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Old May 7th, 2013 (10:05 AM).
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Damien Pierce
Front Lines

Jacob got up and walked the opposite direction spurting some crap out about being a 'lone wolf'... More like being suicidal, but if that's what he wanted, Damien wasn't about to stop him... He shook his head disapprovingly and started off the other way.

He was heading towards Nick's position when the fight between the two tribes spilled up into his path. A few pokemon decided he was a easier target and charged towards him. He pulled up his 416 and quickly put down the first two with a shot to the head each, but the third one just wouldn't go down. Damien peppered it with a clip but it was still standing, and now it was to close to reload. Damien threw the rifle to the ground and whipped out his Knife, which came out of the thick padded holster with that signature sound.

The Tropius swiped it's paw at Damien, but he ducked under it. While the mighty pokemon recovered it balance, Damien stuck the knife into it's throat. He pulled the knife out the yanked up the muzzle of the beast and slit it's throat, the knife sliding slowly through the thick hide. A stab to the brain guaranteed the kill. Damien pushed the lifeless, but still standing carcass down to the ground and wiped the blade clean on the fur before holstering the knife to its spot on his sholder.

Damien picked up his rifle and slapped in a new mag then went about finding a way around the fight. He cut up through the woods back up to route 110 so he could go around. He was greeted by a bullet almost going through his skill and then someone yelling "Holy sh!t. You're really lucky. Sorry, though you were a poke."

The rest of the troops had arrived! Damien quickly hoped onto a jeep and took control of the mounted .50 cal. This was going to be fun after all!
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Old May 24th, 2013 (2:37 PM).
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    Delta Camp

    Turnip arrived back at Delta Camp in a matter of seconds, deciding that he'd advise the various other troops not to freak out about his gunfire.

    "Yeah, there's no need to worry, that was just-"

    He paused, noticing that no-one was listening.

    "Well... That's a... thing. Dammit."
    In fact, all of the troops seemed to be rushing somewhere, and it looked like there were more than when he left. Had the reinforcements arrived? Sure looked like it.

    Eh, close enough. Those are the only orders I have from the General, anyway, so I guess I've got free rein now. The time is nigh - to hunt for Nicholas Cage!

    Turnip promptly turned back towards the forest, seeing that none of the other HR soldiers were paying any attention to him. He sure paid attention to them, though, shadowing their rough route to hopefully find where everything was happening. As much as it bothered him, he had to make sure Nicolas was alive - then he could get some answers out of the mysterious man, who would also hopefully continue to perform well in his acting career. Because Turnip is still making the Nicholas Cage connection. Still. Seriously.

    He ended up at some kind of an impasse - trees were thick, and one had fallen. He could probably climb it, but he really just couldn't be bothered right then and there. He ended up making a long way around, and before he knew it he could hear the sounds of battle.

    Trouble was, it was coming from behind and to the left of him. Flanking it was, then, apparently.

    "Alrighty, nearly there. I'll just save, then, I'll- wait, what? What am I saving? Why am I talking to myself? I'm just going- I- this is like something someone in a story would do. I'm done." He put a hand to his forehead, "I need to shoot something..."

    Turnip pulled out his Desert Eagle. "Except I don't..." He put it back. "Except I still need a weapon out..." Turnip pulled his AK-47 from his back this time.

    He continued his walk through the forest. "Well, if I'm going insane, at least I know it. Sort of. Maybe. I really shouldn't be talking, I need to be stealthy, dammit..." His voice quietened to a whisper as he finished rambling.

    A Pidgey flew by on his right, but he let it pass. From the looks of things, and judging by the sound, he was looping around around about now.

    He spotted two Pokémon a few metres in front of him. This could be awkward. One was a Golduck, a blue, vaguely humanoid creature with a red orb on its forehead and a white bill. It appeared it had some kind of blue necklace - no doubt, then, definitely some form of sophisticated. The other was a Gardevoir, like the one Sigil had originally dressed up as. Not him, though, clearly, as it was demonstrating its psychic power by levitating a few separate blobs of water.

    He hoped that he could probably get around the two - they appeared to be concentrating on whatever they were planning, so it was likely he could just-

    Behind him. An Ariados, scuttling forward from the lower canopy just a little to the left. Turnip turned on it with his AK drawn. The arachnid Pokémon didn't seem to know if it was targeting Turnip or the other two Pokémon.

    Turnip hoped his rifle could intimidate the Ariados into leaving. It did seem to hesitate for a moment, but not for long. String shot out from its head, followed by three loud bangs. The Ariados flipped over and fell to the ground. Turnip snapped, rifle raised, to the two from before, who had doubtless heard it. The string, now, unpropelled, hit Turnip with meagre force in the legs.

    String Shot was always a pretty bad move anyway...

    "Well, uh, hey- let's not do anything too hasty, I'm just going to, uh, I want to go. And I kind of just saved you from that Ariados, so, how about we don't attack, and uh, you know, get ice cream instead, or something?"
    Turnips shall rise.

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    Old May 29th, 2013 (8:02 AM).
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      Shadow Norborn
      war zone

      Shadow became impatient with Kip, so he turned to the rest of the Ruber Tribe, "Ruber Tribe!" he announced loud enough for all to hear, "Retreat! fall back to our Territory" Disaster disengaged with the human he was fighting and took the lead of the retreat, leading any who followed Shadow's order away from the battle and towards home. Shadow and Swordsman took the rear protecting the rest of the tribe from being flanked. Shadow saw Penance and the Gardevoir member of their tribe.

      Shadow ran over to the two pokemon, "Come on you two," he shouted, dodging a variety of attacks from the other tribe and the humans, "we're leaving! This battle is lost, it is far better to live to fight another day than all of us die here." he said, as he returned to his position at the back of the group.
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