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What Pokemon game whould you make?

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Old January 31st, 2013 (5:47 AM).
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I want to see what ideas others have for pokemon games.
Here is the template for telling your game idea:
Name of game:
Legendary pokemon mascot:
Evil Team:
Gym types:
Elite Four types:
Gym leaders:
Elite Four:
Final Boss:
Pokemon Tournament:
New pokeballs:
Important Locations:
Locations of Legendaries:
Other legendaries (besides mascot):
I can't wait to hear your ideas!
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Old January 31st, 2013 (6:32 AM).
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Hmm. I would make it into a sort of prelude of red/blue. Also I would make it a dual game. Both with different storyand protagonist.
Name of game: no idea yet.
Legendary pokemon mascot: Mewto and Mew
Evil Team: On mew version team rocket. And in mewto version the police etc.
Region: Kanto
Starters: no idea. Kanto starters? Maybe normal, ghost and fighting? No idea.
Professor: In mew version Oaks mentor and in Mewto version Giovannis mother (Madam Boss) I think you are getting the idea here.
Gym types: ummm... Same as in blue/red. Dragon gym and normal and ghost would be awesome.
Elite Four types: Water, Fire, Grass, Electric
Champion: your rival duh.
Gym leaders: parents of red/blue gym leaders?
Elite Four: Same here.
Final Boss: Mew version Giovanni&Madam Boss Mewto version:Oak&Agatha
Pokemon Tournament: I dont know what you mean with this slot so...
New pokeballs: Antidote ball (poison type easier to catch) Prayer ball (ghost)
Important Locations: same as kanto. Pallet town and Rocket base.
Locations of legendaries: same as red/blue.
Other legendaries (besides mascot): same as r/b
Etc.(Optional) so the purpose of my game whould be to give a little more backstory to red and blue. My games whould let the player to play as Oak, Agatha, Giovanni and as his female sibling (which I think doesnt exist) The games would be telling how Oak became a Pokemon Professor and how Agatha became part of Elite Four. It would also shez light to team rockets history prior to red/blue. And also give the players a chance to play as Giovanni. (which I always thought would be a nice change) And yeah. If any questions then ask. I can verify more of what I meant etc. :D

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Old January 31st, 2013 (6:01 PM).
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Since this is about creating your own (presumably main series) game, going to kick this over to PGC. :)

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Old January 31st, 2013 (6:09 PM). Edited January 31st, 2013 by Seth Rollins.
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Send a message via Skype™ to Seth Rollins game! Yes that would be perfect...or a sentimental games like PMD, but the main games style! (No romance...and etc.) Wait a minute, preparing...done!

Name of game: Pokemon Blizzard and Pokemon firestorm.
Legendary pokemon mascot: New legendary PKMN of course...Ice and Fire Type legendaries!
Evil Team: New evil team, Team X-treme.
Region: Brand new region, the...Sky region?
Starters: New No idea for now...
Professor: Professor Jake
Gym types: Rock, Water, Grass, Dark, Psychic, Fire, Normal and Steel.
Elite Four types: Electric, Ice, Psychic and Dragon.
Champion: Various types.
Gym leaders: New...
Elite Four: New...
Final Boss: Red.
Pokemon Tournament: PWT, Pokemon World Tournament...just like bw 2...
New pokeballs: Ultra ball < Mega ball(new) < Hyper ball(new)
Important Locations: Snowfire temple, Tiny town (first town.)
Locations of Legendaries: SnowFire's hailing there, but the snow's hot.
Other legendaries (besides mascot): New...

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Old February 12th, 2013 (6:05 PM).
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Kanto region sequel with a clone pokemon twist.

Name of game: Pokemon: DNA Origins and Pokemon: DNA Altered
Legendary pokemon mascot: Mew and Mewtwo
Evil Team: Giovanni who rule Kanto with an iron fist using a cloned pokemon armed Team Rocket. The Pokemon economy including the Gyms are now forced under his control.
Region: Kanto
Starters: Cloned gen 1 starters. You and your two siblings (who will be your male and female rivals) see them getting abused a Team Rocket grunt and you guys convince the grunt to let them buy their freedom using the birthday money you got from Mom. (You only have enough to save one of them. Your siblings step up and will free the other two with their money.)
Professor: Professor Gary Oak. Bitter about the state Kanto is in compared when he was a trainer. Especially how cloned pokemons get worst of it as they are either used as tools by Team Rocket or the ones that escape Team Rocket end up as scapegoats for the rest of society. Gary recruit you and your siblings to help in his underground rebel cause by having you travel to the Gym leaders and convince them to join to rebellion as well.
Gym types: Same as Kanto
Elite Four types: Poison, Grass, Normal, and Psychic
Gym leaders: All of the old gym leaders are still here but they are anti-Clone Pokemon and feel too hopeless to fight back against Giovanni. (8th Gym leader replaced with the granddaughter of the Old Man in Viridian City) Giovanni gets a cut of their profits or else their pokemon will be taken away. You have to defeat in battle as well as do multiple good deeds in the cities to show how not to hate cloned pokemon.
Elite Four: Jesse (Poison), James (Grass), Cassidy (Normal), and Butch (Psychic)
Final Boss: Giovanni
Pokemon Tournament: ????
New pokeballs: ????
Important Locations: Team Rocket HQ which will end with cloned pokemon being freed and you able to catch them in the wild much like Shiny Pokemon.
Locations of Legendaries: ????
Other legendaries (besides mascot): Legendary birds and dogs.

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