Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black 2 & White 2.

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    Black 3 & White 3

    Unova is once again at peace - on the surface, that is. In the shadows, the two halves of Team Plasma are constantly duking it out like rival gangs fighting over the territory that is the entire region. Each version has its own separate story, although they share some vague similarities.

    In White 2, the player is a new Team Plasma recruit who is given their first Pokemon by N and told to participate in the Unova League. Later on in the game it is revealed that the player's gym challenges have all been part of a publicity stunt to boost the public image of Team Plasma; N figures that the public will be on his side once the public begins associating his Team Plasma with human-Pokemon relations and Team Neo Plasma with terrorism. The player eventually defeats the Elite Four and the nameless Neo Plasma grunt who has usurped the Champion seat, and Team Plasma's popularity skyrockets to the point where they are able to trounce Neo Plasma in the post-game and rid them from Unova for good.

    Black 2 starts with the player, a Neo Plasma recruit, getting a Pokemon from a somewhat-sane Ghetsis with one specific order: Become the Pokemon League Champion by any means. Later on it's revealed that Ghetsis plans to conquer Unova with the strongest trainer in the region - the champion - by his side. After defeating the Team Plasma grunt who holds the Champion seat, Ghetsis and the player crush Team Plasma and assert their dominance over the region. The post-game is dedicated to defeating the remnants of Team Plasma in order to secure Neo Plasma as the supreme uncontested rulers of the land.

    The similarities between the two games are fleeting: The rivals are other grunts who were given the same mission, the gym leaders are the same, and the story structure is built the same. The Champion in each game is the protagonist from the other game; male in B3 and female in W3. The starters are the same Unova starters as usual. Bianca is still a professor and Cheren is still a gym leader, but Hugh is just a recurring NPC who helps the player fight off the opposing faction in a few double battles during the story. There is no plot-centered legendary Pokemon in either, similar to R/B/Y. However, evil can win for the first time in Pokemon history.

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      Turns out B3 and W3 are actually one game called Grey.
      In this game you start in a new town north of Opelucid in what used to be the original route to the league. The player tired of this small new town heads out to see the Pokémon league with his own eyes. However he is attaked by a wild poochyena. He is driven to a corner until a Zoroark appears and scares the wild Pokémon away. It turns out you were saved by N who is accompanied by Hilda and Nate, the heroes who saved Unova twice. Nate tells the player that Kyurem has become restless and requires a powerful stone called the God Stone to become whole. If not reached within 7 days the balance of the region will shift, potentially causing a battle between the Dragon legends of Ice, Lighting, and Fire. One which they will have trouble controlling.
      So the player sets off with his/her starter given to him/her by Bianca upon his return to the village. He/she than travels the region collecting the badge and info on where the God Stone is. Finally he discovers it's in the hands of the Shadow triad who each seek to capture one of the legends for Ghetsis who will fuse them to create Grey Kyurem.
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      I'd like to post here to remind a few of you to reconsider your entries.

      Don't post a entry to Black 3 and White 3 if it's not at LEAST 300 words (it can go over 500 because I'm nice). Also, Black 3 and White 3 event is called that for a reason, it's not based on Grey. So anyone with a post based around Grey should reconsider their entry too. A caption is also not 15 lines long, it's only one or two lines, and it's only featuring the characters in the image.

      Please guys, it isn't that hard to follow instructions, and it's just a waste of everybody's time if you don't just follow the instructions in the first place.

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        N: Dad, why is that Purrloin staring at us?
        Ghetsis: Probably because of the exclamation marks on our heads.
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        Caption Contest

        Ghetsis: I see that all you have inherited from me is an exclamation mark. I am disappointed in you.
        N: There's an exclamation point on me?!
        Purrloin: Mew :3
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        Originally Posted by Forever View Post
        I'd like to post here to remind a few of you to reconsider your entries.

        Don't post a entry to Black 3 and White 3 if it's not at LEAST 300 words (it can go over 500 because I'm nice). Also, Black 3 and White 3 event is called that for a reason, it's not based on Grey. So anyone with a post based around Grey should reconsider their entry too. A caption is also not 15 lines long, it's only one or two lines, and it's only featuring the characters in the image.

        Please guys, it isn't that hard to follow instructions, and it's just a waste of everybody's time if you don't just follow the instructions in the first place.
        So if I can, can I revise my post to exceed the 500 word limit? I felt restrained by that, and I feel that I can slap on some more to my story.

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        Caption Contest:

        Ghetsis: This Purrlion is not to be your friend or companion, but rather to be our slave in our attempt to conquer Unova!

        N: But can't Purrloin and I just be friends?

        Ghetsis: NO YOU SILLY FOOL! We are not friends with the Pokemon!
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        Caption Contest:

        "Are you going to use that Purrloin to liberate all Pokemon?"

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        "from his infancy...
        to become the HERO of legend
        ... such purity of purpose is his."

        (it is a bunch of quotes from Ghetsis in B/W when he talks about what he has turned N into on purpose. I thought it would fit into this picture, since it seems like Ghetsis feels obliged to shelter N from the rain because his role as the father is not complete yet. And his face looks a bit guilty, don't you think? They aren't saying this to each other in the picture, I just imagined these quotes as fitting in a banner with this image or something like that.)

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        Black and White 3

        After the events of black and white 2 unova is at peace. 10 yearshave passed. After being released from jail 5 years ago, ghetius travels to a far away region with the shadow triad. He recruits 7 more sages and a bunch of new members for a new team plasma. They stay there for 5 more years and then they come back and set up a secret base of operations in the castellia sewers. They gounnoticed for a year. Around this time the child of hilbert is starting his journey. He is given a special zoura that was given to him as a gift from N. After Hilbert found N he told him to come live in Apspertia city. He denies saying he will live at dragon spiral tower with zekrom and come to protect the region when needed. When Hilbert's son matt starts his journey with a pokedex from Bianca the new professor he discovers team plasma is back and sets up to stop them. N also finds out they are back and goes on a quest to help matt defeat team plasma once and for all.
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          Ghetsis: evilevilevilevilevil
          N: Wha--?!

          The journey starts in a new area, Baymor City. It is a place used far and wide for shipping imports and exports and the trainer starts by helping deliver goods to the PokeMarts. (During this sequence, the first delivery includes the professor accompanying the character. The professor will keep the player from entering grass, and will give the whole "PokeCenter/PokeMart" lecture all the while advertising that PLAYER will soon get his/her own pokemon soon, like "This where you WILL heal your pokemon." After the delivery, you go back to the lab to retrieve a pokemon...but all the starter pokemon are missing! PLAYER and professor leave the lab and a cutscene is shown in which Team Plasma is escorting a crate onto the ship, and the grunts dialogue implies that they are the thieves of the starters. The professor and the PLAYER confront them, and the professor begins a battle with them. During this battle, he instructs the player to grab a pokemon from the crate. After chooosing his/her pokemon, PLAYER joins the professor in battling the Plasma grunts in a double-battle. After, the professor remarks how good the player was and recommends the Pokemon League challenge. The player boards a ship and leaves, before arriving in Driftveil. The gym leader, Clay, is missing. PLAYER goes and finds him in a new cave/dungeon area and Clay returns to the gym, allowing PLAYER to battle him. After that's done, the PLAYER then goes around Unova in a clockwise fashoin following a manner similar to other pokemon games...but this time, the baddies aren't around. After the eighth gym leader is beaten, the PLAYER find Victory Road blocked off by a Team Plasma grunt who just says "...". When the Player leaves the entrance to Victory Road, he/she gets a call on his/her Xtransciever claiming it's a crisis back at Baymor! One "FLY" HM later, it is discovered Baymor has been taken over by Team Plasma and serves as their HQ now. The PLAYER explores the city, defeats the grunts, and then an entrance to a ship opens. The player enters, beats all the grunts in the ship and meets Ghetsis who claims that for once, Team Plasma's plans have gone on uninterrupted. He then presses a button and the ship flies in a manner similar to B/W2. PLAYER is escorted away by the Shadow Triad and the screen fades to black.
          When the PLAYER awakens, Unova has been taken over by Team Plasma! Also, Fly HM is disabled by "there's a time and place for everything...but not now." PLAYER gets off the empty ship and is in Driftveil. He/She must revisit every city/town again and liberate them(beat all the grunts with the help of the corresponding gym leader to that area.) After that, an Xtransciever call comes in and the PLAYER revisits Baymor. There, Ghetsis is waiting...with Cobalion! He claims that PLAYER ruined everything and a fight unfolds. After the fight, N shows up and thanks the PLAYER for liberating Unova. Ghetsis has a meltdown, and Looker arrives claiming he came with N. N and Looker escort Ghetsis away and the professor walks in, asking what the player intends to do next. From that point on, the gameplay is normal and PLAYER can clear Victory Road and beat the E4.
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          On a side note, if anybody can answer the following question right, then they get a mystery prize! *Must have a Gen V game to claim prize*
          Question: What the heck did Jinora do in the finale?! I don't get it! I know 90% of you won't know what I'm talking about, but I need an answer!
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          Caption Contest

          N: "...What the...."
          Ghetsis: "Oh crap, he spotted me."
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          Ghetsis: N, what is that? Can you set it free?
          N: Uhm..better question, why are you not using your umbrella when it's raining...?
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          Caption Contest: Can I make two?


          Ghetsis: N, why in the blue hells do you want me to protect you from the rain? Look at my cape! It is all wet because of you! And honestly, I hate to shield you from the rain with my cape! Why don't you take the umbrella instead?
          N: Because of Purrloin...the umbrella isn't big enough...
          Ghetsis: *sigh*


          Ghetsis: N...*cries a little* I'm sorry...for being so rude to you. Sorry...I'll protect you from the rain with my cape...and the umbrella for your Purrloin...
          N: ! (Dad...)

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            Can I enter I summary later? I have an idea for the caption contest now

            Caption Contest
            Regular Cat- *Mew*
            N - Dad what is that thing
            Ghetsis-I don't know son, I don't know
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              Black 3 and White 3
              3 years after Nate\Rosa Saved Unova,Marcus\Delta(main characters)Residents from North Unova(Parody of
              North America,A Region Which is united to Unova) must stop Team Neo Plasma,The evil team that continioues the Ideal of the Black Team Plasma,Tries to find Full Kyurem(the original Dragon from the
              Hero's legend which can change to "Full Black" or "Full White") H,a mysterious Character which
              turns out to be Hilbert(Team Emolga,Serperior,Samurott,Emboar,Buffalant,Reshiram\Zekrom)Helps
              you out while Nate\Rosa(based on the gender you choose) is now the Champion of North Unova
              While Hilda Keeps the Champion Title of original Unova.However Hilbert is the "Full Unova" Champion

              *New Region(North Unova)
              *Return to Hoenn(Like a RSE Remake)
              *New Villian Team
              *New Plot

              Pokemaster's firered nuzloke adventures:
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                Caption Contest

                Ghetsis: Here, take this umbrella.
                N: Nah, I'm fine.
                Ghetsis: Then, climb under my robe.
                Purrloin: ...
                Professor: You may pick a Pokémon.
                Trainer: Hmm...Can I borrow all of them to see which is better?
                Professor: Sure!
                *Several weeks later*
                Professor: He isn't coming back is he...

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                Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
                So if I can, can I revise my post to exceed the 500 word limit? I felt restrained by that, and I feel that I can slap on some more to my story.
                Yeah feel free to! While 300 was the minimum, 500 was definitely a guide and there's no harm in extending it at all :)

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                  Caption Contest:

                  Purrloin: Give me that umbrella, or face my claws
                  N: Should I think we should given the umbrella, I like my pretty face
                  Ghetsis: No way,'s mine I tell you mine
                  Purrloin: *pulls out claws*
                  N: Ok, it's your funeral...*runs away*

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                    Black and White 3 story:

                    WARNING: The new Pokemon listed in this writeup are COPYRIGHT to me. These Pokemon are my creations and are going to be included with a hack I am making. Please RESPECT this and do not steal my ideas/names of them. Thanks!

                    It all begins in a city by the name of Asterion, where you (the main character) were born and raised. It's now the biggest city in the brand new Unova. This time, the main charcter is older, about 20-ish. You were raised by your father/mother of the previous Black/White 2 game, to be a Pokemon trainer. Bianca, who has moved up in her line of work, approaches you one late evening to ask you for your help in helping her uncover the secrets of two new (legendary) Pokemon; Lunarius and Solaria. Delighted by this opportunity, you heartfully accept this task, and you are given your first Pokemon. After starting your new, exciting journey, you run into a fellow trainer, who is roughly the same age as you. As always, the two trainers engage in battle. Afterwards, this trainer by the name of Travis, becomes your rival, yet closest friend, throughout the game. Soon after, you come across an old warehouse, located outside of Nimbasa, which is occupied by Team Plasma grunts. Here you find Bianca being questioned about the two Pokemon of Unova. Attempting to hide in the shadows, you were spotted by a Team Plasma grunt who challenges you to a battle. Successfully defeating the grunt, a new officer of Plasma, named Sheila, confronts you as well. Defeating her, Team Plasma flees and Bianca is let free from her bonds. She tells you more of what she knows about these Pokemon, and why Team Plasma, she assumes, would want to capture them. After, you continue on your journey, meeting new people and defeating gym leaders, all while handling Team Plasma. Retrieving the 7th gym badge, Bianca calls you, telling you to make your way to Universal Mountain, a newly formed mountain in Unova. Making your way to the top, you (and Bianca) spot Team Plasma, with Ghetsis and T.P officer Sheila standing before two Pokemon. Ghetsis, as always, has managed to "control" one of them. Bianca tells you that they are Lunarius and Solaria, who are siblings; equally powerful as one another. Ghetsis has plans to dominate the Unova - and the world - using the legendary Pokemon Lunarius. You and Bianca watch as Team Plasma commands Lunarius to battle Solaria - who does does not want to hurt her older brother. Lunarius, being under hold of Ghetsis, forcefully attacks Solaria, sending her flying towards you and Bianca. Crashing only a matter of 20 feet from you, she has no other choice but to battle her own brother. Retaliating, Solaria releases her power, Solar Flare, directly at Lunarius. And so, the leviathans clash; Ghetsis crackling in his joy. You confront him, and engage into an epic battle to set Lunarius free of his control. After defeating Ghetsis, Lunarius is free of his control and turns against Team Plasma, blowing them off Univeral Mountain. His sister is poorly beaten by their battle, and so he heals her with his remaining power. Bianca, who has stood in the shadows, observing the Pokemon and recording research, is speechless. Because of your deeds, Lunarius challenges you, wanting to be your companion. After capturing Lunarius, Solaria pays her farewell, and flies towards the sun, continuing what she is meant to do. You continue your journey across Unova; defeating the Elite Four and eventually reunite with your father - who is the champion of the region. Returning home, Bianca shows up at your door again, thanking you for your aid in her research and so the story ends.

                    That was pretty long. Hope this is acceptable, hehe c: Thanks for reading!
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                    Black 3 and White 3

                    An introduction
                    Black 3 and White 3 are two separate games, however like previous games there are native Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon differences. The difference in this case however, is the motive of the hero. In Black 3, the hero crusades for conservation, while in White 3, the hero crusades for industrialization. Don’t worry, in the end, the hero in both games ends up trying to defeat a renewed Team Rocket, bent on enslaving all Pokemon for human use and profit.

                    The changes
                    As the hero walked out of the house in Anville Town, they surveyed the environment. The surrounding area had been decimated, the trees cut down by logging companies for the sake of money. The Pokemon living in the forest had fled in terror at the sight of the huge trucks used to transport the logs down to where the trains ran. It was vastly different from two years ago. Going by train was too slow, so a large highway was paved in order to cater to the logging companies and people’s needs. Soon after this highway was paved, trains fell out of favor, and the Battle Subway was shut down and remodeled after the Battle Tower in the faraway land of Sinnoh. Logs from many different areas were brought here, from Lostlorn Forest to Pinwheel Forest were processed in a newly developed, high efficiency saw mill. Then the wood was then either loaded onto a plane at the Mistralton Airport or driven to Driftveil City. The plane flew to where the Desert Resort used to be. The area had been cleared out and a new airport constructed, resulting in habitat loss of many more Pokemon. The processed wood was then either processed into consumer goods in Driftveil or loaded onto ships and taken to other regions to bolster the global economy. Icirrus City was still untouched for the most part, though Dragonspiral Tower was opened up to the general public for tourism. After all, why should out here believe in such silly children’s stories about the legendary Dragon Pokemon and the hero? Nimbasa City; man; this was the favorite city for our hero. Here the amusement park was further developed becoming the biggest (and only) amusement park to offer a high tech hologram oriented game featuring some sort of card game. Seeing as how there was no competition, they charged as much money as they wanted for admission. The people didn’t seem to mind, most visitors had enough money to cover their walls with it. On the opposite side of Unova however, there was a more naturalistic approach to life. In Opeluicid City paved with natural stone, with moss poking out of the cracks, the city had barely changed in the past two years. They took a stand against corporate greed, refusing to compromise nature for the sake of cash. The same could be said of Lacunosa Town, Humilau City, Undella Town, Lentimas Town, and the residents of White Forest. They kept their towns mostly the same for these past two years, which meant many residents from the other end of Unova, did not visit often. They couldn’t stand living in an area without public transport; there were no convenience stores or mega marts like in the big city. They just could not understand why they could live without the necessities. Though they had their differences, both ends of the major continent did fairly well in terms of their standards of living. But what about those other seven cities/towns? What became of them? The hero strode through the cities, expecting them to be exactly like the cities on the East side of Unova. But what was seen there shocked the hero. As the rest of the region became more developed, they had fallen behind. They had not advanced like the rest of the region had. Asperita, Floccesy, Virbank, Narcene, Striaton, Accumula, and Nuvema had fallen into what seemed to be disrepair.

                    The prologue to Black 3
                    But the hero could not leave it like this. How could they? It was completely unfair to the citizens of these cities/towns. Not only that, the pollution from the west side of Unova had been becoming increasingly worse. The smog and chemicals were soon reaching far beyond their boundaries and were affecting other ares. And so the hero set out accompanied by a band of followers, all determined to make things right, to stop the destruction of Unova’s environment, and to bring peace and equality to all people and Pokemon in the region.

                    The prologue to White 3
                    But the hero did not care, why should he? After all, it was for the betterment of the region in the long run. However, they felt that it was completely unfair to the citizens of these cities/towns. It was long overdue that the smaller towns and the west side of Unova was industrialized. And so the hero set out accompanied by a band of followers, all determined to make things right, to equalize all in Unova, and to spread the wealth.

                    Caption Contest
                    Ghetsis: “What are you looking at?”
                    N: “I could ask the same for you”
                    Ghetsis: “Touche” *thumbs-up* “Aaay”
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                      Caption Contest

                      Ghetsis: "Let me cover you with my robe"
                      N: "You have no idea how to use an umbrella, do you?"
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                      Black 3 and White 3

                      After two years, I'd expect to see... an old new Unova in the limelight again. I probably will also expect to see yet another pair of new protagonists, and the starters will be reused from Generation V again - you can probably see the games as something that straddles between Generation V and VI, in part by providing a closure on the Unova "trilogy", and also in part by providing direct continuity from the Generation V games to Generation VI in general, and with all the Pokémon being very familiar to anyone who had played BW or B2W2, it can be considered an "old new" game. Old, in the sense of keeping the Generation V spirit, and new, in the sense that it is a new game which can be treated as stand-alone, and also be able to relate to Generation V and VI directly, at least in story and continuity.

                      The games will be more story-centric than any other Pokémon game ever released, including Mystery Dungeon games and previous Unova games. In particular, I'd expect the story to focus a lot more on N himself and "What happens when you put all three of them together?". There will be something in the games that causes a third, unique, Unova-specific legendary Pokémon that will be in the Generation VI Pokédex proper, with said Pokémon back-ported to XY via 3DS patching and/or DLC off SD. Both games will share the same cover legendary Pokémon, up to and including the forme itself. The game will feature another, previously unseen new town or city, to introduce the player to the new Unova, two years after the events of B2W2. Said town or city will involve the use of Generation VI-style view ports to give the player a sense of depth, and give the town or city a unique feeling, compared to anything before B3W3.

                      B3W3 will drop Team Plasma and introduce a single villain character, very unlike other games, though there are other "teams" to distract you, as well as the villain himself, from time to time. The game will rely a lot more of set pieces in the story, cut scenes abound. The new villain has something personal against N, and we do not know the true identity of said villain until after the game ends, with the villain disappearing, permanently, due to unknown circumstances.

                      The game will end with the story, and not end with the League, which should serve as a throwback to BW itself. The game will probably be a love letter to old fans, and fans of the Unova games in general, with treats for everyone to see, hear, play, laugh at, and be generally memorable, just like what a good movie should do. There will be at least two climaxes in the story of the game, with one reserved for the final confrontation, right before the credits roll, involving people that everyone liked the first and second time around, all together, to put an end to all of this.

                      Generation VI-style battling and other mechanics will be in use in the games, but tweaked to ensure better balance in general, and it will work especially well with pre-existing Unova Pokémon. Battle graphics will get further refinement in B3W3, as it was the case with B2W2 compared to BW, with key being on the backgrounds. Generation V-specific Pokémon will get a lot of attention in B3W3, not unlike the original games, and a bit unlike B2W2. Extra animations will be present in B3W3, compared to XY, and to a Pokémon player, this is probably what's closest to the game looking like animation that came into life the most, before the next game, of course. All the graphical quirks in XY will be either embraced or smoothed on, increasing visual coherency.

                      Lots of old places will look like the "old new thing" - it's instantly recognizable, but it's also hugely revamped for the most part, to take advantage of the new view port in the Generation VI games. Many old things in B2W2 will remain accessible, though that does not rule out unpopular areas getting blocked off for story reasons.

                      Caption Contest

                      "You know... It seems like your cape's leaking. That's beside the point, though. Why you? I probably can deal with you later."

                      "... ... ... ... ... ..." (Ghetsis stays silent.)
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                        Caption Contest

                        Ghetsis: From now on my child, after your long education by the Seven Sages, I hereby declare that you're ready to become the king and leader of Team Plasma, where you are going to liberate all the Pokemon from the humans.
                        N: But I'm not ready...
                        Purrloin: Meow~
                        Ghetsis: !!!
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                        Caption Contest

                        N: Hey little guy, what are you doing out here in the rain all al—dad, what are you doing?
                        Ghetsis: O-OH! Nothing, um . . . just getting you two out of the rain, is all. . . .
                        N: . . . Who are you and what have you done with my father?

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