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Old March 10th, 2013 (3:47 AM).
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Who supports you financially? Do you support yourself, or do you have parents/guardians who support you?

With your age in consideration, do you feel like that's okay?
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Old March 10th, 2013 (4:15 AM).
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I support myself, and in truth my parents as well. At age 19 however no one should be supporting their parents, its just a weight put around their neck when they're finally ready to experience the world.

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Old March 10th, 2013 (4:27 AM).
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    At 23, I support myself yeah. I work a full time job now, and just trying to save as much as I can while still enjoying my life :3
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    I've supported myself financially in part since I was 13 and I've been doing it fully since September. I think that 13 is a pretty early age to be supporting yourself in any way financially, mainly because you can't legally be in a job until the age of 16 but also because most people just aren't generally ready at that stage and it's kinda forcing you to grow up too quickly imo. I'd rather that hadn't been the case with me. However, now, I think 18 is a fine age to be supporting yourself financially and I'm sorta glad I learned some self-support skills earlier on.
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      I would support myself but having trouble doing so, my boyfriend helps me out if I get into trouble.
      so my boyfriend supports me.
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        Originally Posted by Kura View Post
        At 23, I support myself yeah. I work a full time job now, and just trying to save as much as I can while still enjoying my life :3
        Pretty much sums it up for me.
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        My parents still support me. I dont have the money to support myself and dont have a job so Im not making any more :l
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        My mom supports me, and I'm currently looking for a job. When I did have a job, it was still majority mom's money supporting me, but that was mainly for school purposes and my car bill. I bought my own gas and home supplies, however my dad bought my groceries. I'm 20 though and don't really see a problem with it, but I do need a job and I'm trying to find one. Been applying at loads of places. I think it's fine to be supported by your parents through college, as long as you have a job/are actively looking for one and still do things around the house to keep it nice.

        Being 32 with a child and having your parents pay for your house while you don't even try to find a job and you've been done with school for years not cool. Yeah I know someone like that.

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        My parents. I'm not nearly old enough for a job (ugh) and I still live in their house ect obviously.
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          My parents support me. I'm only 15 so I think its fine for them to still be supporting me. They pay for all the things I need. Luckily they pay my phone bill also, along with the tuition for my school. As for extra stuff such as pokemon games, I need to pay for that. I have a summer job that pays pretty well so I have a good amount of money to spend, for my age.

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          My parents support me. It is considered somewhat of an Asian culture for parents to support their children until they are old enough and ready to take care of themselves. Children here generally still live in their parents' houses until they are married. I would actually get a part-time job to partly support myself, but my education takes up a lot of my time and it won't be convenient.
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          My parents support me even though I have a semi-job to support myself a bit. I don't mind about it though.
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          Old March 10th, 2013 (7:22 PM).
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          I pay for my fair share of basic bills, or 25% of water, electric, internet, groceries, and other utilities. I buy my own snacks, video games, clothes, and makeup/hygiene products. I pay for gas if I'm requesting a ride to somewhere. I cover my tuition/book fees and cell phone bills. I do not pay for rent.

          I still live with my parents, and they do help support me still. At my age, my dependence on my parents can be interpreted as either understandable or unusual. On one hand, I'm trying my hardest to get through college and not drown in student debt, so my situation is fine. On the other hand, I have plenty of friends who are attending school full-time, working full-time, and may or may not have families or social lives. Some make it, and I commend them. Some break.
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          Old March 10th, 2013 (7:33 PM).
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          I'm trying to take the weight off my parents as much as I can. Currently I pay for almost all of my food, clothes, snacks, pitch in for my insurance, soon to pay for my phone bill, games, gas, and other personal goods. However, school, my car (was my grad present), house-concerning bills, and medical in some cases, I do not. I basically do what my $170 a week job allows me to.
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          Old March 10th, 2013 (7:46 PM).
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          My parents still support me financially. Currently I'm still in high school (as a senior) and I don't have a car nor a job yet. Hopefully this summer I can have both a car and a job (maybe full-time for the summer but part-time by August for schooling).
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          Old March 10th, 2013 (8:07 PM).
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            I support myself and do my mom's finances so that she can support herself as well. It's exhausting and kind of lonely.
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            Old March 12th, 2013 (3:41 PM).
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            I've been financially independent since August 2009 or so (or January 2010 if you count when I started paying rent for my own place). I work a job, and it's my only source of income. My family does not give me money anymore.

            I live with a roommate, and I pay him for half the electric and cable bills when I can. Lately I've had extra bills so he's just been doing it on his own. So in theory if I really need help I can depend on him to go it alone for a bit. Those two bills are in his name, at least, so if I can't afford to pay him, it's not on me. He's also the only person I know that I could theoretically loan money from if I needed it; the rest of my immediately family just makes enough to pay their own bills. I'd rather not have to ask anyone for money though. :(
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            Old March 13th, 2013 (12:31 AM).
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            I support myself, work full time and live away from home. I have done for the past 5 years now! :3
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            Old March 13th, 2013 (1:00 AM).
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              Both my parents and myself. Although I'm more on myself nowadays.

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              I still live at my parents house and they pay for my Uni tuition, which is a huge support.
              I have a part-time job as a waiter, which is fun and pays well, so i can buy my own stuff

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              My dad (the only parent I have alive.) supports me.He provides for me food, a home to live in , pays bills, drives me to places I need to go, clothes, school supplies when I went to school, basically everything I need to live. I feel kind of bad for him considering he has to support 3 boys on his own, two of them in their 20s and also support his own life. He's not in the best financial situation himself. His job barely gives him enough to help us survive. Though I'm grateful for all that he provides for me. He's been trying to get me to support myself more by not buying me anything I want, only mostly the things I really need. I've been looking for a job so I can support myself more and can buy my own food and things I want. Also to be able to maybe pay my own bills and have more control over my life. I can also help support my dad and make his job raising us easier. At 20,I think it's still OK for me to still live with my dad, though I should really start taking care of myself. I have some responsibilities and my dad tells me more and more that I need to "let go" and so does my older brother who's gonna be 22 in 10 days. My little brother's only 17 and he has a job, cell phone, car, and he's paying bills and taxes. He'll be graduating this year too and is thinking of going to a college where he'll have to live in a dorm most of the year. Right now he's way more responsible than I am and he's 3 years younger. That's kind of sad to me so I've really been trying to step up and learn to take care of myself.
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              Old March 13th, 2013 (12:28 PM).
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              Right now my parents are supporting me. I am 20, and feel like its okay. I have no job right now because school takes up all my time. I am also going to need help for when I actually go to a new college, I can't do it myself with the way things are.

              When I have a job, I support myself. I had a job when I was 18 and 19 and did it. I even had an apartment for a year. Im back home now and I can honestly say im fine with it. My parents have told me they are fine with it also.
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              Old March 16th, 2013 (2:16 AM).
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              I'm still living at home (though not for much longer) and I guess technically my parents still support me. I pay board, but they still buy all the food and everything else. I'm 22, and I feel like that's OK for two reasons:

              1) It's not going to last for much longer
              2) The average age for moving out of home in Australia is 24, so I still have two more years before I'm a bludger.

              My sister is 25 and she is still living at home with no plans to change it. She should be worried.

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                I think it's a little strange how our culture regards moving from home; and all the joys that come with it... financial burdens combined with the time swallowing list of chores required to maintain a home...
                Meanwhile elsewhere in the world, people are encouraged to stay with their family for much longer.

                I don't think it's shameful to still be at home regardless of your age. If you provide some sort of contribution to the household, whether it's financial or doing chores, then there's no real reason to feel bad about it.

                I work full time and rent my own place, but I'd much rather be at home.
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                Old March 17th, 2013 (5:12 PM).
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                  I'm too young and I am still going to school, so of course, my parents support me. Well, in my country, you don't get your own house until your either married or 35. (according to that law) So most of the adults still stay in their parents home but probably either earn money to support themselves or the whole family, if the parents are old and unable to work.
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