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Old February 9th, 2013 (2:47 AM).
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    I'm looking for participations for this Korean anthology, but there seems to be no more people in Korea who are interested in the stat trainers(Riley, Buck, Mira, Cheryl, Marley) so I came here.

    1. I was originally looking for entries in Fanfics/Fanarts/Fan comics(?), but since I doubt I could translate fanfics well, I'm now looking for entries in only illustrations and comics.

    2. I've already got entries for Buck, Mira, and Cheryl. So, I'm looking for entries for expecially Riley and Marley. But Buck and Mira is fine too. I'm not having any more Cheryl entries.

    3. Both grayscale or color art are fine. For color art, it's a lot better if you work with CMYK colors(for CG). The size of the book will be 148*210mm(A5 size).

    4. In Korea we will retrieve the books on May 5th, but otherwise I think I'll ship you some copies. In low chances, I might just give you a scan file.

    5. Entries are free.

    6. I'm recieving entry files until April 15th.(Which will be April 16th for America). [email protected]

    * If there are any problems with this thread, I'll delete it.

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    Old February 9th, 2013 (5:20 AM).
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    Yeah, well, threads in this section comprise only of galleries/shops and discussions related to art. Request threads like these aren't allowed, I'm afraid. You can look around the board and ask some artists personally by PM/VMing them about it, to be honest. Though I could see why you'd go for a thread instead of taking pains by personally contacting other artists - mostly because the thread can be seen by everybody and you can be contacted by those interested easily. But there have been threads like these here in the past and they were all closed as they do not fall under the categories of threads allowed. So I ain't gonna spare this one either, sorry. :c
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