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Old March 10th, 2013 (7:24 AM).
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The newest Pokemon titles are first released in Japan, and they are ported across other regions months later. There have been minor changes here and there to keep their respective "E rating" for the game. You all recalled these changes such as the sprite edits in Gen 2 and the Hiker in Gen 5. Because each regional version were months apart, it was easy to track down what was changed for that region and what was left alone compared to the original Japanese version. But since Pokemon X and Y are going to have an international release this October, how are we suppose to find out what changes were made if Japan is going to get the game on the same day as the U.S. and Europe?
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Old March 10th, 2013 (9:48 AM).
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It's simple: Some people will buy the Japanese versions, even if they are English-speaking. Nothing stops anyone from getting a game in other languages.
Now, what I think that will be changed will probably be some phrases, or Pokedex entries and possibly a game or two if there is a game corner.
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Old March 10th, 2013 (11:04 AM).
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Now that we're having an international release maybe there won't be any changes that they'd need to censor out. I'd actually prefer that the games were the same, but not for any important reason, just for the sake of I like having everything the same =P
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Old March 10th, 2013 (2:23 PM).
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I guess since there is going to be an international release, there is already teams from different countries and continents working on the games, not just Japan. This should ensure the games would be pretty much the same everywhere.

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Old March 10th, 2013 (2:44 PM).
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Hm, that's an interesting question; I think it goes by the companies in each worldwide branch. Perhaps it's set to their certain standards, before being released worldwide. Well, that's what I think -- I'd say that maybe they'll keep each game the say way, and I would like to see that, but, I'm just saying, maybe they will at least check the script as they decode it, as well as official art and game graphics released?

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Old March 12th, 2013 (11:02 AM).
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Well they definitely won't have the Game Corner anymore. Thanks, ESRB. I actually wish they'd ditch the need to remain an "E" game. They could do so much if they at least let the dialogue mature a bit.
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Old March 12th, 2013 (1:09 PM).
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I really think that Game Freak didn't include the Game Corner in gen 5 so that it wouldn't be removed from other versions--I'm sure they want the games to be kept the same everywhere just as much as we do. As others have said, the fact that the release is international there may be fewer differences than before. And as to how we will know what the differences are, we will know because people somewhere will have the Japanese version to compare to the others.

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Old March 12th, 2013 (9:01 PM).
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I bought SoulSilver in Japanese before the American versions came out. I actually liked the slots in that game, they were really nice looking. I was looking forward to the translated version and I WAS REALLY MAD WHEN THEY REPLACED IT!!!

Granted, I'm kinda over it now (Voltorb Flip is fun for me, though it's tedious to get coins that way...) But the point is that I think it's annoying when one region's game has a certain feature and another region has the same location with an altered or lesser feature in its place that's clearly screaming "I'm just a replacement feature!"

I really hope the simultaneous release means they are trying to put in details that will work for every and any regions's "censoring" and whatnot... I still think it's stupid they had to take it out... The game corner that is. Well 5th gen didn't have a game corner so I have a feeling maybe they will keep in mind the stupid censors in various regions. I have White, Black2, and White2 in Japanese, and while I haven't explored every corner of the games, I don't think I've spotted any differences (aside from obvious things like the language, lol) in the Japanese and American versions of those. Maybe that's a good sign.
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