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    Hello Pokecommunity people, I was just restarting my SoulSilver and decided to make a challenge to make it more interesting. I don't know what to put here besides that, so I'll be succinct. This is my first challenge, and a fairly easy one at that. Its more if you don't want the frustration of the harder challenges, but still want a challenge. It may still be too easy, which is why I included Hybrid Challenges, so I hope it goes well!

    Rules- Regular Challenge


    1. If you are playing HeartGold or SoulSilver, you may trade "future"
    2. No trading Pokemon to your game, unless they are under or at level 15.
    3. No trading more than 10 times.
    No sneaking past trainers. You may avoid them, however, by the time you
    face the Gym Leader all trainers in their Gym and in the routes you used to get
    there must be defeated.
    1. If you never enter the room the given trainer would be in (like never
    entering Sprout Tower)
    2. If you can't access the trainer at the time (like if they are on an island
    and you don't have HM Surf)
    3. If the trainer only becomes available to face after beating the first Elite Four and is in the Johto Region, or only becomes available after beating the second Elite Four, they are not mandatory (So basically Red)
    If you get three strikes, you lose the game. Strikes can be received in
    the following ways:
    1. Have a Pokemon faint
    2. Using any items to heal your Pokemon in a battle
    3. Running away from a Pokemon battle
    4. Entering the Mart of any given Town more than once
    4. 1) Exception: Picking something up from the delivery man
    1 Strike can be taken off ONLY after beating the eigth and sixteenth gym leaders. You can not
    get negative strikes and you cannot save strikes.
    If you somehow white out without getting three strikes, thats an automatic
    If you are doing this challenge paste your progress into your signature in
    the following format:
    Current Game: (Your Current Game) (Your version of challenge*)
    [Paste the sprites of your team here]**
    [List their nicknames here]
    [Paste the pictures of your earned badges
    [Write your Strikes here**]
    Travel Journal***
    *RC is regular Challenge and UC is Ultimate Challenge. This can be done in conjunction with other challenges- see Hybrid
    (Example: Nuzlocke-BushidoRC Challenge)
    **Try to update at least weekly
    ***Strikes are signified by X
    ****The link to your journal is optional
    *****Yes, the text in orange is the format, thats why I made it orange. No, yours does not have to be orange.
    If you are taking the challenge, post your entrance in the following format:
    Name: Name in the Game*
    Game: Gold/Silver/HeartGold/SoulSilver*
    Version: Bushido Regular Challenge/Bushido Ultimate Challenge/Hybrid Challenge**
    Travel Journal:***

    Here you will write a travel journal which you will update as you complete/fail the game.*

    *No, you are not writing what is literally there, you are writing what you would fill in.
    **You are not writing Hybrid Challenge- See the Hybrid Challenge Section for more details.
    ***Optional, but recommended!

    Rules- Ultimate Challenge

    Same as above, with the following exceptions:
    1. One Strike ONLY. This means you are off the hook for just one mess up.
    2. Strikes are not forgiven under any circumstances.
    3. Only 5 Pokemon can be traded to your game.
    4. Traded Pokemon must be level 5 or under.
    5. Traded Pokemon may not be legendaries. This includes Rotom and Phione.
    6. Every trainer must be defeated.
    6. a)If you cannot reach them at the time you are excused, BUT you must go back and beat them later.
    7. NO healing items can be used or bought.
    You win the game upon completing the following criteria:
    1. Defeating both sets of the Elite Four
    2. Defeating the last trainer.

    Rules- Hybrid Challenge

    After choosing Regular or Ultimate Challenge, you may take on an additional challenge if you which, to be completed in conjunction with the Bushido Challenge. This challenge is written as Other Challenge-Bushido Ultimate/Regular Challenge, for example Nuzlocke-Bushido Regular Challenge. The other challenge overrides this challenge in conflicting rules, but in other cases you must simply conform to both rules. If there is a complicated issue, please PM me about it, and I'll set a rule for it and post it into the Cleared Rules section.
    Cleared Rules

    No complications as of the moment.

    I will personally make a medal to paste into your signature with your name in it if you win, with unique medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd people to complete the challenges! For Hybrid challenges, this doesn't apply, I will make a medal for you but you don't get a unique one if you finish first, second or third. Sorry, there are just too many challenges out there for that :P

    Here's some resources, so you don't have to hunt for them on google in aggravation like I did.


    Still Looking
    For Pokemon Sprites: Click the Pikachu!

    Regular Challenge Champions:

    Ultimate Challenge Champions:

    Regular-Hybrid Champions:

    Ultimate-Hybrid Champions:

    Alright, here's my entry!
    Current Game: Soulsilver (Bushido- Regular Challenge)
    Sobek | Cychreides | Kamui | Nephthys | Talos | Magnemite

    Strikes- X
    Travel Journal

    -Named myself Michael
    -Chose Totodile♂, the AWESOME dragon dancing thing. Named him Sobek
    -Found Shiny Leaf the first time I spoke to him in grass, don't know what it is but its kewl :P
    -Destroyed my rival with lvl.10 Sobek, named him Set
    -Beat Sprout Tower with lvl. 15 Sobek, barely got hurt
    -Destroyed Falkner with lvl. 16 Sobek, stupid Pidgeotto kept using Roost so I
    had 1HP left when I won. Sobek PWNZORS, Zephyr Badge =MINE!
    -I got !
    -Traded 3 Hoothoots over to my Diamond in exchane for a lvl. 5 Larvitar, Horsea and Gible
    ----Larvitar♂- Cychreides
    ----Gible♂- Kamui
    ----Horsea♀- Nephthys
    -Just remembered, have to receive my mystery egg! WHAT IS IT????
    -Togepi is adorable. I hope that Professor Birch has a VERY important message for me, because he wants me to show him the Togepi and its incredibly inconvenient to go all the way back to him.
    -Oh. An Everstone. Thanks. Time to make my way back through Route 29, Cherrygrove City, Route 30, Route 31, Violet City, Route 32, Union Cave, and Route 33 to get back to Azalea Town.
    -"Hey, its Joey. Do you remember my super-cool RATTATA? My RATTATA is different from regular RATTATA. It's like my RATTATA is in the top percentage of RATTATA. Do you know what I'm saying?" Yes, Joey. Yes I do. As of now I'm starting a Joey counter for the rest of the game- every time he calls and mentions "RATTATA".
    -Here I am in Azalea Town- OH NO ITS TEAM ROCKET!
    -Traded a Level 5 Beldum over, named Talos. Welcome to the team, Talos! are train... Soon I'll teach you a move
    other than Take Down... OH WAIT I CAN'T!
    -Talos fainted- should've trained him to a higher level than 11 before taking on Team Rocket, especially considering he only knows Take Down. Oh well, strike 1 already.
    -Beat Proton and Team Rocket
    -Challenged Bugsy with: Sobek lvl.17, Cychreides lvl.16, Kamui lvl.16, Nephthys lvl.16, Talos lvl.16
    -1HKOed Scyther with a Rock Slide from Cychreides, 2HKOed everything else with Talos (who is immune to poison, so Kakuna couldn't do anything :P), Cychreides and Talos LVLed up- WOOT!
    -I got !
    -Beat Set again, lol he's quite a hypocrite
    -Made it to Goldenrod City!
    -Sobek evolved- aww, he's not adorable anymore... :(
    -Took the quiz like 5 times, got the radio card (I'm pretty sure the apricorn and magikarp questions are wrong but whatever)
    -Challenged Whitney with: Lvl.19 Nephthys, Lvl.19 Kamui, Lvl. 18 Sobek, Lvl. 18 Cychreides, Lvl. 18 Talos
    -Took out Whitney's Clefairy by spamming Take Down with Talos, thus avoiding Cute Charm, then used Bubblebeam a few times with Horsea, avoiding Attract, and finally switched Gible in and had him ambush with Dragon Rage before she could use Attract. Glad I could avoid Attract, easy win... but poor Whitney!
    -Yay, now I have !
    -Talos evolved!
    -Caught the Sudowoodo! I used an Ultra Ball and Great Ball and only one shake. A Pokeball caught it in one go. Not even going to try to comprehend that.
    -Made it to Ecutreak City!
    -Encountered Legendary Dogs.
    -I. Hate. Curse.
    -Kamui evolved.
    -Cleared out trainers in and around Mt. Mortar and Lake Rage
    -Cleared out trainers in and around lighthouse in Olivine city
    -Challenged Morty with Level 24 Cychreides, Level 24 Talos, Level 25 Nephthys, Level 27 Kamui, and Level 27 Sobek.
    -Opened with Cychreides, used sandstorm then Bite to kill his Haunter. Switched to Kamui (he has Sand Veil) and Dragon Raged 3 times to defeat Gengar. Used Bite with Cychreides to get Haunter down to 1 health, then Morty healed, after a second bite he got a hypnosis in so I switched to Kamui and used Dragon Rage. Then Talos defeated his last Pokemon with 2 Metal Claws.
    -Now I have , yay!
    -Made it to Cianwood, got Ampharos's medicine
    -Challenged Jasmine with Lvl. 31 Kamui, Lvl. 27 Cychreides, Lvl. 29 Nephthys, Lvl. 29 Talos and Lvl. 29 Sobek
    -Kamui +X2 Dragon Rage= Dead Magnemite. Sobek + critical Surf= Dead Steelix. Kamui +X2 Dragon Rage= Dead Magnemite. Awesome Pokemon + Gym leader named after a shrub = I can haz
    -Sobek evolved!
    -Made it to Cianwood again
    -Defeated particularly annoying number of trainers between Olivine and
    -wow it ran away that NEVER happens...
    -Defeated Eusine
    -Challenged Chuck with Lvl. 31 Sobek, Lvl. 32 Nephthys, Lvl. 28 Cychreides, Lvl. 32 Kamui and Lvl. 30 Talos
    -2 critical Slashes from Kamui, KOed Primape. Kamui used Dragon Rage twice, but then Poliwrath's berry messed everything up. Poliwrath used Surf then Take Down, Kamui had 7HP left and was paralyzed, so I switched to Sobek and spammed Crunch. He used two hyper potions, and I had to use it 14 times.
    - I got !
    -Went to look for a Modest Magnemite, got one on the first try! Didn't know I'd get one so quickly, I didn't nickname it :( I'll rename it next time I'm in Goldenrod.

    Amount of times Joey has called about his Rattata: 13
    If you become a champion, make sure to write "COMPLETED" at the end of your post. If I happen not to notice for some reason, PM me so I can send you the medal to paste in your signature and paste your name in the Champions!
    If there's anything else, PM me!
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