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Old March 19th, 2013 (10:36 PM).
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I seriously doubt many people here watch it. But I want somewhere for me to talk about it with other people and this is the only forum that I'm a member on so it'll have to do.

Season 3 finale came on tonight. Revealed a few secrets and things that we were on the edge of our seats for for a whole season and left a few questions to be answered. Lets discuss that!!
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Old March 20th, 2013 (3:40 AM).
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I have to admit, I didn't enjoy the season finale as much as I would have liked to. Actually, I found it quite underwhelming for a season finale. The first half of the episode last night was particularly dull and then while the second half got more exciting and action packed, what they revealed came as no surprise ─ and we were promised answers from spoiler interviews that never got answered. I hate when that happens.

The end was just sort of frustrating for me though. They could have shown the body inside the trunk (I think I already know who it is) and then left us questioning, "Well, why did this person die? How did this person die? Who killed him (or her)?" But instead they just left us hanging with the girls and Mona gasping in shock. I would have been upset over the final few seconds with Allison being pulled up from under the ground by a mysterious helper, but that's just classic Pretty Little Liars. It does have me believing that they're playing the twin story from the books more so than ever though, especially with the reveal of who's hiding under the red hoodie.

What was going on with Jenna, Shana, and Melissa though? Are they their own secret A-Team, not after the girls, but the original A-Team itself? And how does Shana play into this? She's so random. It would have been better if it were Lucas, not a character who was just introduced in the Halloween webisodes. And Jenna is Bi, what? That's what I got from all of their scenes together.

...actually, Jenna possibly being bisexual isn't too surprising now that I think back the to first Halloween special and how she was flirting with...Emily, I think.

Oh, and do you think Mona is no longer "A" and now one of the girls? A victim.
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Old March 20th, 2013 (11:28 PM).
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Wow, I just finished watching the season three spring finale!

I was expecting the season three finale to be full of answers but I was expected too much. I wasn't expecting Spencer to be a double agent... somehow I actually thought that she was going to be a full fledged member. As well as Toby being fully dead, well, I knew that he wasn't really dead. He couldn't be. Toby is waaay too important and integrated into the plotline to just kill him off like that but I wasn't expecting Mona to plan the whole thing, how evil. Though, the Shana and Jenna thing I'm reaaally curious as to how they play in because that's something that was a bit of a shock. (Unless Jenna is just pretending to get what she wants, which I could see playing out.) Plus, Melissa ties into this in a huge way or they're leading us to believe that.

Can't say I saw the burning building coming but that seemed a bit harsh especially with Mona instead with the trio. I definitely think that whoever "A" is has been playing Mona all along and is now playing with her along with Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna. Gaaah, I really wish they would've left us with a cliffhanger instead of what they showed us. Now, I have nooo clue what's going on, who's pulling "Allison" out of the ground? Is that Allison? Like, they need to give us a tease of what's going to happen when the show comes back. The first half of the show was a bit slow paced I thought the ending would but boom-in-your-face type thing! What I don't understand is why, if this is Allison, should would do this to them. Jenna I can definitely understand.

I haven't read the books so I have no clue what's happening there but a friend did tell me who "A" was, though who knows they might not go that direction. I love the video of Hanna's mom running over Officer Wheldon.

I miss Lucas.

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Old March 27th, 2013 (12:46 PM).
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I knew Toby could never have been really dead. For one I never though the writers really had the guts to do it and secondly from the moment Spencer found the body in the forest [with a helmet on mind you] I knew Toby was never actually dead. If he was, then they would have showed the audience his face instantly rather than play it up as a mystery.

I did however like the repercussions it did to Spencer afterward though. Troian Bellisario really knocked it out of the park during this half of the season. I actually wish Toby was dead so we could see this new Spencer continue on to the next season.

Speaking of the next season, before the fourth season has even premiered yet, Pretty Little Liars has already been granted a fifth season. How do you guys feel about that? Do you think they're dragging the show out too long now? Do you think given this extremely early renewal, it could affect the way Season 4 goes in a negative way?
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