

Chapter 1
"Join the fight agints the Unovans!", the sign above the door read. I was just a 19 year old trainer, making my way up the pokemon ladder. Sure, i had a couple badges, and i had a few pokemon, but i was by no means anywhere near a master. Unlike my friend Matt. We had known each other since before i could remember. We both started our pokemon journeys together. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was given a Pidgey by my father, while Matt was given a Squirtle, as his family were close with the Oak's. He always boased about this fact, as if it made him better than me, being from a poor family.
"Well, go on then."` Matt said, pointing to the sign, "You said you would do it!"
"Umm... Yeah, i will, OK?" I replied back to him, in a shaky voice
" Well do it then! Look, i'll go first, then you do it, ok?"
Matt then walked straight forward through a door, in which the sign was placed next too. I followed him inside. It was a small pub, with a wooden bar, tables and chairs in, and a couple of people behind a desk in the middle.
"Ah, young men!" One of the men said, through his bushy grey moustache.
The other man then asked " So, care to join the fight against the Unovan's?"
"Umm...Umm..." I hesitated
Then Matt piped up "Hell yes. We're ready to fight for the cause"
"Bloody Brilliant! Just sign your details on these sheets of paper..." He handed us a clipboard with sheets and sheets of paper on it to fill out. We filled them out and gave them back.
"Spiffing job lads" The hairless faced said " We'll see you 6 o'clock on monday morning. Report to the safari zone for training."

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