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The Nonsense Game (V.2)

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Old January 27th, 2013 (5:44 AM). Edited January 27th, 2013 by Affliction.
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Welcome to The Nonsense Game V.2.

What do I have to do here?

In this game, like the last version, a poster must come up with a scenario and the next poster will have to come up with a solution (Which is very nonsense). The more random the Scenarios and Solutions, the better.

I don't fully understand, can we see an example?

Poster 1: You are hanging on a branch, on a tree that lots of preschoolers and children play on. In a short amount of time, the branch snaps a little bit and you are forced to leave immediately. But any sign of physical movement on the branch will cause it to snap off the tree and land face down in the weakest trampoline (Which snaps the moment anything lands on it) you can think of. What do you do?
Poster 2: I ask the children to help get me off the branch, and "Make" a ladder out of themselves so I could get down. *Insert Scenario here*

What are the Rules?

Despite this game being called "The Nonsense Game", the rules shouldn't really be nonsense. The rules should make enough sense for you to know what to do and what you shouldn't do. So, at this particular topic, nothing will be too nonsense.
  • After you have given the solution, you must create another scenario. This is important to keep the game going. If you don't create a scenario, then your post will be ignored.
  • Pokémon-Related scenarios/solutions are forbidden. However, Pokémon discussions are permitted, just don't get too far into the subject. Also, separate the Scenarios/Solutions and the discussion with the [HR ] [/HR ] tag without the spaces.
  • Please limit Scenarios/Solutions to up to 5 lines long. In other words, be specific.
  • Global PC Rules apply.
  • Have fun, and be creative!
Now, onto the game:

OK, I'll start:

You are trapped in a chamber. The walls of the chamber had graffiti on them, which read vulgar words. Walking down through the chamber, you realise there is a bomb on the wall that has a childish smiley face painted on it. Next to it was a children's book named "The Gruffalo". Using the items you just saw, what do you do?

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