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Old March 18th, 2013 (1:09 PM).
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    Hello i am Gerald Founder of Blindhackigincs here with my post of unofficial relationships of pokemon. I will cover about 4-5 of them.

    Also i stink and spelling so don't hate if i spell wrong

    1.My first one is Cubones theory,Cubone the saddest pokemon out there pokedex entry says it wears the skull of it's dead mother,no since we really never know who the dead mother is i decided to say this theory that is very popular among the internet is that Kangiskahn is Cubones mother,While the baby is blue Both Cubone and Kangiskahn have similar color skin and types and moves.Some Loops holes are how when to Cubones mate their baby has a skull and another why Marowak never evolves but this is just a theory.

    2.This is one i actually came up with, to my knowledge anyway is that the three legendary birds(Moltress,Articuno and Zapdos) and the three legendary dogs(Entie,Rakou and Suicune)are Enemys Land vs Air relating to the 4 elements and the many stories that surround them not really a relationship but close.

    3.Haunter and Votorb this is a theory that is popular and is pretty interesting the theory is votorb i a pokeball possessed by Haunter because of the same eyes and they explode because of their anger they will be trapped forever also if you look at the Kanto map Laverder town is close to the pokemon factory.

    4.Another i came up with to my knowledge is that Skitty and Wallord are in a revolution line referring to how Earth started out with just ocean creatures(Not trying to offend) and how they eventually came to land,why do i think that is because Waillord and Skitty can mate with each other again just what i think.

    well those are some theories hope you enjoyed leave a reply if you think i should do more and thanks
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    Old March 18th, 2013 (9:24 PM).
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      This isn't really a fanfic, actually. It's just a list of your theories about Pokemon species, and a thread like this is more suited for discussion than for reviews like the threads in this forum get. I don't know for sure if Pokemon General has a thread like this already, but you can try posting this over there, listing all of your theories in the first post, so you can see if others agree with you. Or maybe they have more theories of their own to post.

      But this section is more for actual stories.

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