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Old February 3rd, 2013 (10:31 PM). Edited February 3rd, 2013 by Riveria.
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    Hi! I'm Riveria, the champion of this region! Whoa, are you a little sick? Hmm? No? Okay! So, welcome to the Fernski region. I hope to battle you soon, but rest assured you will not win. Tee Hee!
    That was your intro. Nice, huh? Haha! Just kidding! Riveria is a tad... Childish, yes?
    Well, I'm Professor Kira. I'm here to show you around the Fernski region! Well, to help you learn how to fight here.
    These aren't your average Pokemon battles. These ones are a bit more... Brutal, in my opinion. You can still fight regular battles here, but it's good to practice your skills.
    Fighting 'Hide and Seek' battles
    (Since this will be roleplaying, I'm just going to explain it less like the Pokemon company...)
    A 'Hide and Seek' battle is fought usually by small children or in an arena. It is hard to fight this kind of battle in a plains area.
    So how this works is that you will hide from the 'it' Pokemon, and it will try to find you. As you hide from it, you try to hit it. Be careful! If a 'it' Pokemon spots you, you have to fight a face-to-face traditional battle.
    Fighting 'Status' battles
    A 'Status' battle is where you can attack using moves that can inflict a status effect. E.g: Ember (Inflicts a burn), Hypnosis (Inflicts sleep), Confusion (Confuses the Pokemon), Aqua Jet (Confuses the Pokemon), and etc...
    The Baddies
    The baddies in this Roleplay is team Electric Flare.
    They excel in using Electic, Fire and Physic Pokemon, but be warned, some are skilled in using Water, Dark, Rock and Bug types.
    Finally! :D

    The Champion:
    Riveria - Riveria is a lively young girl of the age of 16. Her hair is dyed blue, her eyes are a darker blue and her best friend is her Vaporeon named Scale. Her height is 5'6" and weighs around 120 lbs.
    She wears an item that resembles a Manaphy egg in her hair.
    Riveria can be childish but is quite the kind girl. She's fierce in battle and doesn't enjoy losing.
    Roleplayed by: Riveria

    The Champion's party:
    Scale - Female Vaporeon - Scale is like any Vaporeon, but she has a tear in her scaly mane. She isn't fond of new people as well. Known moves: Water Gun, Hydro Pump, (Other moves will be added).
    Lyla - Female Jigglypuff - Known moves: Sing, Sweet Kiss, Tackle (Omwba)
    Lux - Male Luxray - Lux has some parts of his teeth chipped off. Known moves: Electric Fang, Thunder, Crunch, Bite
    (It's 1:26 AM, I'll add them later x.x)

    Aya - Aya is a serious girl of the age of 17. Her hair is reddish-brown and her eyes are red from color contacts. Her partner is a Combusken called Sweep. Aya likes to do martial arts as well. Her height is 5'8" and weighs around 135 lbs. Aya doesn't do well socially sometimes, and stumbles upon words.
    Roleplayed by: Riveria
    Aya's party:

    Luke - [WIP]
    Luke's party - [WIP]
    Everything of now is a WIP.

    I think I'll finish it tomorrow after school x.x
    It's pretty much all you have to know...
    "Hello, I'm Riveria! Hee hee! I'm the champion in the Fernski Region!"
    Riveria is my roleplaying character. Otherwise you can call me April!
    Riveria is the champion in my new region, which I will post a Roleplay about to anyone who wants to take on the responsibility of being a gym leader! :D

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    Uhh if you're posting a roleplay you need to post in this section. I'm not sending your thread directly there because each thread there has to be approved by the mod and I'm not sure whether or not yours meets the rules. Good luck!

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