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Old July 30th, 2013 (7:39 AM).
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So far it's Faraday, my Magneton. Doesn't die to anything and is generally useful.

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Old July 30th, 2013 (8:52 PM).
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scrafty was pretty fantastic - you got it early-ish, had a great movepool/coverage, bulky stats, and could reasonably take on the most elite 4.

sigiliph was also good, although it tapered off later in the game it really put in work early with its high special/stab moves.
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Old July 30th, 2013 (11:33 PM).
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Good 'ol Rocky, my Krookodile. Sandile is fairly earlier in-game, the Desert Resort, and it has a pretty nice movepool and it can easily defend against the types that is weak against. It has quite bulky stats, and easily takes out all of the E4 (including Iris).

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Old August 3rd, 2013 (11:20 PM).
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Modest Lucario FTW. It's almost to 100 and I haven't even done any purposeful training for it besides in-game stuff. Wiped out the E4 and Champ with ExtremeSpeed, Aura Sphere, Calm Mind, and Dragon Pulse.
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Old August 4th, 2013 (12:07 AM).
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For White 2 it was defiently my reuniclus no one could whitstand a psychic from this thing and live he also had shadow ball for other psychic types and focus blast for dark types
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Old August 4th, 2013 (8:34 AM). Edited August 4th, 2013 by DakRo7.
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In black 1, Darmanitan destroyed everything pretty much. Also my level 40 Boldore which i had in my party purely to fill a gap always seemed to get that last desperate hit in when the rest of my team had fainted because of its sturdy ability

Black 2, at the moment Growlithe and take down seems to be the way to go whenever i'm in a tight spot

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Old August 7th, 2013 (8:44 PM).
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In White 2 it was my Serperior. I regretted choosing him the entire game, but once I got to the end it was clear that he had been the most helpful throughout the entire game <3

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Old August 7th, 2013 (10:46 PM).
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Don't have BW2, but in my original White version, my Galvanchula reeeaaaaaally got me out of binds before. It was fast, and had pretty nice coverage with that Electric/Bug typing. Really helpful against the oodles of Psychic and Dark types.
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Old August 8th, 2013 (6:24 AM).
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My Genesect I got from the release event. I pretty much solo'd it with him. Oh, and my Garvantula was pretty good too. (It was N's Garvantula.)
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Old August 8th, 2013 (10:52 AM).
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In White2, probably Reuniclus. While Leavanny was arguably the dark horse of my whole team and made me happy by the fact that it was actually a useful pokemon (lv8 bug bite!) Reuniclus just mocks it at times. There was a trainer on victory road who had annoying things. Like Durant, Bouffoulant, Zweilous, Heracross annoying. Reuniclus enters the match at full hp and exits it having taken a net damage of 2HP without using items or switching once howisthathumanlypossible.

In Black2, a friend of mine left the following statement: "Hey guys I'm Magnezone, you can catch me at lv11 in virbank where I'll know sonicboom and get free xp at the poison gym since no one can hurt me there! I also resist 12/17 types and am immune to 1 of them so I can be a good switch-in to almost anything!!! Btw, 2 of those types are bug and electric, guess what gyms 3 and 4 are ; ) I'll be useless for gym 5 but I evolve straight afterwards and have a flying/dragon/water gymfest coming up so it's not like you'll miss me too much." He was the best pokemon in my team, and probably better than BW1 Excadrill
was since he invalidates 6 gyms and the entire of team plasma bar Colress completely.
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Old August 8th, 2013 (1:38 PM).
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I would have to say my Haxorus. He was capable of handling most of the battles he faced, and was usually the highest leveled member of the team.
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Old August 10th, 2013 (11:59 AM).
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B2 Swampert, with Sceptile acting like second commander.
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Old August 13th, 2013 (9:59 PM).
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Lapras. Took 2 hours to get (5% chance in the water hole things), but was so worth it for 7th gym and on.
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Old August 14th, 2013 (7:43 AM).
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In my first playthrough, probably my Electivire, because it outsped both her Hydreigon and Archeops, the latter of which I was very surprised with (I let my Chandelure be death fodder to Archeops so I could heal it). Bonus points because it had a speed tie against N's Reshiram, which allowed me to 3HKO it with Ice Punch and two Earthquakes.

Though my starter, my Samurott, was probably just as good. Despite my entire team being Level 60+, it was my only answer to Haxorus, because that thing could inflict super-effective damage on everyone else on my team and OHKO them after one Dragon Dance. Besides, I got to use my very first Pokémon to take on the Champion's best, which was also the very last one I KOed to beat the game. =)
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Old August 14th, 2013 (4:31 PM).
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My MVP has to be Arcanine. It's move set just demolished so many Pokemon in my run. Was my favorite non-legendary Pokemon in Gen 1, and still is in Gen 5. I can't wait to demolish the elite 4 in Gen 6 with my Arcanine again.
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Old August 14th, 2013 (8:14 PM).
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If I was to name the MVP for my time playing Pokemon Black 2, it will have to be my Krookodile, Quinn. Moxie helps me overpower a lot of the Pokemon from the E4 + Champion.
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Old August 14th, 2013 (9:20 PM).
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Since I have recently completed BW2 about two months ago I made 3 different teams based on each starter. I got bored of it all, so I did this to test out new things and pokemon teams. This is how it all goes.

- I would have to say my MVP for this this starter would be Zoroark. She mainly helped me during the elite four when things had gotten rough for me. For example I was sure I was done for the Dark Type Elite member, I only had Zoroark woth a little bit of HP. The other pokemon's attack had missed and I made the last kill using a HyperBeam. While playin most of BW2 with her, she was most useful.

- My MVP for this team would have to be Lucario. Lucario was a big help most of the time against the gym leaders when it got tough for me. Besides the fact of the super effective gyms against it, we both managed threw good matches.

- The main fighter for this starter was Hydreigon. He really helped me threw the tough battles with Iris the Champion. I had beaten all of her dragon pokemon with Draco Meteor or Dragon Rush. I also had used Dragonite but it wasnt as compared to Hydreigon at the time.
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Old August 17th, 2013 (8:03 PM).
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The honor has to go to my Lucario and Samurott on my Black 2 version. Last night, they got the Championship title, working together to stand up against Iris's team. Samurott, at fourteen levels lower than Haxorus, took a Dragon Dance/Earthquake combination to survive long enough for Lucario to be healed so she could take that beast down.

It was a rather amazing moment in my Pokemon-playing history.

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Old August 17th, 2013 (8:12 PM).
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MVP would have to go to my magnezone. That thing was so powerful and it was such a unique party member. It was helpful in a lot of tight spots during my BW2 journey

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Old August 18th, 2013 (6:12 PM).
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My MVP had to be Hydreigon. He tore through everything that was thrown at him! His name was Temper.

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Old August 26th, 2013 (2:04 AM).
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Samurott, my starter for B2, was definitely my MVP. Choosing him after a partner faints turned the tides more often than not, and while he didn't do much during the Champion battle, taking our Iris's Hydreigon with Megahorn felt pretty sweet :3
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Old August 26th, 2013 (5:43 AM).
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Leavanny. Terribly over leveled due to always leading my team.

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Old August 26th, 2013 (9:44 AM).
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Leavanny for me, after hearing many good things about it I decided to pick up a Sewaddle with them being available so early on in-game. I found myself winning countless battles with her and she proved to be a valuable member to my team and was always one step ahead of the rest, definitely the MVP of my team!
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Old August 27th, 2013 (2:13 AM).
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my best in black 2 was my emboar but for the champion i used golduck but my favorite pokemon was always the psychic clas but the only good psychic i had before completeing the game was sigylph.
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Old August 30th, 2013 (2:58 PM).
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For me, it was Emboar. I wasn't planning on using it too much at first, but since it was the only Pokémon in my team that wasn't underleveled, I allowed it to lead most of my battles. He's managed to win all of them. Scrafty was also quite important to me, because it had the perfect mixture of ability and nature (Moxie and Adamant, respectively). This Pokémon was able to defeat a couple of gym leaders completely by itself, haha.
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