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Old January 22nd, 2005 (6:12 PM).
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    Woah, "Drop" got listed as a good example! COOL!!! *is very happy now*

    This is an excellent guide, with several universal rules. I do however, feel that some things that were stated as rules are really only guidelines. For instance, the oneshot 1400 'rule' can be totally obsolete depending on the desired impact.

    Also, I strongly disagree with the avoid using "said" rule. In fact, using too many adverbs can be a sign of poor writing. The dialogue itself should say enough about tone, without the need for fancy adverbs.

    I'm going to come back later and post some of my thoughts on writing characters.
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      Japanese words.

      Grass or Bug
      Midori [Green]
      Hana [Flower]
      Niwa [Garden]
      Happa [Leaf]
      Haru [Spring]
      Ki [Tree]
      Yasai [Vegetable]
      Kooen [Park]

      Aka [Red]
      Daidai [Orange]
      Hiru [Daytime]
      Atsui [Hot]
      Karui [Light]
      Taiyoo [Sun]
      Hare [Sunny]

      Water, Ice
      Ofuro [Bath]
      Nomimono [Beverage]
      Ao [Blue]
      Samui [Cold]
      Tsumetai [Cold]

      These are a few examples. I can give some to A Pokon specifically. Just Ask
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        Uh...Omega...what's this supposed to be? >.>

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        Some people can't think of Pokemon names, I guess, and Omega wanted to just present a list of names and help out. XP

        {What'd ya say Oni-chan...should I sticky or let it be? o.o;}

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          Let's just merge it to the How to write fanfic thingie...>.>
          I'll merge it...

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            I wanna ask, if you're doing a crossover would you put it in Other Writing or here?
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              If Pokemon is part of the crossover element, you *can* put it here and/or other writing. Of course, being a smart writer will put it in both, because then you got double the chances for it to be read and critiqued.
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                I noted this a little before, but here's my full thoughts on this:
                Originally Posted by FAQ
                -Dont use said without adverbs. Said is the most boring verb in any Fanfiction. Use adverbs to help out, or use alternative words like commented, asked, exclaimed and so on.
                No offense to whoever wrote this, but this is totally wrong! "Said" is a lovely invisible verb that does not distract from flow. If you're constantly using "shouted," "yelled," "cooed," "screeched," "commented" and the like, not only do these words lose their effect, but you distract and bore the reader! Sure, you do want to use these on occasion, along with "asked," but adverbs should only be put in when absolutely necessary! If you can't tell tone of voice by the words, you probably need to rewrite the dialogue.

                For instance, take the words, "Yeah, sure." Without an adjective, this could mean a dozen different things:

                "Yeah, sure," she giggled.

                "Yeah, sure," she said with bitterness.

                "Yeah, sure," she said in a flat tone.

                But if your intention was for it to be said with a bubbly, happy attitude, you could go with this:

                "Oh, definitely!" she said.

                So here, I used the simple little word said with the tone I wanted without an adjective. The thing is, "said" is invisible and therefore is not boring, it's simply an unnoticed, not distracting word.
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                I don't agree with the guide, but I don't agree with Aiya Quackform either.

                "Said" is not a word that should be avoided, and yes, it is invisible.

                However, I frankly disagree even more with Aiya's post. So you're supposed to rewrite the dialogue if the words don't say all that adverbs could say? Uh, right. So what am I supposed to do if, say, my character is speaking slowly? Make two vowels instead of one?

                And what if my character SAYS "Yeah, sure"? You're basically telling me that I should replace it with "Oh, definitely!" or something, but don't try to tell me you've never in your life said "Yeah, sure". If you can use it, your characters can use it. And what then? Maybe I don't want to rewrite the dialogue. Maybe this character says "Yeah, sure" in a giggly tone, not "Oh, definitely!" Whee, I'm faced with the ultimate choice of making the character OOC or avoiding all this stupid trouble and just writing '"Yeah, sure," she giggled.' Guess what I'll pick.

                Just plain "said" without adverbs is the appropriate word when there is no definite tone in the character's voice. An exclamation mark can also negate the need to explain it (which is actually what happens with the "Oh, definitely!"; it sounds just as neutral as "Yeah, sure" when you remove it). And most of the time, people don't speak with much of a definite tone, making just "said" appropriate very often.

                When you should rewrite the dialogue is when what is said sounds completely flat and the alternative/adverb for said actually seems to be adding tone that isn't there. But I frankly find it distracting when I see a line loaded with emotion that just ends in "he said". It feels like something is missing. It makes the character seem like a bad actor repeating his lines instead of a proper character. It depends on how much emotion there is, of course, but if there is a lot of it, by all means don't just decide "The readers can tell it's supposed to be said angrily" and use nothing but "said".

                This doesn't just apply to "said", you know. It's just a question of using the appropriate word, that's all. If you always wrote "giggled", for example, it wouldn't always be the right word to use. Neither is "said".
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                  Perhaps I did overstate my opinion. There are certainly times when you'd want to use "Yeah, sure," but you also want to make sure that words give some sort of tone without adverbs.
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                    y cant people like me do writing just becuz we cant write good its not fare that only smarter people can write things and make threds
                    someone tell me how to put a pic in my signiture!
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                    1) I am not smart.

                    2) In fact, I am quite dumb.

                    3) Of course you can write good, if you just listen to what people are saying. They wish to help, and no one said you were bad at writing. Read yoru reviews carefully and use them to improve. If you don't make an effort on improving or listening to constructive criticism (aka helpful reviews), then what's the point?

                    4) If you have trouble, you can ask someone to beta read it, who basically revises your story before you post it. Or you can share ideas in the fanfiction lounge if other people's opinions are needed.

                    5) If you're desperate, PM me. I'll see what I can do. XP

                    EDIT: by the way, you put the [img] tag around the url of the picture you wish to put in your signature. For example, if your picture's URL is www .picture. com (bad example), you simply put: [img]www.picture.com[/img] <- that.

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                      Originally Posted by LilyPichu
                      2) In fact, I am quite dumb.

                      Agreed! J/K

                      No one who takes up the the artistic responsibility of writing can really be dumb. You make the deductions, you can't be dumb, Lily. XP

                      Originally Posted by Georgie Porgie
                      y cant people like me do writing just becuz we cant write good its not fare that only smarter people can write things and make threds
                      You can write, so as long as you know 1) why you are writing, and 2) what is required of you to write.

                      No consulting of other people is necessary, unless you do not know something you need.

                      Also, your writing is something only you can select, so do what you want. Don't worry if you're new, because you'll get better as the days pass. Don't worry if you're unsure about your writing--and don't be in a hurry to correct yourself. Give yourself time. You can't become a genius writer in one day. There's a lot of people helping here, but I doubt that would help much. It's mostly about your own selection and curiousity (and goal!).

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                        I'm so flattered when you called me smart... XD

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                        Originally Posted by Niko
                        I'm so flattered when you called me smart... XD
                        Is that all you think of when you read people's posts? XP

                        22sa- But I am! =)

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                          No, not really...>>
                          I just wasn't thinking... XD

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                          Second version, by frostweaver, of course. This will be made into a new thread. o.o;

                          Pokemon Fanfiction Writing Guide v2
                          By Frosty <3

                          These are general guidelines, which will aide you in your upcoming career of Pokemon fanfic writing. Though these guidelines often contain exceptions, it is recommended that you will follow through with these guidelines until you've gained much understanding about Pokemon writing.

                          This guide should cover all aspects of Pokemon fanfic writing, or at least most of everything. Every question is written in FAQ format.

                          This guide does not include tips on writing a fanfic in a script form.

                          Table of Contents

                          -What do I need?
                          -What should I write on?
                          -What qualifies a fanfic to be a 'Pokemon fanfic'?
                          -What do I have to consider about when I'm writing?
                          -What is 'Stream of Consciousness' writing?

                          Plot and Acronyms
                          -What are the stereotypical plots in Pokemon fanfic?
                          -What is the 'most welcomed' type of plot?
                          -What are the 5 conflicts?
                          -What are the Acronyms used in Pokemon fanfic writing?

                          Narrative Manner
                          -What is narrative manner?
                          -What is 1st person narrative?
                          -What is 3rd person omniscient?
                          -What is 3rd person limited omniscient?
                          -What is 3rd person objective?

                          Prologue Writing
                          -What are the common errors to avoid about Prologue Writing?
                          -What is a Prologue? Do I need one?
                          -What should be included in a Prologue?
                          -How should I write a Prologue?
                          -Is there a sample of an 'ideal Prologue' and a 'terrible Prologue?'

                          Titles and Names
                          -What are the common errors to avoid about Titles and Names?
                          -What should I do about my fanfic's Title?
                          -What should I do about the title for this chapter?
                          -What names should I use for Characters in my fanfic?
                          -What nicknames should I use for the Pokemon in my fanfic?
                          -What names should I use for my original Pokemon/Places/league?

                          Characters (Humans and Pokemon)
                          -What are the common errors to avoid about Characters?
                          -How do I introduce my Characters?
                          -How do I write the dialogues for my Characters?
                          -How do I add physical descriptions for my Characters?
                          -How do I add emotional descriptions for my Characters?
                          -When is it suitable for a story to have no character description?
                          -What is a minor character
                          -How is the narrator a Character?

                          -How should I handle the time aspect of setting?
                          -How should I handle the landscape aspect of the setting?
                          -How should I handle the mood aspect of the setting?

                          Pokemon Battling
                          -What are the common errors to avoid?
                          -How do I describe a Pokemon attack?
                          -How do I make a Pokemon battle interesting?

                          Coherence and Clarity
                          -What is Coherence? What is Clarity?
                          -How should I make my story Coherent and Clear?

                          -What is Diction?
                          -How should I handle Diction?
                          -How do I find the denotation of a word?
                          -How do I find the connotation of a word?

                          -What is Tone?
                          -How do I portray Tone?

                          Literary Devices
                          -What should I do if I want to emphasize something?
                          -What is a symbol?
                          -What is an allusion?
                          -What is foreshadowing, flashback and in media res?
                          -What is a motif?
                          -What is a repetition?
                          -What is alliteration, consonance and assonance?
                          -What is a theme?

                          Story Structure
                          -How do I write the beginning for my fanfic?
                          -How do I write the rising actions for my fanfic?
                          -What is a climax?
                          -What is a denouement?

                          Fanfic Promotion/Improvement
                          -How do I become famous?
                          -What is a beta reader? Where do I find one?
                          -How do I attract more readers to read my fanfic?
                          -How do I attract more reviewers to review my fanfic?
                          -When should I update my fanfic?
                          -How should I advertise my fanfic?



                          What do I need?
                          -A very basic idea about what you want to write for your fanfic
                          -Spell checker/grammar check if you're doing this on the computer
                          -A thesaurus and a dictionary

                          What should I write on?
                          -Up to you to decide, as this is where originality comes in
                          -Be flexible, as a Pokemon fanfic do not have to be about Pokemon journeys
                          -You do not have to follow the format of the Pokemon game, anime or manga
                          -You don't even have to include any Pokemon (if you're talking about characters from the show/manga)
                          -You don't even have to include any characters from the Pokemon media (if you're talking about Pokemon and only)

                          What qualifies a fanfic to be a 'Pokemon fanfic?'
                          -Either of the following conditions must be met (not all, but at least some):
                          1. Story takes place in the world of Pokemon
                          2. Pokemon must be in the story
                          3. Characters from the Pokemon media are in the story
                          4. The concept of Pokemon is mentioned in the story

                          What do I have to consider about when I'm writing?
                          -Basically, everything that's mentioned in this guide

                          What is 'Stream of Consciousness' writing?
                          -This is to write without any pre-planning or thinking about your work. Just write whatever comes to your mind. It doesn't even have to be in story format.
                          -Advantage is that it maybe original, and can be used as inspiration for many ideas
                          -Disadvantage is that it will always need to be processed in order for it to become a fanfic, and it may not always lead to somewhere

                          Plot and Acronyms

                          What are the stereotypical plots in Pokemon fanfic?
                          -Note: stereotypical plots can be combined with one another

                          -'Original Trainer' A new trainer(s) set off on their own journey to be a Pokemon Master, similar to what the anime and the game has already. Traditionally, most new writers tend to jump to this type of plot first, and it is stereotyped as 'bad' fanfics.

                          -'Back to School' Pokemon characters go to school and this usually involves romances more than anything.

                          -'Dark fanfics' World of Pokemon is in huge chaos, and needs to be saved. The innocence of the Pokemon world is taken away, only to be replaced by the dark deeds that exist in the real world as well, such as murder and betrayal.

                          -'Team ____' Perspective is taken at a character that's on the dark side instead of the usual heroes who fight against these teams, such as Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua.

                          -'Pokemon Perspective' The fanfic is through the eyes of a Pokemon rather than the usual human characters. Usually, this involves the entire story dedicated to the feelings of the Pokemon towards what the Pokemon world is like, and most of the time, this type of fanfic is filled with angst, easily tied with 'Dark fanfics.'

                          -'Parody' Pokemon/Pokemon Characters join part in various TV shows, or other well-known programs in the real life world, and see how will the Pokemon Characters handle each situation. Usually this type of fanfic is comedic.

                          What is the 'most welcomed' type of plot?
                          -Generally, anything but the Original Trainer because Original Trainer is stereotyped itself to be a 'bad fanfics of low quality.'
                          -However, some authors prefer to work against their odds. By writing a good fanfic with a plot idea that's stereotyped as 'bad fanfics,' an author can become famous easily.

                          What are the 5 conflicts?
                          -'Man vs. Man' deals with conflicts between 2 human beings. The protagonist and the antagonist/s compete against each other in order to reach their own goal first, while often trying to stop the others. This is the most common conflict. All forms of rivalry is based on this conflict. It is possible that it is two organizations going against each other, and this is still classified as 'man vs. man.' Pokemon are included as a 'man' here, so any fanfic that deals with the struggle between a Pokemon and a specific trainer will also belong here. Team Magma and Team Aqua's grudge against each other is a form of 'man vs. man' although there aren't any distinctive two individuals. 'man vs. man' is considered to be the weakest and shallowest of all conflicts.

                          -'Man vs. Supernatural' is where a character challenges that of a legendary or supreme being, or the power of the unexplainable, such as ghosts and strange voices. Both the man and the supernatural may or may not be 'good.' This involves with a struggle between those with limited power against those who are suggested to have no limits in strength with no signs of weakness. Often, in Pokemon this is a battle between the trainer/organization against a legendary Pokemon (usually, Mew, Mewtwo or Kyogre/Groudon.) Man may borrow or rely on the strength of other legendary or supreme being/s in order to try to win the battle. Legendary Pokemon are considered to be supernatural for the Pokemon World, making this conflict to be the 2nd weakest and shallowest of all conflicts.

                          -'Man vs. Nature' is where a character faces the harshness of the natural environment. A character may be stranded in the wilderness, and must fight against the natural world in order to survive. Man and/or Pokemon must rely on his own resourcefulness and various talents in order to survive. Sickness and diseases are also considered as part of the natural world. For the purpose of a Pokemon fanfic, wild (non-legendary) Pokemon are considered to be part of 'Nature' but any Pokemon that has been captured is considered a 'man.' This conflict is considered to be one of the higher level conflicts.

                          -'Man vs. Society' is where a single or few character/s must face the challenges from the wide public. Often, this conflict deals with characters who must fight against the set orders and rules within the world which they live in. Another possibility is how an individual tries to maintain their individuality. In Pokemon, this often deals with a Pokemon character trying to change the Pokemon world's concept of capturing Pokemon for battles. This conflict is considered to be one of the higher level conflicts.

                          -'Man vs. Self' is where a character battles against himself. He must make decisions which are difficult for him, and fight against his own desires/beliefs and reason with his own mind. The character embarks off a spiritual journey in order to define himself in his ability, strength, identity and beliefs. This conflict is considered to be the pinnacle of complexity, being most welcomed by readers over all other conflicts. At the same time, it is also the most difficult to write without being considered 'corny.' A good 'man vs. self' conflict is enough to place any fanfic's plot as an excellent one. If supported by other conflicts, your readers will definitely be enticed.

                          What are the Acronyms used in Pokemon fanfic writing?
                          -OT (Original Trainer- describes the Original Trainer type of fanfic)
                          -Oneshots (short stories that will not have any updates)
                          -OOC (Out of Character- describes how the story portrayed in the fanfic is unlike the character in the Pokemon media, and therefore is unreal)
                          -PM (Pocket Monster, another name for Pokemon)
                          -Note: acronyms are only used in reviews and shouldn't be used in the story

                          Narrative Manner

                          What is narrative manner?
                          -It is the way the story is presented/narrated. It is how the narrator gets involved with the story.
                          -Considered as one of the 5 components of story writing (plot, character, setting, theme, narrative manner)

                          What is 1st person narrative?
                          -The narrator is a character from the story. Story is told through the viewpoints of this one particular character.
                          -Story is told using 1st person's viewpoints. 'I' and 'we' are used.
                          -The story may not be truthful through the 1st person narrative. It is possible that the character who's acting as the narrator is lying, or is unreliable (ex: narrator is mentally ill, or an alcoholic.) In these cases, readers must try to discover the true story through diction, and little hints that the narrator has left behind unintentionally. Perhaps sometimes the narrator just briefly mentions something because it is unimportant to that character, but this 'minor detail' maybe implied for something only the readers have realized (therefore, creating dramatic irony)
                          -Character description regarding other characters can only be revealed by the narrator (who may be biased, however) or by absolute precise choice in diction and tone.
                          -Story sounds a lot more close, as if the readers and the characters are on a personal level
                          -Also greatly empowers the character component of the story, but is only strengthening the protagonist.
                          -Is one of the harder narrative to write a story on.

                          What is 3rd person omniscient?
                          -The narrator is told from a side point of view. The narrator does not have any role in the story. The narrator is not involved in the action.
                          -The narrator is all-knowing. He knows exactly what all characters are thinking, and is capable of sharing this knowledge to the readers. Being all-knowing, the narrator is completely trustworthy and accurate in details.
                          -Character description is easily accomplished, as the narrator can say anything accurately.
                          -Increases the power of the character component of the story in general, but is not as effective in strengthening the protagonist as the 1st person narrative
                          -Easiest narrative to write a story on, and is the default setup.

                          What is 3rd person limited omniscient?
                          -Exactly the same as the 3rd person omniscient, except that now the narrator is limiting his own knowledge.
                          -Only one character's mind is known and described at a time. Though the narrator knows exactly what all characters are thinking, he will only talk about one at the same time, where the fully omniscient character will mention multiple characters' way of thinking at the same time.
                          -In terms of writing difficulty, this is the transitional stage between the 3rd person omniscient and the 1st person narrative.
                          -Its advantage is that a feeling of mystery can be made. One character's mind is understood (mostly that of the protagonist), and the other characters' minds are shrouded in mystery (especially that of the antagonist.) Yet the narrator may give us occasional glimpse of the other characters' minds, in order to increase the tension.
                          -Increases the strength of the plot component of story writing.
                          -The standard narrative for most fanfics, because the advantage of this narrative benefits the fantasy/adventure genre the most.

                          What is 3rd person objective?
                          -Narrator also talks at the sideline, not being involved with the story's mainstream plot.
                          -The narrator does not know any character's thinking at all. The narrator is objective instead of telling the story in the subjective manner. This is the main difference between this narrative and any other narrative.
                          -Objective voice only presents what is present, but will offer no interpretation. For example, the 3rd person objective narrator will tell us that a Totodile growled at its trainer, stomped the ground and then ran away. It will not tell us that the Totodile is angry at its trainer, but the evidence is present for the readers to safely interpret Totodile's emotions.
                          -Greatly strengthens the theme along with the setting component of a story.
                          -Weak for a fanfic because it relies on the reader heavily. If the readers are not keen readers and are only looking for plot, a 3rd person objective story will make absolutely no sense to these readers. In the fanfic world, there is only a limited amount of readers who may spend time to reread parts of the fanfic in order to find clues about the real story in a 3rd person objective narrative.
                          -Hardest narrative to write on, but it has the most strength at heart. It stands strong with the greatest influential power over the readers.

                          Prologue Writing

                          What are the common errors to avoid about Prologue Writing?
                          -Saying 'this is the prologue' as your readers aren't stupid
                          -Giving out your entire story, as this is only suppose to grab your readers' attention
                          -Writing a short summary instead of a prologue, as they are different
                          -Prologue fails to increase tension, or stirs interest in readers
                          -Saying to the readers 'this story will get better' (no reason for this, as your story should always be as good as it can be)
                          -Giving the readers a list of anything. That is boring.
                          -Talking as the author, as that is part of the author's note and not the prologue.

                          What is a Prologue? Do I need one?
                          -Prologue is a short introduction before the story used as a short review to attract readers to keep reading
                          -It is completely optional and not necessary for chaptered fanfics
                          -Not an option for Oneshots, or the prologue should be just integrated as part of the Oneshot itself

                          What should be included in a Prologue?
                          -What you regard as the most tense or interesting moment (usually, the moment is near the beginning of the fanfic, but this again is only a matter of choice)
                          -Introduction or background information regarding what is to come in the first chapter

                          How should I write a Prologue?
                          -Think of what you want to include in the prologue
                          -Most of the time, you want to give as little information as possible. Prologues have less description than any other part of the story.
                          -For prologue, it is generally shorter the better. End the prologue immediately if you think that you've succeeded in increasing the tension or hooking the attention of your readers
                          -Be sure that everything in the prologue is precise, and all details are pointing towards the same direction of increasing the tension. If a description is not meeting this goal, then it's best to save this detail for another part of the story.
                          -Often, prologues include the usage of cliffhangers to increase tension
                          -You can also use powerful/emotional quotes from your story
                          -Do not include any of the things to avoid listed earlier in this FAQ

                          Is there a sample of an 'ideal Prologue' and a 'terrible Prologue?'

                          The bad prologue: (no author name given as this isn't something to be proud of)

                          Okay let me layout the main stuff and give you the audience the idea of what im trying to do. This saga was inspired by the soap opera The Bold And The Buetiful (obviously). Ill add on more stuff as i go along and more people are welcome to help me write, just pm me. Okay heres the main stuff:

                          -Location: Pallet Town
                          -Present Day 2004
                          -pokemon replace the humans(so everyone is a pokemon)
                          -the pokemon will talk in english
                          -they will have houses just like normal humans would and some pokemon may live together
                          -there will be no cars and pokemon may not have pets
                          -theres no such thing as pokeballs or pokemon trainers

                          this is all i can think of right now as for the sagas reality, ill come up with more stuff as the story unfolds.

                          Main Characters: Pikachu(of course)(male), Nidorino(male),Butterfree(female),Marill(female),S nubbel(male)
                          Other Characters: Chansey(female),Pichu(male),Mudkip(female),Raichu( male),Treecko(male),Charmelion(male)
                          ill have more characters as time goes on.

                          Okay now its time for the prelude:

                          In the quit town of Pallet Town, Pikachu is a sports writer for the local news paper and reports on pokemon battles. Marril, his wife, stays at home and takes care of their son Pichu. Nidorino is also a pokemon battle reporter and doesnt take kindly to Pikachus new promotiuon.He was once Pikachus best friend. Butterfree is a next door niehbor of pikachu and marril. Snubbel is a merchant and freid of Nidorino. Chansey is the nurse at the pokemon center. Mudkip and Treecko are freinds with pikachu and marill. Raichu is Pikachus father. Charmelion is the local detective for the pallet town police.

                          The first episode will be written in probly a day so i can get the story straight.Like i said just pm me to help me write the saga which will probly consist until there is no more to be writen.

                          -Notice how it is full of spelling mistakes already. It shows little effort from the writer. It is overly revealing. Why will anyone want to read on further when they know half of the story already? The list is uninteresting and boring. It doesn't sound very serious or professional. The writer also treats the readers as if they're stupid, saying some of the most idiotic comments.

                          The good prologue: Pokemon MASTER, ch.10 (not used as an actual prologue, but this qualifies to be one)

                          Cold, so biting cold. As she hugged herself around her slim shoulders,
                          folds of her ice-blue cloak blew out in front of her by the biting winds
                          at her back. She stared out at the black tumbling waters of the vast
                          ocean. From her perch upon a seaside cliff that seemed to be made
                          entirely of ice, she remained silent and still, even as her high heels
                          seemed to hold her unnaturally steady upon the sheer slippery surface.

                          Cold to suit her frozen soul. It was what she was after all. To tell the
                          truth, she didn't know how she could still be alive with her very heart
                          unbeating, a block of ice.

                          Sea-green eyes blinked once. She could sense them coming. She reached
                          within her cloak to remove her small spectacles and put them on

                          She watched.

                          And waited.

                          -The prologue is hardly revealing, and notice how the author didn't say anything himself. The lack of information stirs up the readers' feelings to read on forward in order to find out who is the mysterious woman, and what she wants to do. Tension is increased from the grave and serious tone of the prologue. Characterization is present already, laying down some bases of understanding for the reader regarding what is to come soon. There's also an incomplete sentence which succeeds in emphasizing the importance of the small phrase.

                          ( ‿‿ ) PM me for a contract.
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                          Continues on...

                          Titles and Names

                          What are the common errors to avoid about Titles and Names?
                          -Cliché names are to be avoided (more explanations further on)
                          -Names that are from other series/TV shows/games/etc are to be avoided (it will suggest a crossover, a fanfic that is based on more than one media, unless crossover is what you want)
                          -Cliché titles are to be avoided
                          -Titles that are used by other stories are to be avoided
                          -Titles that are slightly alternated from the titles of other stories are to be avoided. Again, this suggests crossover. (ex: Pokemon 1/2 , and that is a direct allusion to Ranma)

                          What should I do about my fanfic's Title?
                          -It should be descriptive of your own story, either illuminating a theme in your story, or an important plot element in your story
                          -Avoid the word: 'journey,' 'adventure,' 'quest' and any other similar words as these are used too many times in titles. It doesn't make your fanfic stick out above the rest.
                          -Avoid the word: 'legend,' 'story', 'myth' and any other similar words as well. Use 'tales' if you must use a word of this similar idea. 'Tales' is the least used word in this category, so it will sound a bit more original.
                          -Avoid cliché/corny statements, such as giving your fanfic the title: 'Twist of Fate'
                          -If you think that your fanfic title can only describe your fanfic and no other stories, then it is a very well thought out title.
                          -Generally, a title shouldn't be too long, but there are exceptions as well. However, it's easier for beginners to come up with a good title that is short.

                          What should I do about the title for this chapter?
                          -Apply the same rules regarding the title for the fanfic
                          -Chapter titles allow you to use 'part 1' and 'part 2' naming systems. For example, if your chapter is named 'The Sieve and the Sand,' then you can always use 'The Sieve and the Sand, 1' and 'The Sieve and the Sand, 2' for the names of chapters that are related to the same idea but are too long to be combined as one chapter.
                          -Keep in mind that the option of having no titles for each chapter is also present

                          What names should I use for Characters in my fanfic?
                          -Don't use existing Pokemon character names for an original character. This will be extremely confusing for readers.
                          -Don't use existing famous anime/game character names for your characters. Again, this may suggest crossovers. Borrowing names from minor characters can be acceptable at times, but only because none of your readers remember this certain minor character from another series.
                          -Seems to be a trend where common names (such as John, Betty) aren't really liked by your readers if you use those names for an important character. Unless the name function as a symbol, or if the meaning of the name suits that character, avoid these names too. Honestly, I don't know why the Pokemon fanfic world hates these names, but they do.
                          - Professors can certainly have a name other than some random trees in the world.
                          -If you can't think of any names, use a name with a meaning that symbolizes something about your character. Another way is to translate a word that describes your character into a foreign language, then add or take a few letters away from that word to make an original name.
                          -Feel free to use names of sentimental significance, even if they violate all the previous rules. A disclaimer or a small note of explanation in the author's notes will solve any problems if you want to use a 'bad' name that means a lot to you.

                          What nicknames should I use for the Pokemon in my fanfic?
                          -Same general rule applies for Pokemon names as the ones for human names
                          -On top of those, don't use cheesy words for a Pokemon nickname. If a typical pet owner will not give a pet the name you're giving to your Pokemon, then it's likely that it's not a good name. (ex: Infernal the Torchic)
                          -Again, the foreign language trick works. You can look up the Japanese name of the Pokemon, give or take a few letters and call that 'original' name. However, this doesn't work for all Pokemon, such as Chikorita whose Japanese name is Chikoriita.

                          What names should I use for my original Pokemon/Places/league?
                          -Location names can be rather simple, as readers are lenient about it.
                          -Keep in mind that it's not necessary to name your towns the way Pokemon named it. Not all the towns in one region have to be named after flowers, or colors.
                          -Original Pokemon naming requires heavy amount of creativity. Don't use overly obvious combination of words to make a new Pokemon species (ex: fire + ball = 'Fireball'.) Instead, use more complicated words as your basis for word combination.

                          Characters (Humans and Pokemon)

                          What are the common errors to avoid about Characters?
                          -Making your character 'one dimensional' like the Pokemon anime characters, especially those Ash and Misty replicates. They'll turn out to be a 'flat character' then.
                          -Characters have no sense of personality, or just only one personality and only
                          -Forget to describe what each character is like (physically and emotionally)
                          -Never explaining what is on any characters' mind, or the way in which s/he/it thinks
                          -Jumping in transitions too quickly without a reason, especially for romance
                          -Introducing many characters too quickly, to the point that readers can't follow with who is who

                          How do I introduce my Characters?
                          -When you're introducing, don't start off with a whole block of words that describe your character. Always include some minor action (a verb of some sort, besides 'is' and the likes) so the paragraph isn't too boring when you're introducing the character.
                          (Ex of what not to do: 'She is a very bright girl at the very young age of 10. She has shoulder-length hair with dark green eyes, and she always wears her green skirt. She looks so beautiful, yet her odd behavior scares other children from talking to her'
                          (Ex of a decent, but still needs a lot of refining introduction: "yet the young age of 10 does not suppress her vast wisdom. Though there is nothing more than the average shoulder-length hair along with an ordinary green skirt, there is a mysterious sense of beauty upon the girl. Regardless of her charm, she is deemed as a 'monster' by the neighbors, because she acts too differently than the traditional practices of the town. Whenever she walks by, the other children quickly evacuate from the street and hide inside their home" This example isn't bad for 1 minute work, but it's too long and the sentences don't flow very well. It'll be ideal to insert in some events in the middle of this character description paragraph so the plot doesn't come to a halt. Some diction changes can be made to this example as well so the sentences will flow smoothly.
                          -When a character is introduced, check if the flow of the story's plot is put to a small halt because you're describing the character. If there's a halt, then you probably have to redo that section over again. The plot shouldn't stop for a character, as the characters are supposed to help the plot.
                          -You probably don't want to tell the readers everything about this particular character the moment s/he/it is introduced. This will be too lengthy and boring. Information should be distributed throughout the story, as if the readers are finding something new about the character every now and then, revitalizing their interest in the story.
                          -Physical descriptions are almost always given to the readers very early when the characters arrive. Behavioral description is given at the beginning as well, but only enough to give the reader a certain image about the character. This image can very well change through the addition of more behavioral description as the story progresses.

                          How do I write the dialogues for my Characters?
                          -Tone should be consistent for the character, so characters do not go 'out of character' (unless the character changes)
                          -Make sure that the words they're using are reasonable to what words they should know
                          -Unless explaining a side-story, background, a concept, or conveying a formal speech, dialogues generally shouldn't be longer than 5 lines worth of typing on Microsoft word. If it's over that length, double check if the length is really necessary. Long dialogues may result in boredom.
                          -Dialogues are also a way to describe your characters. By adjusting and planning out what a character say, it is indirectly telling what a character is like. For example, a character may often questions and panics about what is going on and what to do. The readers can interpret that this character is weak-minded and dependent on others, perhaps even a bit of a coward. Yet none of this is told directly by the narration. Emotional descriptions are in fact best shown by dialogues and action, instead of the narrator saying 'he is a weak-minded boy who lacks courage.'
                          -Check if a dialogue is actually necessary. If it doesn't contribute to the story, or if it doesn't demonstrate anything, then cut it out, or rework on that dialogue. (Ex: Narration just talked of how Team Rocket is taking off in their Meowth-balloon with Pikachu, and Misty said 'Oh no they're taking Pikachu away!' This is a repeat of the narration. The readers already know this. This dialogue doesn't show us anything about character, setting or anything to the slightest degree, so why bother having Misty say this line?) The only exception to this rule is those that are meant to be used as transition from one part of the story to another, or a tension release.
                          -Tension release dialogues are meant to be non-serious, or a small joke. It doesn't have to be funny, but just enough for a small snicker. They often come after a tense situation, and usually ends a section of the chapter so another scene/chapter can start.

                          How do I add physical descriptions for my Characters?
                          -You can add physical descriptions for your characters anytime you want
                          -Many authors even start introducing physical descriptions before the characters introduce their names, or before they permanently interact with the story
                          -Describe what you see for your characters in your mind
                          -Be sure that the physical descriptions are precise and detailed. Always have a reason in mind why you portrait your characters in such a manner. Physical description often symbolizes a character trait/emotional description for a character
                          -Actually, you do not necessarily have to describe all aspects of a character physically. You do not have to force yourself to describe hair, eyes, face, the shirts, the pants/dress and so on. Just describe what you see as necessary, and what is contributing to the story.
                          -Avoid listing (Ex: She has green classes, blue eyes. A beautiful red dress and long hair.)
                          -Again, be sure to include some minor action/verb in character description, so the story doesn't come to a complete halt.

                          How do I add emotional descriptions for my Characters?
                          -It is preferred that the narrator (1st person narrative exceptional) does not do all of the emotional description. (ex: She is a lonely woman, who often relies on her own strength. She is a very dependent person.)
                          -Leave some of the emotional description within actions, or the tone of voice/diction, and let the readers interpret them.
                          -Characters act differently depending on their personality. Different characters' responses towards the same action is an example of a way to portrait emotional descriptions without the narrator bluntly saying it out loud.
                          -Most emotional descriptions are shown by seeing how a character thinks, preferably through their dialogues or action. However, it's nearly impossible for the narrator not to take parts of the responsibility in showing emotional descriptions for your characters.
                          -Make sure that the descriptions you have for your characters isn't 'out of character.'

                          When is it suitable for a story to have no character description?
                          -When you want a tense or mysterious moments, then you want some characters in the dark. To do this, you may want to hold back on character descriptions so your readers only know a limited amount about these mysterious characters.
                          -Generally, characters who are acting as the focal point for the narrator will get much more character description than those who are not.
                          -'Bad guys' usually have less character descriptions than 'good guys,' especially on the physical level, in the beginning of the story. However, by the end, both sides should have equal amounts of description.

                          How is the narrator a Character?
                          -If you're using the 1st person narrative
                          -A narrator's diction and tone also contributes to the story, similar so a 'real character's' dialogue


                          How should I handle the time aspect of setting?
                          -Choose the time of the day carefully. It's guaranteed to be treated as a symbol.
                          -Pokemon fanfics usually don't have time eras to deal with, but if your fanfic do, be sure to have a reason why you choose a certain time era. What makes this time era suitable? Think about what unique quality does one era have over another that makes you choose this era. If you can't think of it, then perhaps there's a better choice elsewhere.

                          How should I handle the landscape aspect of the setting?
                          -If this part of the story takes places in a canonic part of the Pokemon World, then describe the pre-made setting accurately. For example, if your characters have traveled to Fortree, then the unique tree-houses should be described.
                          -If this part of the story takes place in an original setting, then picture what it looks like in your mind, and try to describe it.
                          -Colors are almost always symbolic, so choose them carefully.
                          -Pokemon fanfic world isn't too picky about naming a new region or new city. Just use your common sense and check if the name sounds good to you. Remember that cities aren't restricted to be named after colors or plants. Try to avoid a real word as the name of a region though.
                          -Plan carefully about created towns and cities. What famous sights and landmarks are there, if any? If there are, then something should take place in these places (or some form of relevancy.) If not, then why make them in the first place?

                          How should I handle the mood aspect of the setting?
                          -Mood is created together by the landscape and time. How you control the landscape and time will directly affect the mood.
                          -Similar to tone, the mood must be fitting for the scene and the plotline.
                          -Mood can also portrait the exact opposite feeling that a character is undergoing in order to create irony.
                          -The effect of mood is usually defined by common European sense. Since English is originated in Europe, the European ideas are used as the basis for all English writing. This includes Pokemon fanfics, although Pokemon is first started in Japan.
                          -For example, a thunderstorm is usually a bad sign for something terrible to happen. Gentle rain is romantic, and/or is a sign of rebirth. A clear, sunny day is usually a good sign. A morning is a symbol for new beginnings. Use basic understanding you've learnt from reading to assist you.

                          Pokemon Battling

                          What are the common errors to avoid?
                          -Basing the battle to be very similar to the game, as if it is a battle log entry
                          -Having little description about what is going on
                          -'Turn based' battling, as if this is the Pokemon game (exception: humor/parody fanfics)
                          -Unrealistic moments (ex: Lapras 'quickly' dodges all the Slash attacks from a Ninjask)

                          How do I describe a Pokemon attack?
                          -See the battle within your mind. Try your very best to portrait what you see with words.
                          -You can describe a Pokemon's movements in order to carry out the attack.
                          -The attack doesn't always have to fit in with the attack animation from the game. As long as your description of the attack is logical, it is acceptable. Confuse ray doesn't necessarily have to be a ball of light heading towards your opponent while the world turns red and blue for a short period of time.
                          -Remember that not all the time does the Pokemon attack at the commands of a trainer. Pokemon is capable of attacking out of instincts, self protection or disobedience.
                          -It is also possible that a Pokemon understands a trainer's commands without the trainer actually announcing the name of the attack.
                          -Logic prevails over Pokemon game stats or mechanics. Vine Whip is usually considered to be a physical attack and not a grass attack in the fanfic world, for example. Reconsider each attacks with logic appropriately with this in mind when you're designing your battle scenes.

                          How do I make a Pokemon battle interesting?
                          -Make your battles realistic and life-like, similar to how the fight will be like in the real world.
                          -Pokemon shouldn't need to take turns (again, parody/humor fanfics are exceptional)
                          -Pokemon should be acting realistically according to their pokedex information/details, and their skills should be roughly based on the game. For example, Swellow in the game has a very high speed, so in your battles, Swellow should be a very speedy Pokemon as well. However, this doesn't mean that a Fearow cannot outrun the Swellow, even though the game stats specify that Fearow is slower than Swellow by 20 base speed points. This example shows that as long as the stats are roughly followed, it is acceptable. Just don't make an ordinary Sharpedo withstand 5 hyper beams from an ordinary Slaking and still emerge unharmed (Sharpedo has one of the lowest defense out of all Pokemon).
                          -The availability of different moves can be altered by the fanfic writer in a Pokemon battle, but make sure that it's logical. Pikachu cannot use Megahorn no matter how you look at it.
                          -Be creative and abuse the special quality of battles being 'life-like' outside of the gameboy games. Interact with the environment, or use a combination of attacks to achieve a goal (ex: Tangela uses constrict to pull in its enemy in order to release Stun Spore)
                          -Pokemon attacks don't necessarily have to have the identical effects as they do in the game. For example, String Shot doesn't have to lower speed. It can also be used to stop the opponent from any movement, thus stopping any direct attacks. Many authors also like to use supersonic as a counter towards other sound attacks, as the two sound waves 'cancel' each other out. Again, this is not something supersonic can do in the game, but the writers have given supersonic this secondary ability.
                          -Most battles are interesting if one side can go against the odds in order to turn the tide of the battle with a clever solution to the problem.
                          -Spellings of attacks can be capitalized, but it's not required. This is up to the fanfic writer. If any review criticize a fanfic because of this, then ignore that comment. This also apply for Pokemon species name. The canon never specified about capitalization, so the fanfic writer can decide.

                          Coherence and Clarity

                          What is Coherence? What is Clarity?
                          -Coherence is how consistent you are with the details in your fanfic. If your main character is said to have blue hair in chapter 1, and then he suddenly has green hair in chapter 3 without any forms/reason of transformation, then the fanfic is not coherent. Another example is that two characters are siblings, but the next chapter say that they are not.
                          -All details within a fanfic must be consistent, or if there is a change in detail, then there must be some form of metamorphosis or a reason for the change in detail.
                          -Verisimilitude is the accuracy of a fanfic to historical figures. For a fanfic's purposes, this points towards the accuracy to the Pokemon World's pre-made facts. For example, if your ordinary Magneton in your fanfic is a fire type, then this damages your fanfic's verisimilitude.
                          -Clarity is about how easy it is for readers to understand your fanfic. It is the same as readability. If your sentences are really long and wordy, then it'll damage the fanfic's clarity. Also, using a font that is how to read is also damaging. It's best to use any forum's default font.
                          -If you want to be really professional, then use Arial or Times New Romans. These two fonts are psychologically easiest to read, more than any others.

                          How should I make my story Coherent and Clear?
                          -Check if your details are all consistent by proofreading your fanfic.
                          -Check if your fanfic's Pokemon characters' actions are roughly based on their Pokedex information.
                          -Check if the Pokemon World map is similar to yours if your fanfic takes place in an existing region.
                          -Check if your characters are similar to the anime/manga characters if you're not using original characters.
                          -Usually, a sentence shouldn't be any longer than 3 lines long when you are typing your story on Microsoft word. Sometimes a long sentence damages clarity even though they are grammatically correct. Break a long sentence into multiple short sentences.
                          -Think if you can replace a phrase with just one word in order to reduce wordiness.
                          -Hire beta readers so they can help you in checking over the fanfic.

                          ( ‿‿ ) PM me for a contract.
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                          ...the heck is this.


                          What is Diction?
                          -The choice of words used in a sentence.
                          -Every word in the English language is different. Every word has a connotation and a denotation. Words may have similar meaning, and some authors treat these words as completely interchangeable. However, if you want to exceed, these minor differences will make a difference to the knowledgeable readers.
                          -Different words have a different effect on the story, depending on its denotation and connotation. They will create a different tone of voice as well.
                          -Different wordings can indirectly reveal different aspects of an event or a character.
                          -For example, a young boy who addresses to his parent as 'daddy!' has a different effect than a young boy who addresses to his parent as 'father.' One of them suggests a much closer, and warmer relationship, while the other is on a much more formal basis. Diction here reveals to the readers the strength of the family bond, yet the narrator did not say such a thing directly. Nowhere does the narrator say 'the relationship between the son and the father is _____.'

                          How should I handle Diction?
                          -Check for a word's connotation. Check the connotation for words with a similar denotation too. Out of those that you check, choose the best one.
                          -Use a thesaurus in order to look for these similar words.
                          -Also rely partly on instinct. Sometimes, a word will naturally sound 'nicer' to you out of all the possible choices. This is because diction will become a built-in skill as time goes on.

                          How do I find the denotation of a word?
                          -Denotation is the word's literal meaning. It is possible that some words have the identical denotation.
                          -Readers either know the denotation or don't know the denotation of the word. There is no interpretation necessary.
                          -Use a dictionary to find the denotation of a word.

                          How do I find the connotation of a word?
                          -Connotation is the implied message or idea behind a word. This implied message or idea will have a definite effect on your story.
                          -Skills involving diction and choosing the right word with the connotation that you want are developed by reading. The more your read and analyze what you've read, the easier connotations will come to you.
                          -Some online dictionaries or encyclopedias show how a word is used in a famous literature when you're looking up the denotation of a word. This is probably the easiest way to check for connotation. See how the professionals use the word, and try to understand the sentence which is being quoted. Afterwards, you'll understand how the word is used, and now you know if the word is suitable for your situation.


                          What is Tone?
                          -It is the manner of expression in words. Tone is created by diction in the narration or a dialogue.
                          -Tone will also portrait a character in a dialogue. The way a character talks is portrayed by tone. Tone will add to the character description in order to make a character more imaginable by your readers, as if the characters are real.
                          -The narrator's tone (excluding 1st person narrative) will create a certain feeling within the readers. The narrator's tone together with the setting's mood will evoke your readers to feel a certain way. This is easily seen in intensive situations where characters have to face life and death. Why do readers regard these scenes as 'intensive situations?' This is partly because of the plot, but it is also because of the tone's assistance. If the tone is improper, then the good plot will be wasted.
                          -Real life experiences and reading will help you in portraying tone in your fanfic.

                          How do I portray Tone?
                          -Think of words that are suitable for that particular character. For example, are the words you're using proper for your 8 year old character?
                          -Imagine the way they talk, and what words they'll use in your mind. Write it out in your fanfic.
                          -Use people of different personality around you in real life as guide lines to what a particular character will sound like.
                          -Use each word to its proper connotation.
                          -Short sentences, or even incomplete sentences usually portray a sense of importance, panic, shock or surprise. Long sentences are more relaxed and show the every common day-to-day practice. Use this to your advantage.
                          -Choose what part of the action to describe in detail, and this will have a different effect on the tone. For example, there is a severe and savage Pokemon battle of life and death, and the Machop is bleeding, yet he continues to battle. Now, do you want to describe the bleeding in detail, or just briefly mention it? If you talk about the bleeding in detail, then the tone heads towards a bloody or gory situation, foreshadowing death of some kind. If the blood is not described in detail, but you rather describes Machop's determined looking facial expression, then you're emphasizing Machop's courage. This will foreshadow Machop being victorious in the end instead, and probably the scene will end on a happier note. Notice the difference?

                          Literary Devices

                          What should I do if I want to emphasize something?
                          -Use different literary devices in order to stress on a point
                          -You may bold a text, but usually that is not the preferred method. Italics is more preferable.
                          -Italics is used for a sudden change in narration, but can be used for emphasis if it is rarely used.
                          -Put the sentence that wants to be emphasized in an incomplete sentence on purpose, especially if the action is continuous. An incomplete sentence isn't finish, and that definitely ties in with the continuous action. The fact that it's an incomplete sentence will catch the readers' attention due to its mistake. This in return, creates emphasis.
                          -Strange wordings can also catch your readers' attention. However, this is usually difficult to accomplish, so it's not recommended unless you are confident about yourself. Authors go for an attempt at this for emphasis, but they usually end up in a wordy situation with bad diction, yet failed to emphasize anything.
                          -Don't use emphasizing techniques too much. Doing this too often will lose its effect.

                          What is a symbol?
                          -Symbol is an arbitrary sign that has acquired a conventional significance.
                          -Something in your story may represent a certain important idea. For example, red roses are always a sign of romance. Your character may pick up a red rose on the floor on the way back home in pristine condition (one line is probably enough to describe this very short scene.) This can very well act as a foreshadow that this character will soon be involved in a romantic relationship, using the symbol of love from red roses.
                          -Authors can also use a metaphor to directly compare a character with something that symbolizes for certain traits. Those traits will now be inherited by the character due to the symbol in the metaphor.
                          -Symbols are very useful. They are very helpful in character description without everything being stated bluntly.

                          What is an allusion?
                          -Allusion is to mention something that is a specific reference to an existing piece of literature, movie or painting. For example, there maybe a mention of a picture of a woman who is always staring at whoever is looking at it. This is an allusion of Mona Lisa.
                          -Crossover is similar to an allusion, except that crossover's involvement is usually a lot bigger, and is not only involved with the story on the symbolic level.
                          -Allusion is usually involved with the text symbolically. Allusions tend to be short, and are usually 2 sentences worth in length at most.

                          What is foreshadowing, flashback and in media res?
                          -Foreshadowing is an indication by a sign or another event regarding an upcoming event. Foreshadow may give hints to the readers about what is coming in order to increase their interest in the story. Foreshadowing should be precise in terms of describing what is about to come.
                          -For example, if a boy is attending a funeral and is imaging about what his own funeral will be like, then it's a direct foreshadow for his upcoming death. Although the readers now know the fate of the boy, they don't know how it happened, so out of interest they will continue reading.
                          -A flashback is when a past event is recalled, and the story proceeds to talk about this past event. Sometimes, the entire story is a flashback. The characters are at the stage of the ending, and then the story about the past is shown as the main plot for the story.
                          -A flashback is helpful in terms of bringing out the antecedent action (actions that occurred to the characters before the start of the story)
                          -In Media Res is a classification when the story starts in half point. The story goes back to the past in a flashback, and then proceeds on forward again.

                          What is a motif?
                          -Motif is a reoccurring image. Motif appears constantly throughout the story. Its frequent appearance will promote and strengthen a symbol in its power. Motif is always important in significance to the story.
                          -a tool to strengthen the literary device that is being repeated as a motif.

                          What is a repetition?
                          -Similar to motif, repetition is the repeat of the same word over a short period of time. It will stress the connotation/symbol of the word that is being repeated.

                          What is a theme?
                          -This is always present in any story that is good. Theme is the central, main idea that is being suggested by the plot, characters, setting and the narrative manner. The theme is always a reflection on life, and is usually deep in meaning.
                          -Often readers and reviewers complain about a story being too straightforward, and that the characters are stereotyped. They demand some addition in complexity and a decrease in predictability. This problem happens because the story lacks a theme. Subconsciously, most readers will reject a story if the theme is bad/does not exist , even though they may not realize what the theme is exactly. Yet, they will sense the presence of a theme in the story.
                          -Some writers like to think of a theme first, then portrait ways to demonstrate the theme through narrative manner, characters, plot and setting. Yet some writers believe that if the other 4 components are well constructed, a natural theme will emerge from a story, without the author realizing it at all.

                          Story Structure

                          How do I write the introduction for my fanfic?
                          -Introduction should bring the protagonist into the story
                          -Basic character description should be lay down, but not absolutely everything should be revealed about the characters. Most of the time, physical description should be explained in this stage of the fanfic already for the protagonists.
                          -The time setting should be completely explained, unless your story stops and picks up again after a period of time
                          -Conflict should occur, but this may or may not be the main conflict. Authors don't have to introduce all the different conflicts here as well, but at least one conflict should start to take shape here.
                          -Basic structure of the setting should be lay out as well
                          -A reason for the plot to begin should be introduced. For example, if there is a journey, then the reason for the journey should be mentioned (but not necessarily explained completely).
                          -The antagonist/s should be mentioned, but is not required to enter into the story
                          -Story should be made obvious if it is chronological, a flashback or an in media res
                          -There is no specific length for an introduction.

                          How do I write the rising actions for my fanfic?
                          -Rising action is a process in the story where the tension slowly builds up
                          -Tension shouldn't continuously build up without stopping for chaptered fanfics. There should be short time in between to serve as tension release.
                          -There should be continuous character development. Characters may or may not change, but readers should find out more and more about each main character (and perhaps the supporting characters too.)
                          -All conflicts should be present and obvious to the readers by now.
                          -The usage of setting should be continuous in order to assist the plot and characters
                          -The theme should start to take shape from the combined effect of all other story components
                          -Be sure that the plot is not too predictable. Why will your readers continue reading if they can guess out the rest of the story?
                          -Rising action should be the longest part of your story, but no specific length is required.

                          What is a climax?
                          -The point of highest tension in the story, usually either the shortest or the 2nd shortest part of the story.
                          -Plot reaches the most intense part, where the protagonist must face with the main conflict and try the very best to resolve the conflict. The protagonist may succeed or fail.
                          -Especially important for chaptered fanfics that deals with an adventure. Oneshot places a much weaker emphasis on the climax.
                          -A decisive moment where it is the definitive factor in terms of how the story will turn out.
                          -May possibly be debatable in terms of what is the absolute climax of the story, but it must be present.

                          What is a denouement? Is it necessary?
                          -Denouement is everything factor the story reaches the climax.
                          -For Oneshots, denouement is the definitive moment of a story instead of the climax. The first author of short stories, Edgar Allen Poe, argue that the denouement is the only decisive factor for defining a good short story.
                          -Though generally most conflict is resolved in many stories, this is not a requirement. The protagonist may fail at solving the conflict.
                          -The theme should be completely present, making its most dramatic impact at this point of the story.
                          -Can possibly be so short that it seems to be inexistent, such as being one sentence long. But, it is necessary for all stories.

                          Fanfic Promotion/Improvement

                          How do I become famous?
                          -Write better, and keep writing.
                          -Communicate with other writers often, and make friends. However, be sure that you don't talk of nothing but fanfics. Try to blend in and make friends. When you publish your story, they'll come to read it because you're their friend, and not because they will feel bad to reject you should they ever refuse to read it.
                          -Don't do anything stupid to earn yourself a bad name
                          -Enter in contests if there are contests, and your story fits for it. Don't be scared to lose, and just try. At the very minimum, you've got yourself new readers (the judges). At the maximum, you got new fans who want to check out the 1st place winner.
                          -Post at many forums, and post your stories on fanfiction.net so that you can have places to link to, and befriend with other writers
                          -After you got fellow writers as friends, they may give you very helpful pointers that can help you improve your story in fanfic discussions.
                          -Help other new writers and give tips for writing. They will come to read your story to see how good you are, and through them they will spread your name around.
                          -Be patient and ask for reviewers whenever you can
                          -Don't ever get banned in a forum
                          -Review and comment on other people's stories. Even if you're not a talented reviewer who reviews in great detail, review and comment anyway. But do say more than 'this is a good story keep going.' As a minimum, a review should talk about what you like about it, and what needs to be improved on.

                          What is a beta reader? Where do I find one?
                          -They can proofread your work and give you feedback before you publish in public
                          -They may be able to pick up mistakes so you can fix it before they are published.
                          -Look for beta readers who are willing to be hired. Check for discussion threads in forums, or their signatures.
                          -Close friends who have free time and is interested in fanfics may also work as a beta reader.

                          How do I attract more readers to read my fanfic?
                          -a good title is the best way
                          -on fanfiction.net having a good short summary is definitely helpful
                          -advertise in signatures for forums (some like to do banners as well, but that is optional)
                          -if there are threads which allow advertisement, do so.
                          -in discussion threads, try to find a way to mention your fanfic while staying completely on topic (if you can't stay on topic while mentioning your fanfic, then forget this idea)

                          How do I attract more reviewers to review my fanfic?
                          -There are reviewers for hiring like beta readers. If you see them, invite them immediately
                          -If you see a reviewer is reviewing someone else's fanfic, but does not have anything written down asking for fanfics to review, contact them directly and try your luck
                          -Enter contests if your story fits the requirements, so the judges will review your fanfic.

                          When should I update my fanfic?
                          -If you made a promise, then fulfill it by being on time.
                          -If your story is already on the first page of the forum/fanfiction.net then don't update it yet (unless a promise is made)
                          -If there is a need to break the promise in order to secure quality, then break the promise after apologizing to your readers with a note.
                          -Update on a regular basis, then your fans may catch on and know exactly when to check for updates.
                          -On average, anything that's updated faster than once a week is definitely too fast and the quality of the fanfic drops. Take more time to edit your own work.
                          -Usually, once every two weeks or two times every three weeks seem to suffice on most forums and fanfiction.net

                          How should I advertise my fanfic?
                          -Use your signature! It's there to be abused. (some writer even use the time to make banners)
                          -Win contests and awards so your name is seen in public, but don't use it for bragging rights (it will produce a negative image of you then)
                          -Participate in fanfic related discussion so the fanfic world knows that you're alive. Not necessarily do you have to bring up the title of your fanfic. Your existence is all.
                          -Be nice and be helpful. Don't be stupid.
                          -Review other people's fanfics as well.
                          -Become famous

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                          New thread, so this has been unstuck. ;

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                            On the topic of "said", I think the only when it's an issue is when there is a conversation going on. Then the word stands out (I'm very anti-word repitition).

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                              Awesome! You mentioned the cliche names. My biggest peeve with these names is the fact that they assume that the characters will act like their names imply, which is alright for characters that already exist in Pokemon, but if you create an original character, he or she shouldn't go by that rule. Of course, that's just my opinion.

                              Kudos on mentioning that.
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                                This is going to be really helpful for me/other new writers. Impressive FAQ, it is really thorough.
                                By Malsver_Hyleen

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                                  I like the 'man vs self' style of conflict. I think I'm going to use that somewhere in my Fic... This is good stuff...
                                  If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you will never get it done.

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                                  The worst thing you can do in a business is blame the customer.

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                                    thanks for this FAQ, with this i can start writing my ideas with no worries, thank you

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