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Old February 22nd, 2013 (10:40 AM).
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    I opened a new server on hamachi for 3rd gen games.
    You can use it for trades,battles and other things that require Wi-Fi.

    So download hamachi and connect to the server.

    The server name is:
    3RD GEN

    The password id:

    How to use:
    Please name your client ID with the same name as the pokemon community(easy find players)
    Find the guy you want to linkup with.
    Then decide who will be the server and who will be the client.
    If you are the client find the guy's IP.

    Moving on the Emulator:

    Options-Link-Check Wireless Adapters
    If you are the server go to:


    In the tab "General" pick Network

    Then go to the tab "Server" click "Start"

    Wait untill the client connects with you

    When one player connects with you you will receive a question"Wait for more player?".
    If you want to play only with one player click no.
    If you want to play double battle click yes.

    If you are the client do this:


    In the tab "General" pick Network
    Then go to the tab "Client"
    There you will see a textbox.Write the server's IP.

    Then click connect.

    Then have fun with the wifi battles!

    The FR/LG players can link with R/S/E players only after Celio receives the Ruby and the Sapphire.
    The FR/LG can trade pokemons from the national pokedex after they receive the national pokedex.
    The R/S/E trainers can link with FR/LG trainers after receiving the national pokedex.

    Excuse me for the bad explaing but I'm Bulgarian and my English is a little bad.

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    Old February 22nd, 2013 (6:47 PM).
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    Thanks you helped a bunch now I can trade/battle other people
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    Old January 7th, 2014 (11:20 AM).
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      It says the server does not exist
      Old January 8th, 2014 (3:36 AM).
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        It has been 11 months since the last post in this thread. That is probably why it doesn't exist.

        Please do not revive really old threads like this.



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