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Old March 14th, 2013 (9:36 PM).
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What are some games you used to play (or still play) that used your imagination?

Examples are the infamous the floor is lava game, also the family game, the one where you pretended to be that guy from your favorite tv show, the game where you pretended to be the hero and always made your little bro be the sidekick, the everyone shut up game, the let's pretend to be pokemon game, ect.
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Old March 14th, 2013 (10:06 PM).
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Ah in third grade, I used to play a game where we pretended we were Pokemon, training for battles. We used to decide on a type for example dark and then choose a dark-type before battling each other, trying to act out various moves while running around a maze. Good times :')! Also I remember this other one relating to Pokemon being where we were young trainers in an academy, carrying three Pokemon each and doing all sorts of strange activities while going on adventures through different regions. I lived on Stark Mountain. :3. There was also another one where we sort of played a game based off Mystery Dungeon, we were Pokemon exploring around that could talk. :x

Other than that, me and one of my really good friends used to play Animal Crossing, changing a few details, acting out adventures, exploring, making up characters and all sorts of wonderful things. We even made Red the Fox, have a dungeon filled with um... well we won't go that far but anyway, it was fun!

Dunno if Chinese Whispers also counts, we used to whisper around some really funny things haha.
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Old March 15th, 2013 (2:08 AM).
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    Back when I was overweight and lazy as hell I'd pretend some monster was chasing me when I entered Wal-Mart and started sprinting - that is until I reached the videogame section in the middle of the store, where I just played videogames/read guides for like an hour.

    Don't really do that anymore.
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    Old March 15th, 2013 (2:33 AM).
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      A game that was banned in playgrounds called British bulldog. I also played sonic the hedgehog where everyone was a sonic character.
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      Old March 15th, 2013 (6:28 AM).
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      Throw rocks at the ethnically different kids game! No seriously, at 4-5 when I didn't know better I used to throw rocks at kids who had different skin colors, or hell even blonde or red hair. As I said, I didn't know better.
      Sword Fighting with our awesome rake. It had this detachable scooper rake that had a handle, and it was like one giant rake claw. Put a sword in the other hand, and you had a nice fantasy thing going on.

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      Old March 15th, 2013 (7:00 AM).
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      During 4th grade, I used to pretend that my best friend and I were Pokemon trainers and that we had 6 Pokemon each. We'd each send out a Pokemon and we'd battle them like battling in the game while using sound effects and actions when choosing moves. After each move, we would adjust our hands to different lengths signifying the HP.

      "Pikachu, use Thunderbolt! *makes crackling sounds and waves hands around signifying electric shocks*
      Nooo! Charizard, use Flamethrower! *makes fire sounds, sending imaginary flames towards the other person*
      Oh no, Pikachu fainted! Charizard wins! *sends out next Pokemon*"

      I miss those times a lot. I really do.
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      Old March 15th, 2013 (7:10 AM).
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      When i used to go to Kindergarden, me and some friends played "Power Rangers". We would run around and jump all over the place, and beat up the imaginary "bad guys". The girls had to be either the yellow or pink power ranger (of course) and every boy wanted to be the white or the black one. I didn't mind, cause blue was my favorite :D good times man...

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      Old March 15th, 2013 (10:13 AM).
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        Ugh, I used to be that kid that played with action figures.
        Such to the point that, using pokemon cards, i'd pretend they were trainers.
        And then one day I accidentally caught some random doll I had found on the ground on fire... and with a twisted smile, I became in love with both destruction, and setting things on fire.
        Good times. :}

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        Tekken,Pepsi man,Xena the warrior princess and Hercules,Harry potter and the king of all those is.....*drums* CRASH!!! specially CTR <3333

        when i was young me and sisters used to imagine me as Crash and sis Polar bear bro Tiny tiger and big sis is Doc.N lol it was fun days hahaha also one of pepsi man levels was a giant Pepsi can about to smash him always ran around house imagining the Can coming after me lol crazy
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        Old March 16th, 2013 (2:36 AM).
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        I pretended to be Power Rangers and Pokemon and Dragonball Z characters - there were a lot of games in that particular genre... the floor is lava game was the biggest one though. I played that every single time I went to the mall - "Only step on the green tiles, Andrew, everything else is lava!"

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        Old March 16th, 2013 (10:30 AM).
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        There were a lot of games, but I can't really remember what they were.

        I do remember that I played this game where several friends and I were on a playground reenacting WWI and WWII with each of us taking turns being different countries. (So we were big nerds.) Someone didn't even want to play so they became Switzerland. It sounds really boring, both from what it is and how I'm describing it, but in the moment it was a lot of fun coming up with ways to translate history to a playground setting.
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          Sticks found in the woods were pretty much one of the best toys I ever had. They were swords in my imaginary games of roleplaying living in a fantasy world, particularly long and curved ones made excellent imaginary bows, ones that seemed like they had a little grip at the end were the best imaginary rifles ever for an imaginary war. I could play outside for hours, staying so vividly in character as a soldier or as an adventurer in a fantasy universe, and that all with a stick I happen to have found in the woods.

          Also, pokémon roleplaying. That's something I did for a very long time. Jumping on the beds, which were like the imaginary battle arenas, and acting out thrilling pokémon battles.

          Also, you're looking at the olympic record holder of don't let the balloon touch the floor. I remember keeping scores of how many times I hit the balloon before it touched the ground, and man, I was good. I always liked to imagine an audience in the background, cheering on as I rocked past the 100 points. Good times, gooood times.
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          I remember me and my childhood friend used to play pretend and we were superheroes saving peoples lives and we had powers like in Dragonball and we could transform into different forms that we made up

          Also I had a bunch of toys that were weapons and we used them and played with them. We also implemented yugioh cards and Pokemon into it so that we would have to duel or battle with Pokemon in order to beat the bad guy. Quite fun actually, I miss those times
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