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Island theme anyone?

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Old February 1st, 2013 (11:30 PM).
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I was just playing my snazzy little game when I got to thinking... wouldn't it be cool if a future game had a little island theme to it? Like how Unova is based off of the USA and like New York and stuff they could have a Hawaii or Carribean Island based game. It's just a brainstorm but I figured..

1. You start off in your own little ghetto village town except it's a small peninsula that only has your town and that next step town with the first pokemon center and pokemart of the game. It's like attached by a skinny route that leads to the first gym town
2. The first HM you get to use outside of battle is surf and you get to travel island to island.
3. There will of course be a mainland (it just won't be as big as the mainland in previous games) that would be like based off honolulu or something.
4. Everyone is all tropical dressed and stuff and the islands vary from very industrial to super native
5. There would be small beach routes along that way that you have to cross so you get more pokemon and stuff.

Yeah just an idea, I think it would be pretty dandy and its worth taking a gander at.
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