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Old January 18th, 2013 (8:03 AM).
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    Sorry to make another thread so soon! I'm new to the TCG so I'm just bubbling over with questions and ideas!

    My newest question is about custom gameplay.
    The only person I've been playing with is a friend of mine, and we've been playing via skype.

    Since we both only have about 200 cards - we're trying to find creative rules/gameplay to keep things interesting.

    The first thing we did was play without energy (and at the time, we didn't know the rules that well, so we played without prize cards as well) so that took forever - but it was fun.

    We've also put caps on HP, so things like staying under 100HP, no attacks above 60, etc.

    and the standard specific type restrictions

    Another idea we had was to play with basics only or no evolving (you can play whatever pokemon you want to play)

    But I'm still looking for all kinds of creative ways to play!

    We have totally different cards.
    All of mine are from the black/white series. (I have pretty even: electric, water, fire)
    Hers are a combo of the platinum(?) decks and series 1 cards. (She has a lot of: Electric, fighting, water)

    In february we're both going to go get the new theme deck coming out and go head to head with the exact same cards

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    Old January 18th, 2013 (10:53 AM).
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      There are many online websites which allow you to play with ALL the cards (unlimited) and Black/White on-wards.

      The Pokemon Trading card Game Online is the official way to play online !
      It's advantages is that it is hosted on a network so you can challenge people to games or play against the computer opponents. The downside is that you need a-lot of online booster codes and get the cards you need in order to play.
      I am still yet to complete my Darkrai EX/Terrakion deck just because I need 3 more Skyla and other cards.
      Also the PTCGO does not include unlimited format.

      "Bebesearch" and "playtcg.me" is a free program which allows you to build an unlimited deck or a tournament legal deck (Black and white on-wards). You create a bebesearch account and then build your deck. Once you have done so, you use your bebesearch account to log into "playtcg.me" and then you can link people your game or host and wait for them to connect.

      In terms of creative ideas if you want to play you could try:
      "All Colorless Pokemon and no other types"
      "NO stage 1 Pokemon or stage 2 Pokemon allowed"
      "You can only run 4 copies of 1 Pokemon for example '4 Terrakion' or '4 Darkrai EX': this is more fun if both of you only use 'Mewtwo EX'. The rest of your deck is trainers and energy. So 4 Pokemon maximum and HAS to be the same name."
      "Buy 2 or 3 booster packs and create a smaller deck similar to a Pokemon pre-release with 40 maximum cards and basic energies are allowed"
      "NO EX Pokemon allowed"
      "You're only allowed to play 1 trainer:item, 1 stadium, 1 trainer:supporter a turn - so you're forced to play 1 of each a turn"
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